Jenna hamilton faniced of being popular the center of attention she wants the best sophmore year since freshman year she had her eyes in Harry styles but he was a jock he was way to popular she wasnt Harry dint even know she existed until summer camp ..what happens in summer camp? read awkward to find out.


2. Getting home

Hey mom im home said jenna 

yeah yeah okay honey said lacey jennas mom 

oh hey jenna hey this came in the mail for you as lacey gave her an envilop

my mother always knew when something was wrong ...jenna said to her self

sweety come here lacey pointed at her and gave jenna her clothes 

and avoided the coverseition said thought to her slef as she went upstairs

HEY JENNA! im not paying dominic to do your hair if your not going to stile it lacey yelled and went back to the phone




he bluee you off but i kinda saw it coming said elounour  <---jennas bestie

and you dint worn me!! said jenna to the phone

its not like i saw it sikikly or something guys like harry dont go for girls like us jenna but look at the bright side atleast harry dint digitised you and told the entired band and ditch you at winter formal  to hook up with scary karie that was hard core humiliasian at least nothing happend elounour told jenna 

yeah ...atleast nothing happend shruged jenna

can you imagine how suiceideal god forbid you actully took your shirt off laughed elounour 

can only imagine jenna worried

hey I heard there was a huge party at josh's house and i need my wing woman  there and perries baged out yeah she cant get her PBSAT scores above 120 her parents are begging to think she not blonde laughed elounour 

thats so not cool jenna said

i dint say it perrie did so will you come ? elounor said

not sure call you later ? asked jenna

okay its on vibraite c; elounour said sexualy 

jenna stand up and the note fell she picked it up and oped it 


as you are now you could disappear and nobody would notice . Below is a list of suggestion you might taking into some serious consideration :

Number 1: stop being such a pussy ....

the letter began ...

it was the truth and the truth hurt :( 


somtimes being a teenager makes you want to die . jenna wrote in her blog 

uhg i do look awful jenna said while wiping the mirror

\this will take me away said jenna while graving asparin 

*cough chocking cough* jenna started to choke she fell in the bath tub and broke her arm her blowdryer fell in the tub with water the lights went off. 



few hours later :

this means shes on the road to recovery but emotioly she has a long way home said the doctor while looking at jenna on her bed with a tree branch 

why cant she be just a normal teenager and starve her self i mean i can wrap my head around that but i .. said lucey out of breath 

look this isnt about you this is about jenna she is suicidal i cant even imagine how she felt when she wrote that letter  said jennas dad 

oh my god jenna is tring to kill her self woah i dint now her life was that fucked up dont worry dad and mom ill keep her calm said liam <-- her older brother 

it was just a dramatic teenager rant not a cry for help jenna said to her self while hearing her parents talk

mommm jenna tried to mummble  

heyy sweet heart said her dad

its okay honey everything is gonna be okay  lacey said while sitting in the bed

heyy jenna little sister i heard you wanna kill your self just letting you now i think your beautiful ill be here said liam going in for a hug but jenna counlnt hug back  

it was a missunderstanding of  epic proposion  god i wanted to die i mean you now what i mean jenna said to her self 






that girl was in my math class last year i had no idea she was puffing spay paint random guy in school said

my moms best friend was at the hospital when that girl came in i swere there were pop and coke said a geeky girl in the bathroom 

i heard when they were pumping that girls stomatch they found 700 hundred pills said i hippy in the snatuary  

what kind of pills asked a girl with a pill in her hand 

no it was auto aresfiaction i love that girl a hot bad boy said  

for two weeks i tried to explain that my accedent was just that an accedent the more i denied it the more people thougth i was in denial it was a visious circul  said jenna walking thru the halls


*giggle* i mean so creepy said saidie 

i mean that girl showed up shes hard to style said elissa

she should be in a mental hospital said saidie while putting on lipstick 

jenna banged her tree branch on the stall 

shh said ellisa to saidie

why are you shhing me said said saidie 

the loser want us to talk about her duh ? thats why she did it it was a inpuls dissision said saidie

she should go to church said elissa

or tieland giggled saidie

only a pedephile would fuck her .....maybe said saidie as she walked away from the girls bathroom



okay who has the answer to that question ...*nobody raising there hand * 

YES!! you in the back 

im not raising my hand said jenna 

jenna to the councelers office please 

hey jenna its valerie your g ...sorry im just trying to make you feel comfrotible sayd valerie

jenna just looked at her like what the fuck did i just walk in to 

valerie graved the scissors and said jenna sit down j 

uhm okay ? i said while sitting down 

can i see what you have in your bag just to check if your save ? asked valerrie 

suree said jenna while handing over her bag 

uhm ohh french lip gloss *keeps on checking finds mints * uhh jenna you wernt thiniking of diegesting these right asked valerie 

actully i was there mints !! siad jenna laughing 

oh ill be the judge of that she said while putting some on her mouth 

so you have any questions valerie asked jenna

i had million of them just not one was appropriet said jenna in her mind 

oh well if you need advise or someone to talk to just come to me said valerie 

you  may leave now said jenna

jenna just stood there 

uhm my bag said jenna

oh yeah said valerie handing over jannas bag 

jenna gets a message 

from : unknown

dont worry youll kill this year ...

just not your self 

from : unknown 

p.s its me valerie 

jenna turned around and smiled awkwrdly and walked away 





guys uhm i have figured out that i am updating every friday and mondays xxx

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