My Life With 1D

I had been dating Louis Tomilson scince 8th grade then I caught him making out with my BFF Mackenzie at a party. What kind of boyfriend is he. Liam has been very supportive lately. Niall keeps hinting that he likes me. My life is messed up.

Read to find out what happens, and see if this makes sense


5. Jessica

Liam gave me a ride home. Good thing my parents only come home two days a month. I layed in bed the next day. At 2:30 someone knocked on the door.

"Who is it?" I called

"Guess." The voice called back

"Liam?" I said as I opened the door

"I found out what happened last night."

"How?" I asked

"I went to ask Louis what happened and him and Mackenzie were making out. She was your best friend. How could she do that?" 

"Well she wasn't always very nice. Besides Grace and Abby are my BFF's."

"Do you want me to stay?"

"Yeah. But I could still have to spend two weeks with that asshole."

"Oh yeah. You volunteered to be the girl that get's auctioned off at the annual silent auction."

"I didn't volunteer I won that stupid school beauty pageant."

"I just can't believe that dick."

"Yeah well neither can I."

"I have an idea."

"What's that?" I asked

"Let's go mini-golfing."

"K. Give me 10 minutes to change."

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