Perfect Two

Antonia (Toni) Jensen is your average 16 year old girl. Antonia was expelled and suspended from many different schools, many times, and had to be pulled out because of her behaviour. It's the Summer so Antonia and her family are going to stay with their relatives in Melbourne, Australia. While they're in Australia they go out and see a group of 5 boys disturbing people on the streets of Melbourne. One of them comes over to Antonia. What will happen?


1. Chapter 1

Antonia's P.O.V

"Antonia, are you sure you want this?" my friend, Aimee, asked me with a worried tone in her voice. I was at her house, getting my hair dyed. My mum said no to the idea but I'm getting done anyway. "Yes, I'm sure." Aimee isn't a even a hairdresser, I just don't want to do it myself. I heard her open the hair dye bottle and start mixing it together. "Well okay, if it goes wrong sorry." she replied beginning to apply the dye to my hair. "So, what part of Australia are you going to?" Aimee asked still applying the dye. I sighed, "Melbourne." I don't like going on daytrips with my family never mind a whole month... "Are you not excited?" she questioned me still focusing on the task at hands. Arghh, I get asked this everyday. "No." I groaned making clear I was not excited. "I was just asking." complained Aimee. If you are wondering, I have always been like this...when I say "this" I mean, obnoxious, bad behaved and I can't change. I guess you could say I hate myself. I think I'm lucky to have friends who put up with my crap time after time. "Sorry Aimee. You know how much I hate stuff like this." I closed my eyes and sighed.



I looked at my reflection in the bathroom mirror admiring and running my fingers through my now lilac hair. "Thank you so much, Aimee!" I said turning around and hugging her. "It's okay, Toni!" she smiled pulling out of the hug. "Good luck with hiding that from your mum." "Oh yeah I forgot about that. But I did bring a beanie with me." I grabbed my bag and rummaged until I found it. I always have a hair tie around my wrist so I tied my hair into a ponytail and put the beanie on. "Okay, I'm good."  I laughed walking to Aimee's front door. "Bye, Toni, good luck!" I laughed at what she said, "Thanks!" Aimee closed the door and I began to walk home. On my way home I found an empty can, which of course lead to kicking it in the street. While I was kicking the can I sighed, I sighed because I don't want to leave. I'm not going to have anything to do. I get sunburnt really easily. So I can either be a lobster or a ghost. I reached the driveway of my house and took a big breath hoping my mum wouldn't take my hat of as a 'joke'. I walked up to the front door and slowly opened it. As soon as I was in the door, my little sister, Jade, came running up to me and threw her arms around me. It was meant to be hug but her arms were around my waist. "Why have you got a hat on?" Jade asked trying to jump up and pull it off my head. "Stop it." I said sternly and loudly making myself clear. I started to walk upstairs but on the way up my older brother, Martin, was on his way downstairs and that didn't end well. Without saying anything he pulled the beanie off revealing my lilac hair. "Oh my god, Toni!" He shouted so my mum would hear. "What is it, Martin?" mum yelled from the kitchen. I am in so much trouble. "Come here!" Martin requested. I knew I should have went upstairs but my mind doesn't think that fast. Next thing I knew my mum came out of the kitchen and looked up to where I was. "Antonia, what did I tell you!?" she yelled at me. "I can do what I want with my body, mum." I replied calmly, already heading upstairs to my room. I opened my bedroom door and slammed on the way in. I let my hair down and threw the hair tie on the ground. I collapsed on my bed and tried to calm down. After a while I had calmed down. I got up to get my laptop off the desk and returned to my bed.

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