I loved you first

Zahraa is Zayns twin she was raised with her father and once she was 18 she went to see her brother then she saw liam and fell in love. she also has an arranged marrige witha person who she hates. What will happen to them?


1. Introduction

Zahraa's POV:

I've lived with my dad all my life since my parents got divorced, when I was a baby. He isn't abusive or mean. He just used to hit me when I lied and used to scream at me when I failed. Except for that I had an average life. However I couldn't get everything that I wanted. i just got an iPhone 4. I am 17 and I graduated high school with only one C and the rest withs A's and B's. I've always wanted to see my mom because my parents got divorced when i was really young. I have never travelled anywhere in my whole life, but I hope I can go see my mother Ive always wanted to see her but Cody the guys that ruined my life and everyone thinks he is an angle, Thank god i finished school early, I don't have to see him unless he comes over or he looks out his window into mine because he lives next door.

*Week later*

"Zahraa!" My dad called me while i was brushing my dark brown hair because i just recently woke up.

"Yes, dad?" I screamed in reply from my room up stairs tieing my hair in a bun.

"Come to the dining room now." He demanded and i got up off my chair rushing downstairs.I went to the living room which was extremely dark except for the sunlight coming through the kitchen I opened the lights and...

"Happy Birthday Zahraa" everyone jumped out screaming including Cody

 A huge smile was plastered on my face when I saw my friends and my dad standing there.But Cody had to come to me and ruin the happiness by a wet slobbery peck on the cheek.

"Happy Birthday love"He whispered in my ear in a British accent because he knows i love Ed Sheeran. He then sat down next to my dad.Everyone was smiling but me so i put on a fake smile and went on.

"Thank you guys i cant believe it , I love you soo much." I said heading over to hug everyone including Cody because my dad thinks hes a good honest man *my ass* and then to cut the cake.

The cake was the FCBarcelona cupcakes,  I ate my favorite footballer Messi's cupcake. The party was in full swing and  as soon everyone started to leave with only Dad,and Sara my only friend she isn't my best friend because she used to bully me with Cody and once she knew my last name Malik she is obsessing over me saying im Zayn Maliks sister whoever he is im too lazy to search him up i only search stuff on Eddy. I got like 6 presents including one from Cody which I'm afraid to open.

" I would like to give you your birthday gift, Zahraa. Now that you're 18, and wanted to to see your mother for along time, I came in contact with her and she is home in Britain so your mother and i decided  to buy you some tickets for England, Bradford. " Dad said cheerfully.

"When?"is all i could say

"Tomorrow morning so you and Sara can go shopping for clothes so you can start packing hre is some money" he said handing me a few liras

"Can i use your Mustang just this once?" 

"Yes, but if you break it I'm gonna kill ya" he laughed and we left

I just went to holliester and areopostal buying shorts, jeans, shirts, and underwear. while Sara went flirting with guys I bought like 10 bags and drove home after dropping Sara off. I went home unlocking the door seeing Cody again but he didn't see me neither did my father. I went upstairs and packed my bag i had 2 bags i put my phone on the charger and drifted off to sleep.

*next day*

"Zahraa get up! We are late it's 5 am, go get ready." Dad said as he came to wake me up.

"OK" I got up because I'm too anxious to meet my mother. I headed towards the bathroom, stripped off my clothes. Entering the shower relaxed my mind thinking of how my mother would look like. The jets of water that were spraying on me seemed to soothe my muscles and soon I got out of the bathroom. Drying myself with a towel I dressed into some comfortable clothes in which i would be travelling. I had wore some jeggings, with a White shirt and my purple Jack Wills jumper. To top it off, I wore my black moccasins and I was ready to go. I was never a makeup girl but I put some of it in my bag with other of my necessity and my bag was ready. I slung it over my arm and went down stairs as my dad helped me out with my suitcase. I saw Sara and she told me to get One Directions signatures whoever they are.I still cant forget what were Cody and my Dad talking about.

Sara left after telling me about 5 idiots and My  dad drove me off to the airport. He just lead me to my terminal and i got all my bags out i waved him bye but when i was half in he screamed something i couldn't hear. I bet it isn't that important. I continued through traffic to the ticket counter and showed my passport, they gave me the tickets and boarding pass. I had an economy class ticket and during the flight I sat next to a sleeping guy and a noisy annoying kid who kept on kicking on my chair. But I did not mind, I was finally meeting my mom, I thought about why Cody was at my hose it felt wrong he always comes but this time it didn't feel right after over thinking things   I drifted off to sleep.


Hoped you liked it. I'll put in one direction in the next chapter.

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