a reble known as marijane, finds herself in a lust filled relationship with her very young and attractive teacher, Mr.styles.


2. You make me nervous


                                  "be my Juliet ," Harry whispered against my lips.

 I pulled my hand out of my lap; I subconsciously started playing with a curl that had strayed from the rest. "Be my romeo," that was all I managed to get out before i smashed our lips together.The kiss was slow and loving, much like a kiss at a wedding, all of our emotions flooded out of every sing pour in our body's. Our lips seemed to mach perfectly,like puzzle pieces. He held me in his arms as if I'd brake any second, like I was a delicate flower. All i want is for him to hold me like this forever. His lips frighten me. There rough yet gentle, soft yet hard, but all around sinful. He gentle cupped my hand that held onto his curl,as if it was a life preserver. We both stopped the kiss, but our lips still lingered. My eyes fluttered open,to only see one thing. Green. The color was so strange,like oak leaves or a grassy Field. But the beautiful color was clouded,by what though? Love? Lust? Guilt? 

 He pulled my hand down intertwining our fingers. "Harry," I whispered, not fully sure of what I was planning on saying. His breath suddenly hitched. My brows knotted in confusion,"what is it harry?"

 His gaze traveled to our interlocked fingers, " I've just always wanted to hear you say my name," He looked up through his thick lashes, a blush on his perfect cheeks.

 A giggle left my lips," Harry stop acting as if you some nerdy boy talking to a porn star."

 That caused an eruption of laughter to leave his swollen lips." You make me nervous, like butterfly's are exploding in my belly." The way he said! I couldn't help but attack his lips once more. This kiss was a lot more hungrier and needier. He licked my bottom lip begging for entrance, I grabbed a fist full of his shirt and pulled him close, opening my mouth, deepening the kiss. He desired to deepen the kiss further by shuffling us to were he was laying on top of me. Our tongs danced furiously, moans starting to fill the room. We fought for domonice, until harry finally won. It was getting more more heated by the minute.

 "Bedroom,*smooch*,Now!" i panted in between kisses.

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