"Malfoy's Riddle"

A strong force from Draco's past has come back to take control. According to his father he shouldn't be so relieved to nearly hand over the reins of the making of "The Mew World". Can Draco even compete with this alley or will he surcom to something more surprising than the Dark Lords new wishes..


2. The Arrival pt.2

  The old fashion carriage came to a creaking holt at the foot of a decent sized castle. The black polished oak glisten in the evening sun, managing to slip threw the thick woods behind the castle.

  Sonia Elddir pushed the carriage door open and stepped out onto the gravel. The gravel crunched under her shoes as she stood upright and looked up at the castle towers. It felt good to finally arrive at Hogwarts. 

  "Welcome Ms.Elddir, I hope you had a pleasant trip." A raspy voice greeted, Sonia averted her gaze from the tall towers to the man addressing her. In front of her a tall white haired wizard made his way to her from the castle. She looked over his blue dress robes and locked eyes with the old man for a moment. Looking into his warm eyes.

  "I did, thank you headmaster." Sonia said warmly, pulling her lips into a smile. "And I'm looking forward in starting the year, I've heard.. Mostly good things." 

  "Yes, the last few years have been quite eventful, come with me. you may leave your things. They'll find their way after you've been sorted." Dumbledore said as he turned from me and started back into the castle. Followed behind him "I assure you all will enjoy your stay and also learn a great deal."

   He lead me down large stone halls, which were empty besides the large paintings on the walls and statues against the wall every so often. My step echoed beside him for a short while until we turned into a large decorated hall. Four large tables ran down, nearly, the length of it with another large table in the front. Each table was decorated in different color schemes with banners hanging over head.

  "You may sit here," Dumbledore said motioning to one of the chairs places at the head table. "Professor McGonigal will come in shortly and sit with you until it's your turn to be sorted." 

  "Thank you headmaster." Sonia said as she took her seat in a chair a little slammer than the others and also off to the left and back of the van ant professor. Elddir didn't appreciate being excluded from such an important table, she did her best in biting her tongue.

  Sonia didn't wait long for the professors came in and took their seats at the table. Though McGonigal was one of the last because she was helping the first years. I met each one as the most of them went out of their way to greet me. 

  The student also filed in before long, taking their seats at their assigned tables. Sonia's gaze danced across the crowed, looking for the famous Potter boy. She failed to find him before a sea of first year students obscured her sight. She but her lip in annoyance but brushes it off before long.

  It took quite a while of names being called and children being placed before it was finally Sonia's turn to be told by a dusty hat where to reside.

  "Sonia Elddir." Professor McGonigal's called. Sonia stood up and walked around the table she was behind. Stepping down and sitting on the stool which was up on display. With such a clear view Sonia spotted the boy who lived rather quickly. A smile attempted to stretch across her soft features but Elddir swallowed it as McGonigal stepped beside her. She lowered the old withes hat onto her dark hair. Sonia felt a sensation of wisdom and truth flood over her. In the countless children he has read and sorted threw the hat had maintained a powerful seance of knowledge. And within moments he called out, 

  "Raven Claw!" The blue and black ravens clapped and cheered for their new 5th year class mate. No one had heard of a student transferring in so late before.

  McGonigal congratulated Sonia as she strapped off of the chair and headed to her new table of students.

  She glanced at the Slytherin table.. She'd be in her fathers house before long anyways. 

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