Right Here ( Harry Styles fan fiction)

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3. I'm right here

Harry's POV

I woke up in the middle of the night screaming. Sam came over to me and I scooted over. She layed down. "I thought you wouldn't make it Harry…" "But I'm right here Kitty…" I looked down at her staring at me with her hazel eyes. "I'll always be right here…" I said. "In the Hospital?!?!?!" She asked scared. I chuckled. "No…By your side…You have no idea how long I've been wanting to tell you this…But I Love You Kitty…" She smiled. "Aww…Ive been wanting to tell you the exact same thing…I Love You Too…" She scooted up and kissed me. It was a short passionate kiss. It was only short because I blacked out. I woke up screaming. Again. I was in my bed! Well Kitties bed. She was asleep right next to me. Then she turned to me and she had a Zombie face. I woke up breathing hard. "Be careful with your arm Mr. Styles." Some nurse lady said. I smiled at Sam sitting in a chair. Then the nurse starting talking in a whisper voice. "She is totally obsessed with you. She says she's your girlfriend. Ha…But I could be your girlfriend!" I glared at her. "Can you do something for me?" I asked her. She nodded. "Go to hell. That is my girlfriend and I love her. And I will never go out with you. DOCTOR!!!" The doctor ran in. "SHE'S TRYING TO GET ME TO LEAVE THE WOMAN I LOVE! I WANT A NEW NURSE!" The doctor fired her right infront of me. Sam smiled at me. I smiled back and she mouthed I love you too! I mouthed I know back. She giggled. The doctor walked over and unstrapped me. "Your free to go Mr. Styles!" Sam walked over and handed me my jeans. "Uh can we have a moment doc."? I asked him. He nodded and walked out closing the door behind him. I put my jeans on and then she handed me my shirt. I took of the hospital robe and slipped it on. Then she handed me my grey converse and we left. She took my keys. "Hey!" I screamed. "You can't drive with a broken arm. I'm driving. I may be fifteen but I have a learner a permet and your considered an adult so lets go. You can help me with my driving skills!" She explained. We drove home down and she was terrible at driving. "I heard that Harry. You should know you think outloud!" She giggled.

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