"Malfoy's Riddle"

A strong force from Draco's past has come back to take control. According to his father he shouldn't be so relieved to nearly hand over the reins of the making of "The Mew World". Can Draco even compete with this alley or will he surcom to something more surprising than the Dark Lords new wishes..


3. Dear Narcissus Boy

  Sonia awoke to the cold stone walls of one of the few Raven Claw dorms which had a single bed. The dim light of early morning was dimly illuminating her small room. Elddir threw her legs over the bed and stood up. Ready to start the day, eager to finally see for herself what all the hype is, The Boy Who Lived.

 "Pah!" Sonia spat in her mind as she get ready to shower...


  Sonia left her room and close the door behind her. She made her way down the hall, down the spiraling staircase and into the Ravenclaw main dorm. She hadn't expect her blue and black adorn classmates would be up so early. Elddir walked across the room swiftly and exited, making her way to the great hall. She had already been shown around the castle by professor McGonigal months ago, when she was first requesting enrollment. She knew where her classes were and the quickest rout to her goals.



  Draco wakes up and stares at the white fabric the canopy of his four post bed. He lay there for a few minutes next to a warm body with arms entwined around his chest and waist. Looking over at a sleeping Parkson. Malfoy can feel a slight pang of disgust in himself for needing the comfort so desperately.  He struggled from her grip and rolled out of bed.

  After showering, Draco stood in the thick steam of the bathroom and dried himself down. he proceeded in drying his face before looking up at the bathroom mirror. His vision tunneled for a second before he gasped in shock. On the fogged up mirror the word "Narcissus" was written. He had forgotten that this girl from his past has revealed herself in such a suprizing place. After all the trouble it took to hide her and the stress that her.. father put on keeping her from this she would actually be in the midsts of it all?

  Draco whipped the teasing word from his mirror and continued to prepare himself.. In more ways than one..

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