Right Here ( Harry Styles fan fiction)

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2. What if it wasn't…

Sams POV 


Harry kissed me. I'm in love with him. But I know he'll never love me back. I figured it was comfert. Huh…"what if it wasn't?!?!" I screamed. Perrie looked at me. "What are your talking about Sam?" "The kiss. What if it wasn't comfert? What if he likes me?" I smiled. She squealed. "Awww…You two would be so damn cute together!" "I know right." I screamed as we walked through the 1D house door. Harry was at the door. He grabbed some of my bags like he usually does. That's normal right? "Wait! This ones yours." I explained as he set the bags down. "What is it?" He asked. "Look…" he opened it up and there was a beanie. "Oh my god, I love it!" He hugged me and I hugged him back. Perrie took a pic. Harry's head was facing the other way so he couldn't see me glare at Perrie. Harry pulled back but I pulled him back in. "That was to comfert me…Wasn't it?" I whispered in his ear. "What if it wasn't?" He asked. "Then I guess we're dating…" I giggled. I felt him smile. He pulled back and kissed me softly making my cheeks turn red. Perrie took another picture. I ran over to her. "Send that to me. I want that as my screen saver…" I smiled. She nodded and texted it to me. Then I texted it to Harry. Then I walked over and put my arms around his neck. Then continued to kiss him. He gently rested his hands on my waist. The guys walked in and awed. I smiled without breaking the kiss. Harry pulled back and pulled me into a hug. He lifted me up and spun me around. He set me down and turned around. He made me get in his back and then he carried me to the living room and gently put me down. He turned around and started to kiss me again. We made out until the guys came in. Harry hugged me. "So…Stay in my room tonight…" he demanded. "Your not gonna try anything as you?" I asked scared. "No…Not yet…" he chuckled. I googled. "Is this how all of our conversations are gonna go?" I asked still giggling. "I don't know? But it's kinda fun." I felt him smile. I pulled back and kissed his cheek. I sat down on the couch and Harry sat next to me. I forgot about my mom until Niall turned the TV on. They were playing the news of the day my family was killed. I cuddled up to Harry closer then before. Niall was about to turn it off. "No…" I said to him. "I wanna hear this part. I hate this part." I explained. They were talking about how the man who started the fire was never caught. I know who it was. My ex. My parents hated him. They kicked him out of my life. "That means JJs still out there." I whispered. Harry looked at me. "Who?" He asked. I got up and dragged him out of the room. I told him everything. He hugged me. "I won't let him hurt you…I would never…" he looked me in the eyes and softly kissed me. I nodded and hugged him. That's when I heard the screams. "SAM!! WHERE ARE YOU!!!" I looked at Harry. "Stay here Harry. STAY HERE." I demanded. I grabbed the tazor I hid in the cabinet along with the tranquilizer gun. I ran in to the living room and there he was…fighting Harry. Then Harry fell to the ground with blood in his arm. "JJ! WHAT THE HELL?!?!" "Let's go baby. Lets get out of here." "What? WHY THE HELL WOULD I GO ANYWHERE WITH YOU?!?!" I punched him in the face and tazed him. Then I shot him with the gun and called 911. They got here and arrested him. Then I rode to the hospital to see Harry.

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