Jenna hamilton faniced of being popular the center of attention she wants the best sophmore year since freshman year she had her eyes in Harry styles but he was a jock he was way to popular she wasnt Harry dint even know she existed until summer camp ..what happens in summer camp? read awkward to find out.


1. Summer Camp

I wanted to be  the center of attention since freshman year what would I look like would I have porn tits this is not what I meant my moment of center attention. My moment of center attention  suck some serious ass  said jenna while walking down the hall .


like any other horror movies my story began in summer camp it was a lame after noon dance but magic was in the air the dorks were getting crunk and the rest of us were getting drunk and since I got my braces off for once I dint feel invisible ..*harry winks at jenna * there it was the singnal I thought it would be more inspairing like sinf his armpit but harry had a habit of doing that ...allot he was perfect unlike me I was a hot mess of nerves because harry styles wanted me to meet him in the closet this wasnt a teen movie where I got knocked up on the last day of summer camp our passionet bumpin and grumping was a sign this year would be my year to shine ...BACKDOOR!!!..I YELLED im sorry it sliped ..


chnage was in the air I could smell it a hurting you said harry 

no its a uhm okay its just my alregec reaction dont let it stop you



minutes later ..there changing 

soo uhm your bummed like summer is over?..asked harry

yeah responded jenna

got any plans for like the last two weeks ? asked harry

yeah i guess just go swimming watch movies go to the park said jenna pulling up her pants 

phh cool ...shruged harry 

are you going to sophmore orientiation ? jenna asked trying to keep the convo alive

well you have too dont you? harry smiled

right...ofcorse what I  meant   jenna said looking down

I could not help my my slef harry had craked my candy shell jenna said in her mind

I mean do you wanna go together jenna maneged to get out

hum hey jenna look nobody can now that I  like you  okay harry said laughing while he walked out the closet

and I was still jenna hamilton .











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