I should Have Kissed You

Josie and her two best friends Annie and Maddie just got meet and greet passes to see their favorite band One Direction and once they meet One Direction they become very close they are not to fall in love with each other but two members have a different idea find out who and if their love will survive.


1. Meeting The band

Josie's POV:

I had woken up to my alarm on my phone ringing like crazy I guess I had over slept because it was way past the time I was supposed to get up as I sat up I slid on my fuzzy slippers and my robe and began to walk downstairs for breakfast when I got down stairs I saw my mom sitting at the kitchen table she said good morning and told me there was mail for me and then left for work. I went to open the envelope when I noticed it was from my friend Maddie which was weird because she lives next door so why did she not just tell me or text me? I opened it anyways and inside was my life a One Direction meet and greet pass and a concert ticket I almost died. I quickly ran up stairs threw on some leggings and a sweatshirt and threw my hair up in a bun and sprinted next  door but no one was home so I knew exactly where she must be so I hopped in my car and drove down the block to my friend Annie's house and luckily they were both there I hopped out of my car and burst through Annie's door and they looked at me and we all started jumping and screaming we were so excited. The concert was in two days so we went shopping right away when we got to the mall we all knew exactly what we wanted we just had to find it Annie decided to go with a cute black dress with cutouts and Maddie went with hot pink skinny jeans and a white crop top and a black leather jacket and I went with a black skinny jeans a cute collared top from forever21 some black heels we were all set outfit wise and now all we had to wait for was the day to go by so we all crashed at my house that way the next morning we could have all day getting ready to meet the boys. The next morning we all woke up and watched T.V. till 3 o'clock and then we began to get ready once we were all ready we got in the car and headed to the concert when we got there it was so loud you could not even hear yourself. The lights went out and the boys came on stage and had an amazing performance once it was over we headed to the line for meet and greet and we were last but we did not care because at least we got to meet them. Once it was our turn we got up there and they all stopped and just looked at us we were so nervous we stopped in our tracks that's when harry told us to come over so we could get pictures and meet them we had so much fun getting to know them and by the end we had all traded numbers and were really close friends we said our goodbyes and drove home once we got home my phone buzzed I looked to see who it was and it was a text from Louis saying that they wanted to hangout tomorrow I told the girls and we all agreed then feel fast asleep.

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