oh my, miss styles

the year was 2013 when louis tomlinson had a baby boy, samuel and harry styles had a baby girl, darcy. the year was 2015 when one direction split up. after a massive argument harry and louis vowed never to talk to eachother again. 16 years later both harry and louis are forced to reunite after their children meet. but can all be forgiven?


4. explaining

darcys p.o.v


"princess, im sorry mums dead" my dad said.

"what no... no she cant be. when?"  I practically shouted back. this couldn't be happenng, not my mum.

"Darcy you're mum died 3 years ago. you've been in a car accident and lost some of your memory. you and your boyfriend sam were hit by a drunk driver" my dad replied

"boyfriend?" I asked. I don't remember having a boyfriend

"yes darcy, sam Tomlinson" my dad replied.

"oh okay" I replied. I didn't want to say anthing about my mum. she died and I cant remember. I guess i'll have to ask my uncle niall for details. as for sam. I know I have history with him but I cant believe we're dating!

"where is sam?" I asked my dad

"he's just come out of surgery" he replied

"I want to see him" I replied. my dad nodded and helped me into a wheelchair. i'd broken one of my legs in this car accident that I don't remember having.


sams p.o.v


I opened my eyes and saw my dad in the room. behind him was mum, missie, darcy, her dad and my uncle zany along with 2 other people I've never met before. darcy was sitting in a wheelchair and I could see the bright pink cast on her leg.

"you alright sam?" my dad asked. I slowly nodded my head. It really hurt to do so but I guess  would be too lucky If I wasn't in pain. I remember the accident to well for my liking. I remember the pair f headlights rushing toward us. me screaming out darcys name as the car got nearer. how during the impact her head almost smashed into the steering wheel but luckily I put my hand out to stop it. I put up my hand and examined the damage. there was a blue cast on it. oh great that means my first premier league game is actually my last for a while. I was able to wiggle both my legs so that was fine. darcy wheeled myself over to me

"hey sam. look im really sorry about the accident. I mean I cant remember it but then again I cant remember anything from the past 3 years. but my dads told me who you are and that we're dating and that's all I need to be in love with you" she said giving me a kiss.i felt really bad. this whole dating thing had been a trick on our parents to get them t talk to eachother. now her dads told her we're going out and she believes it. i cant tell her its a trick. i'd feel too mean. this could work for me though. I mean I like her and what she doesn't know cant hurt her right.... this is a good Idea.

"I love you too darcy"  I said when we broke apart. everyone awed.

"I think its time we introduced ourselves" a man with brown hair said. I nodded in agreement

"im niall horan" the blonde man said

"im liam payne" the brown haired man said

"im harry styles" darcys dad said

"im zayn malik" my uncle zayn said. everyone stared at me dad.

"fine.... and im Louis Tomlinson" he said. all the others smiled

"and we were one direction" everyone but my dad said.

"wait you're the guys my dad was in a band with?" I questioned

"yup" the blond one replied " you knew us until you was two and then...." he didn't get to finish his sentence before my dad interrupted

"I don't know why you're all even here anway. fair enough  harry cuz of darcy but why the rest of you. I thought we agreed years ago that it was best not to speak to eachother again.


nialls p.o.v


"I don't know why you're all even here anyway. fair enough harry cuz of ddarcy but why the rest of you. I thought we agreed years ago that it was best not to speak to eachother again." Louis said. the anger in his voice reminded him of the night of our last ever concert


"thank you" liam said, close to tears "for everything you have done for us" I nodded in agreement. I felt the tears rolling down my face

"for being here whilst we did what we love. thank you for staying with us through the tough times and still loving us with all your hearts no matter what stupid things we did" I said through the tears. it was almost to much.

"we love you all" harry said continuing from where I left off. I could see the pain in his eyes as he looked out amongst the thousands of upset and dissapointed fans who didn't want this amazng journey to end "you guys made our journey incredible and its a journey we will never forget" we all nodded in agreement. not one of us had a dry eye. zayn stepped forwards and almost broke down

"you're all so beautiful, so amazing. you're our amazing fans, our directioners and as niall likes to call you our crazy mofos. but know matter what name you give yourselves, we love you all and cannot thank you enough for everything you have done for us." zayn stepped back into line with the rest of us. not a single word was muttered as Louis stepped to the front.

"its so hard to leave all of this. its hard to leave the stage, the boys even our amazing crew who have been here for us since the beginning. but its even harder to leave you. our dedicated fans. the ones who although they might drive us crazy at times we love with all our hearts. we have so many memories and although one direction might be ending its memory lives on in all of you. thank you for the perfect life you have given us" he said. I'd never seen Louis this serious. we went into a group hug and sobbed into eachothers arms. it only really just sunk in that it was the end. we turned to the audience.  I kissed my finger tips and raised them into the air smiling sadly at the audience. the other boys copied me and so did all our amazing fans. soon the whole arena was filled with this. we slowly brought our microphones to our mouths

"im harry styles"

"liam payne"

"niall horan"

"zayn malik"

"and Louis tomlison"

"and we have been one direction" we all said together. the stage went completely black and we slowly sat down at the edge. then the screen turned on. our auditions came on firs. followed by all the other great memories we've had as a band. it ended and we crept off stage

"so ths is it?" I asked my voice finally cracking. harry nodded and wiped away a tear. we all went into a massive group hug

"why did we choose this?" Louis asked through tears

"its what we decided lou" harry replied.

"no harry its what you decided. you wanted to be solo. you and your don't let me go song and the realisation that you could make it big on your own. you've caused the end of one direction harry" Louis said anger consuming his sadness

"that's not true Louis" harry replied his voice also getting angry.

"yes it is. you sicken me styles I never want to speak to you again" Louis shouted

"that's fine with me. you think what you want Louis but I know that it not my fault" harry replied. Louis stared at him angrily before walking out the room. I sat there crying

"I didn't want it to end like this" I sobbed

"I know nialler but its okay. you have me" harry said and I gave him a hug. we turned round to see liam and zayn had left

"its really over isn't it" I muttered and harry nodded before pulling me in for another hug.

*end of fashback*

"because although you might not realise it we care. we care about you and sam, we care about harry and darcy. we care too much for your and harrys stupid row to break us apart even more. we don't even know eachother any more. I don't know if any of you have kids or other kids apart from harry. I never wanted us to be like that. whether you like it or not loui we're here. and we do care. so if you have a problem deal with it. im not leaving, nobody is. we're gonna have a massive catch up and that's final!" I said and everyone stared at me. I was always the most innocent of the group and now I was giving the orders.

"got it?" I asked and everyone nodded "good because im booking a table for nandos. how many?" I asked

"4" harry said

"4" Louis also said. that was 8.

"3" zayn said. 11

"5" liam said. 16. plus my 4 made 20. I phoned up nandos and booked the table

"nandos at 8. and you will all be there" I said. before walking ou the room.



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