~X factor days~

read to find out


1. chapter 1


Hi im lex! I have light brown hair and hazel eyes. I live with my 2  sisters Amber and Summer. This summer we are going to stay with our uncle who happens to be the one and only Simon Cowell. Let me give you so details on my sisters. My twin sister Amber has light brown hair and green eyes( we are both 17) And my sister Summer has blond hair and sea blue eyes(shes 18). " AMBER! LEX! ARE YOU TWO ALMOST READY TO GO! I hared my sister summer yell. YEAH WE ARE! I yelled back. " come on amber Uncle simon is going to be here any minute." " im going let me just zip up my suite case. There done" Amber and I ran down stairs with our suite case. " Its about time!" Summer said WHAT EVER SUMMER! Amber and I said. Ding dong. I got it. HEY UNCLE SIMON! we all said giving him a hug. Hey girls. he said back. we got into the limo and drove off.


A/N Let me know what yall think!       

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