oh my, miss styles

the year was 2013 when louis tomlinson had a baby boy, samuel and harry styles had a baby girl, darcy. the year was 2015 when one direction split up. after a massive argument harry and louis vowed never to talk to eachother again. 16 years later both harry and louis are forced to reunite after their children meet. but can all be forgiven?


1. so we meet again

sams p.o.v


"do we have to be here?" i asked my dad. he nodded

"yes sam, we do have to be here. come on son its your first ever game playing for tottenham. be happy, i mean your playing in the premier league!" he replied. he handed me my shirt and i put it on.i've always dreamed of playing in the premier league but now i'm here i just want to go back to doncaster where i belong. to get my dream i had to leave all my mate behind. now im an 18 year old living in an area of London where i have no mates. i got spotted playing for my local doncaster team by a tottenham scout and here i am. sam tomlinson, the newest member of the tottenham team.on my way to the stadium i saw a man about my dads age with a girl about my age. i recognised the man from when i went through my dads old phoos. my dad used to be in a band. apparently they used to be quite big. then my dad and another member of the band had kids about the same time. the band broke up when i was 2. they didnt really keep in touch. i've seen one of them, zayn, a few times but apart from that nothing. my dad doesnt like bringing his old band up. him and one of them parted on bad term. the man i recognised had curly brown hair and i could see a sparkle of green in his eyes.

"dad don't you know him?" i asked. my dad looked at the man i was pointing at. i saw him try to mask the look of horror on his face. he quickly turned his expression blank

"no, no i don't know him" my dad replied but i knew full well that he was lying. i saw the girl say something to her father and then point at us. the curly haired mans eyes lit up. he grabbed his daughter by the arm and started running toward us. dad saw to, he took me by the arm and dragged me inside the stadum. i heard the man shout at us as we went in

"please boobear, can we just talk?"


darcys p.o.v


"tell me again why you're suddenly interested in tottenham?" i asked my dad

"because darcy, seeing as they're now our local team i thought it would be nice. and besides we haven't had any time just us two since mum...." he couldnt finish his sentence

"since mum died. you might as well say it dad. shes not coming back either way!" i replied. my mum died 3 years ago. she got hit by a drunk driver. she didnt even make it till when the amblance got there. she died instantly after breaking her neck. we never got to say goodbye. i was 15 at the time. i had 2 little sisters, nicky who was 3 and lottie who was 5. dad neede to give them his full attention so i was forgotten for a while. i didnt mind though. i basically zoned myself out from the world for 2 years. the only person i would talk to was my uncle niall. during those 2 years he told me things like how him and my dad used to be in a band with 3 other people. they were called one direction. i've looked them up on youtube and they were actually quite good. they were together about 5 years. my dad and another member louis had kids at the same time. dad had me and louis had a boy called sam. he was only 3 months older than me. when we were 2 though the band broke up. my dad and louis had a major fight and never spoke to eachother again. my dad wanted to speak to louis and make things up but louis didnt want to be anywhere near my dad. i knew the real reason dad wanted to come see tottenham. about a year ago we moved into the tottenham area. by total coincidence, not long after that louis son sam got spotted by a tottenham talent scout. the tomlinsons relocated into the tottenham area about a month ago and today was louis first game. dad was hoping louis would be here so they could talk. we pulled into the stadium carpark and got out. i saw a boy in a football kit star at us. i reckoned he was about my age. he said something to his dad and pointed at us. his dad turned around and i immedatly recognised him from the pictures my dad had. louis tomlinson! he said something back to his son and turned away

"dad its louis!" i said and pointed to him. my dads eyes lit up

"how do you know about louis?" he asked

"never mind, just go. nows your chance" i replied. my dad grabbed my arm and pulled me towards louis. louis noticed and grabbed his sons arm and walked off into the stadium

"boobear pleasae, can we just talk?" my dad yelled. i was pretty certain louis could hear us but he kept walking!

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