a reble known as marijane, finds herself in a lust filled relationship with her very young and attractive teacher, Mr.styles.


4. The morning after


Mmph, I frowned as the sun light came through the curtains, without opening my eyes I tried to get up. But I soon relized I wasn't going anywhere, an arm was draped over my naked torso, pulling me extremely close to there body. I looked up to see a mop of curls, his head bared in the curve of my neck. I tried to move,but it was no ues. Giving up with a huff, I felt a weird sensation on my on my neck. Did he just bite me? Wtf?
"Marigsb," he whispered againstt my neck, I think he was trying to say marijane but it got muffled. "Stompt moving," he said biting me every time I moved. I tried to go back to sleep but it just wouldn't happen! "Harry, just get up." I whispered, felling my arms going numb, from him holding them so tight. 
"No!" He said in aggravation. He suddenly moved into a straddling position, smirking down at me before he kissed down my neck, leaving love bites. A moan slipped from my lips as he licked over the red skin of a new hickey. 
"Harry, what are you trying to do?" I asked not really feeling morning sex.
"You," he whispered, sucking a place right next to my navel.
"Haaaaaaaaaaazzzzzzzzzz" I wined, instantly regretting the nickname. 
"What was that you called me," he said, smirking. 
"Erm, uh....nothing..."I lied.
"Really love, it sorta sounded as if u just called me, haz." He replies with a shit eating grin. 


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