"Malfoy's Riddle"

A strong force from Draco's past has come back to take control. According to his father he shouldn't be so relieved to nearly hand over the reins of the making of "The Mew World". Can Draco even compete with this alley or will he surcom to something more surprising than the Dark Lords new wishes..


1. The Arrival pt.1

  The whole train was buzzing with the new gossip. A new 5th yr. student has joined hagworts. And thanks to be currently shagging the most nosy student in the female body, Malfoy knew evey pice of gossip or shred of rumor. Everything from a twiggy boy who seemed a bit taller than the other first years to a house elf looking girl with professor McGonigal.
  Whoever the new student was, Draco Malfoy was trying to avoid the inevitable and try to prolong meeting this new"student". With his forced cooperation with the DarkLord Malfoy knew that this new student was to be a powerful aid an ally to Snake Face.
  Draco, resting his chin on his open palm, draws pictures in the new fabric of the table cloth with his finger tips. Absent mindlessly doodling a serpent spewing fire. The low chatter of the other students blending intoone meaningless jumble. He wasn't looking forward to meeting this new minion. The girl beside him awoke him from his doodling daze with a huff..

  "I didn't think they would sort her with the rest of the first years." She slumped and crossed her arms. If he hadn't been so down he would of laughed at her attitude. But instead he looked up from the table cloth to see who Parkson was crying about.

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