oh my, miss styles

the year was 2013 when louis tomlinson had a baby boy, samuel and harry styles had a baby girl, darcy. the year was 2015 when one direction split up. after a massive argument harry and louis vowed never to talk to eachother again. 16 years later both harry and louis are forced to reunite after their children meet. but can all be forgiven?


3. the phone call

darcys p.o.v


"you wanna see something?" I asked sam as we sat in mcdonalds munching on our food. I was eating chicken nuggets whilst sam had a big mac. being a professional footballer now its rare that he does things like this. considering we only met earlier today we're becoming pretty quick friends. well I suppose we spent the first 2 years of our lives together

"yup" sam replied stuffing a handful of chips in his mouth.

"you eat like a pig, anyway look at this!" I said showing him the youtube video I was currently on. larry stylinson best moments

"That's my dad!" sam said clearly shocked

"and that's mine, look how close they were" I then searched stylinson junior and clicked on the op video. there was me and sam when we were babies

"is that us?" he asked and I nodded.

"I didn't realise we had so much history!"

"I know. shall we go now do you reckon?" I asked and he nodded.

"so where to?" he asked

"um my dads" I replied before we pulled out into the road.

"DARCY LOOK OUT" Sam yelled. I saw a car coming towards us. I saw the bright flash of headlights. and then.... nothing!


harrys p.o.v


the phone rang.

"girls be good and eat up all your dinner i'll be back in a sec. otherwise uncle niall will get angry. and you know when uncle niall gets angry he turns into a big scary monster" I said to my two youngest daughters lottie and nicky. they both laughed and carried on eating their dinner. niall was currently round my house with his wife nixie and their 12 year old son james and 10 year old daughter keela. niall was the only person I ever really kept in touch with. liam and zany came to annies funeral but Louis refused to speak to me. I wanted to speak to him today. I miss him like hell and regret all the things I said. niall often babysitted for me if I wanted to spend time with darcy. for the first 2 years after annie died I was so busy making sure that lottie and nicky were ok that I had no time for darcy. niall would come up once a week and spend the entire day with her. then a year ago we decided to move to the Tottenham area near where niall lived. now we spend a lot of time together. I went into the hallways and picked up the phone

"hello" I answered

"hello may I speak to mr styles" a man asked

"um speaking." I replied

"ok mr styles. we are sorry to inform you that your daughter has been involved in a car accident. a drunk driver smashed into her car. her and the passenger are both being rushed into surgery now. although he situation is not critical it is still bad. thank you mr styles" the man replied before hanging up. I couldn't believe what  just heard. my baby was in hospital. I ran into the dining room

"niall can you watch the kids, I've gotta go darcys been in a car accident" I said

"what. you go hazza i'll bring everyone up in a second" niall replied

"thanks nialler" I yelled as I ran out the door, I got in my car and drove to the hospital as fast as I could. when I got there I was forced to sit in a wating room as darcy was still in the theatre

"el seriously you need to answer its important. sams in hospital!"  I heard a voice say. I recognised it. I turned around and saw Louis there.

"Louis!" I said

"what harry" he replied

"why are you here?" I asked

"your daughter and my son got hit by a drunk driver why else would I be here"

"wait sam and darcy were together?!?!" I asked

"well yes that's generally what couples do harry" he replied

"what do you mean couples"

"they're dating harry. I found out about an hour ago and now they're here" Louis replied. I was shocked. I didn't know darcy and sam were together.

"OH MY GOD THEY'RE TALKING" I heard another familiar voice shout. I turned round

"LIAM" I yelled running towards him. I gave him a massive hug.

"why are you here?" I asked

"niall text me. zany should be here in a minute. we tought it would be nice to support you through this seeing as it was only really niall that did last time" he said. I felt a tear roll down my cheek. this was exactly the way annie died. she got hit by a drunk driver aswell. I saw Louis look really uncomfortable

"look harry im really sorry about annie" he said

"its okay lou. whats in the past is in the past." I replie. I saw a nurse come out and I got my hopes  up. I saw Louis's face light up aswell

"mr styles. darcy has just come out of surgery and going to wake up any minute. and mr Tomlinson sam will be out of surgery  in about half an hour" the nurse said. I saw Louis face drop a little. I followed the nurse and liam and Louis (surprisingly) followed aswell. as we walked in the room darcy was just waking up

"daddy" she cried as her eyes opened.

"hey princess" I replied

"wheres mum?" she asked. no. this couldn't be happening. clearly darcy had hit her head to hard and lost some of her memory. but this was too far back. how do I explain her mums dead and has been for 3 years

"guys can you give us a minute" I asked Louis and liam. they nodded and walked out her room.

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