One Direction preferences.

One direction preferences, not doing any personal ones you can request something for me to do like for ex. (how you meet).. But that is it. just because it takes me too long for personal ones.. I will try to do 50 in all or more depending on how different they are :)


1. He embarreses himself in front of you

Louis- He was in his favourite store Topman, yu had decided to both go shopping but when his saw his store he dragged you in. He grabbed so many things it was hard for you to keep up with him. You had never seen him like this before. Finally after an hour he decided to check out. He had so much stuff he wasnt sure if he got it all. You suspision was confirme when you walked out infront of him and turning around as he came through setting off every alarm.

Niall- You guys decided to go out to a bar with the rest of the guys, but Niall was having a little trouble holding in the alcohol. He had a pint to many. So when you tried to help him to the car unsuccesflly you called for Pauls help. You watched mortified as your boyfriends thought Paul was making sexual advances at him.

Harry-You were a dog sitter and your boyfriend Harry decided to accompany you with this walk considering you have 5 very big dogs. You told him he didnt have to come considering that he was more of a cat person, but he insisted. You stopped at a hot dog cart, as Harry got himself a hot dog, But before he could bite it, one of the dogs had already ate it. Harry got mad at scowled at the dog waging his finger. The dog jumped up licking Harry in the face making him fall over.

Liam-You were trying to teach him how to ice skate. He wasnt very good but you incouraged him any way holding his hand along the way. He finally started to wobble less and stand straighter. Liam got this sudden courage to skate on his own. You stopped admiring him until you realized he didnt know how to stop. He ran straight into the glass wall landing on his bum. You chuckled skating over to him kissing him on the cheek and helping him up.

Zayn-you were trying to finish this experiment for your science project. Your boyfriend Zayn found himself curious of the concoction you were makin. He would add different materials into your beaker causing little fizzes and color changes. You protested that he stop, considering he didnt know what he was doing. You told him it was dangerous but still he didnt listen he mixed more things causing a tiny explostion. You ran to him as he turned around frowning. He had green stuff all on his face and hair. You couldnt help but laugh at his state.

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