a reble known as marijane, finds herself in a lust filled relationship with her very young and attractive teacher, Mr.styles.


5. Haz


*3rd person* 
Chuckling, Harry, kisses his way up her body. placing kisses all over her face, almost in showing her he cares. 
"I like it" he smiles, remembrance of his old life coming back. thoughts he pushed away years ago, all the sadness coming with the good. The memories flooding his mind at an alarming rate. a single tear was shrewd at the old being brought up. barring his face into her neck, he composed himself. Not being ready to tell her just yet of the secret of his old life. the secret he's been hiding long before the iPhone, and even the iInternet. Before DVDs and long before he even thought about doing anything to a girl, merely resembling what he did less then 12 hrs ago with marijane. 
He knows he'll have to tell her sooner or later, but later sounds good to him. 
Hey guys, sorry It took so long. I had to reevaluate myself as I weighted before I contented. More frequent updates 4 sho. and if ur actually reading this, I'm having a contest! next chap will have details . peace skis

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