New Popstar

Hi im Ashley Garcia im a new popstar my best friend is Ariana Grande
All my friends call me Ash or Ashie-Bear.
So tomorrow we have (As in me and Ari-Bear)
Have to go to the Billboard awards
Earn rewards and give rewards
We have to give the reward of
Top Popular Band.....


5. Curly Top Award

Harry POV

Ashley was so beatuiful 

I love her curly hair

Brown eyes...Wait I'm not falling am I?

Oh well!

Well I guess they added a new award.

Its called

Curly Top Award


Of course cause we both have curly hair!


(last time)

I changed into the clothes below

With these beautiful sliver pumps

i heard there is a new award thing

but i don't know what its called

but i know im in the category!!!

"And here presenting the Curly Top Award is...Bruno Mars and Ross Lynch!"

Curly Top?

Well i do have curly brown hair!

I guess thats why!

"The stars you have selected to be in this category are....Harry Styles (shows video of Harry jumping making curls flap everywhere),Ashley Garcia (Show video of me jumping around making hair bounce everywhere).....!"

"And the winner is......Well its tied between Harry Styles and Ashley Garcia so please both of you come up to the stage!"Ross said

I walked up to the stage

How many times have i been on this stage?





Harry was already up there

it lookd like i was getting married with him!

ew gross no 

i like Zayn

and Louis

and Liam

and Niall

and Harry


"Since we already knew you guys tied we got two awards!"Bruno said

"Yippe!"i said

"BUTTTT....!"Ross said

oh god i dont like were this is going

"You have to show us a funny picture,or video of you when you were little!"They noth said at the same time



well someone hair Weirdos for breakfast!

"So um yeah get started!"Ross said

I knew what i was going to show

it was me in a movie called:The Game Plan

the part when the milkshake exploded on me and "The Rock"

i told Ross cause Bruno was talking to Harry

so Ross and Bruno told the screen guy person which video or picture

Harry went up first

That picture poped up on the screen

i was laughing so hard

....Next comes my video.....


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