My Life With 1D

I had been dating Louis Tomilson scince 8th grade then I caught him making out with my BFF Mackenzie at a party. What kind of boyfriend is he. Liam has been very supportive lately. Niall keeps hinting that he likes me. My life is messed up.

Read to find out what happens, and see if this makes sense


8. Jessica

Ding Dong

"Who is it?" I yelled


"Go away."

"Jess let me talk to you."

"Fine. What do you want." I said as I yanked open the door

"I want to explain what happened."

"I already know what happened. You made out with my ex-best friend."

"I was drunk. I stopped right after you left."

"Now your lying to me."

"What? No I'm not."

"Don't lie. Liam told me you were making out when he got back."

"Please forgive me Jess."

"No. Maybe if you were just dancing but you made out with her. You sucked her breast and tongue. Don't call me Jess. Don't talk to me. Goodbye Louis."

I slammed the door in his face then went upstairs, and fell asleep.

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