New Popstar

Hi im Ashley Garcia im a new popstar my best friend is Ariana Grande
All my friends call me Ash or Ashie-Bear.
So tomorrow we have (As in me and Ari-Bear)
Have to go to the Billboard awards
Earn rewards and give rewards
We have to give the reward of
Top Popular Band.....


2. Getting Ready

Ashleys POV

So today is the Billboard Awards so me and Ari are getting ready

So thats what i put on right now im doing my make up while Ari is still choosing her outfit



Aris POV

So i was looking for a outfits and finally found something 

Cute right?

Well now im styling my hair while Ash is doing her make up

I cant wait!


Ashleys POV

Guess what!? Guess guess guessssssssss


oh i forgot!

Wait i remember

I GET TO PERFORM MY SONG HIT THE LIGHTS(I know thats SelenaG. but not in ths story

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