oh my, miss styles

the year was 2013 when louis tomlinson had a baby boy, samuel and harry styles had a baby girl, darcy. the year was 2015 when one direction split up. after a massive argument harry and louis vowed never to talk to eachother again. 16 years later both harry and louis are forced to reunite after their children meet. but can all be forgiven?


2. the plan

darcys p.o.v


i sat there watching sam tomlinson play. he was amazing. it was 30 seconds till half time an he had already scored twice. my dad pretended to be intrested in the game but i knew what he was really looking at. louis was only a few seats away. the half time whstle went off. louis looked at my dad and quickly got up and walked off. my dad quickly got up an followed leaving me on my own. the players went off and i had the perfect idea. i went down to the dressing room. i was turning a corner when i ran into none other then sam himself

"hi im darcy styles and i need your help its to do with our dads" i said and he noddd

"whats up?" he asked. i started explaining my plan. after i'd been through it twice he finall understood

"so we fake date to make them have to see eachother?" he asked

"exactly" i replied

"well um if you give me your number i can call you and we can put this plan in action tonight" he said. i gave him my number and walked off. i turned around before i had fully left though

"good luck tommo" i said

"thanks styles" he replied. i walked ack up to my seat to fnd my dad sitting there looking kind of upset

"find him?" i askd and my dad shook his head.


louis p.o.v


"well done son, hatrick in your first ever premier league game. that is something to be proud of!" i said.

"thnks dad, um do you mind if my girlfriend comes round?" sam asked

"yeah sure" i replied. i was glad he was getting some friends around here and even gladder that he was forgetting about earlier. i mean why the hell would harry show up here now. after all we said to eachother. i know hes not entirelly to blame but for the last 16 years my lifes been fine. there was a time when i missed him and perhaps even regretted it all. but he had his chance to make things right. now its too late. niall messaged me a few years ago. he told me how harrys wife annie died. i felt sorry for darcy. i mean 15 and no mum. that when you need her most really. i dont know if harry had any other kids, but if im honest i gave up caring years ago. i have eleanor and my two beautiful kids sam and missie. they're all i need. im not sure if any of the others have kids. they've never mentioned them in a conversation but when we havent spoke properly in so long, how do you bring it up? darcy seems like a really nice kid. shes naturally beautiful like annie yet she has all the features a female harry would. sam got his phone out and text someone. presumably his grlfriend. then he went upstairs. 5 minutes later the dorrbell rang. i opened it and got the shock of my life. oh my god.... darcy" i didnt say anything but sam appeared at my side

"dad, this is my girlfriend darcy styles" he said

"um hi darcy, im louis tomlinson sams father" i replied. what do i say to my ex best mates daughter who i havent seen since she was 2 years old. i remember her. she was one of the cutest babies i had ever seen. her and sam were always together! and now 16 years later shes even more beautiful.

"oh i know my dad talks about you all the time" she replied

"does he?" i asked

"yep. nice things though. he says he misses you and wants to meet you. hes been a bit lonely snce my mum died" she replied. this made me feel a little bad. i never did really think about harry felt about his wife dying. i mean she was the love of his life.

"im really sorry about that"

"its okay. whats happened has happened. you've gotta move on!" she replied

"anyway darc, we going mcdonalds then?" sam asked she nodded

"see ya later mr tomli.... i mean louis" darcy said

"later dad" sam sad and they went out the door. i stood there staring as sam got in darcys car. i could hardly believe it. my son and harrys daughter!

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