oh my, miss styles

the year was 2013 when louis tomlinson had a baby boy, samuel and harry styles had a baby girl, darcy. the year was 2015 when one direction split up. after a massive argument harry and louis vowed never to talk to eachother again. 16 years later both harry and louis are forced to reunite after their children meet. but can all be forgiven?


5. nandos

harrys p.o.v


I sat in the nandos seat waiting for everyone to arrive. I saw niall walk in with nixie, keela and james. Keela sat down next to lottie and nicky and niall and nixie sat opposite. I saw Zayn walk in with a young boy. He was probably about Lotties ages. Him and Perrie sat the complete opposite end of the table, talk about unsociable. Louis walked in with eleanor, sam and a girl who i presume is his daughter. Last was liam. he had 3 kids. 1 boy and the girl looked about the same age. Maybe 5. The elder boy looked a few years younger than Darcy, maybe 15. Sam placed himself next to Darcy and she smiled.

"Hey beautiful" He said giving her a kiss. I would have expected her to blush and turn away with embarresment, but she didn't. She just smiled and replied

"Hey handsome". I glared at Louis, he glared back. The cameras outside clicked with joy. This was the first time in 16 years we had all been together.

"Well I think we should get to know eachother" Niall said. This sounded so weird, it was as if we were total strangers. I guess the sad thing is, we might as well be. 16 years we haven't spoke, but we were so close before. They all nodded. Zayn went to speak

"I'm Zayn Malik, this is my wife Perrie and my son Tyler." He said.

"Im Niall Horan, this is my wife Nixie and my daughter Keela and son James" He said. I already knew that

"Im Liam Payne, this is my wife Sophia. These are my sons Antony and Jacob and my daughter Maya." He said. I guess it was my turn now.

"I'm Harry Styles, these are my daughters Darcy, Lottie and Nicky" I said. Everyone turned to look at Louis.

"I'm Louis Tomlinson, this is my wife Eleanor and my son Sam and daughter Missie" He said. Liams daughter looked at Liam, then at me

"daddy why doesn't harry have a wife?" She asked. I know it was a harmless question but I couldn't help myself. I ran off from the table and straight to the toilet. I sat in there for a minute when I heard the door click.

"Harry?" I heard a vice ask. Louis?

"Go away Louis. I don't need you, I don't need anyone" I said. I was expecting the door to slam shut but it didn't. I slowly unlocked the door. Louis was standing there.

"Harry, i'm sorry for Annie." He said. Was he sorry. I guess now was my time for apologisising.

"It's okay Lou, i'm sorry about the whole break up of One direction. You were right, it was my fault" I said but she shook his head.

"No Hazz, it wasn't your fault. We all knew it was coming. Zayn and Perrie were engaged and our contract had run out. Nobody wanted another 5 years. We were all just afraid to say. I over-reacted, I shouldn't have treated you like that hazz, i'm so sorry" He said, I couldn't help but smile.

"It's okay Lou, I mean we haven't seen eachother in 16 years so yeah, our friendship will take time to fix, but we can make it work" I said and I gave him a hug.

"I missed you hazz" He said and I smiled

"I missed you to Lou" Neither of us meant it in a gay larry way but in a friendshipway. After all, we were best friends.

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