New Popstar

Hi im Ashley Garcia im a new popstar my best friend is Ariana Grande
All my friends call me Ash or Ashie-Bear.
So tomorrow we have (As in me and Ari-Bear)
Have to go to the Billboard awards
Earn rewards and give rewards
We have to give the reward of
Top Popular Band.....


4. #thatPOWER


Heya!Did i tell you i have to perform again?


Well i guess i forgot!

Well i know gotta perform

#thatPOWER with Will.I.Am

(I know JB has to but not in this story!)

so i went to get ready again in different clothes

with cute high tops


Yeah i know dress with combat boots

i didnt choose to wear it

they told me i HAD to wear it

but i think its cute

When i walked out of the dressing room

One Direction were there!


"Hi"i said

"Ello Love!"they all said

"Need something?"i asked nicely

"We just wanted to say good luck on your performance!"


"ASHLEY GARCIA TO THE STAGE!"That dude i never liked yelled

"Ugh!COMING!Bye guys!"i said waving and walking out on stage

"Performing is Will.I.Am featuring Ashley Garcia!"

*Music Starts*

"And ohhh,im alive,im alive,im alive

And ohhh,i can fly i can fly i can fly

And ohhh,im alive im alive im alive

And im loving every second minute hour bigger better stronger POWER!"

Yeah you know the song dont have to write it all!



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