Cross My Heart

Kelsey is just a typical American girl. Zayn is no ordinary boy. What happens when the paths of these very different people cross? Will it end up being another love story? Or will it end in disaster?


1. Different

First day back at school or hell as I like to call it. At least it was my senior year. I got ready like I used to do every morning and made my way downstairs. My parents were already sat at the table having breakfast.

“Morning Kelsey.” My dad said.

“Morning dad.” I said kissing his cheek.

“Love, Ethan called and said you weren’t answering your phone. He’s picking you up.”

“Okay mum. Thanks for letting me know.” She smiled at me. Me and my dad get on fine but me and my mum? Not so fine. Today was one of our good days. She was always nagging and so overprotective. I hated it. I heard the beeps of a car horn outside. “Got to go. Love you.” I said quickly, taking a piece of toast, my schoolbag and lunch bag on the way out.

I saw my boyfriend sitting in his car. “Hey babes!”

“Hi Ethan.” I said giving him a peck on the lips.

“I’ve missed you.”

“Ethan! I saw you yesterday.”

“I know Kels.” We smiled at each other. He was in his jock jacket as usual, with skinny jeans and a top. He was one of the populars. I guess I was too since I was on the cheer squad. Me and Ethan had been dating for 2 years and our relationship was going fine. We walked into school hand in hand after he parked the car. People wolf whistled as we made our way through the school halls.

“Here we go.” Ethan said opening the door for me. As I passed the door I kissed his cheek. I heard lots of ‘oooooohhhh’s’ and ‘aaaaaaaaahhhh’s’. I said hi to my friends, both male and female and sat on a desk. At our school, sitting on a desk was against school rules so people thought I was acting like a badass when actually I was just sitting down. Ethan sat next to me and our friends, the populars’, crowded around. We chatted about what happened over the summer, lots of girl drama whereas the boys just played football and basketball. Typical, right?

“Right class, before I begin, I would like to award Kelsey Evans, Ethan Jones, Ronny Tarwood, Jess Simons, Eric Landers, Brittany Parker and Ryan Golding with a detention. Half an hour after school on Friday kids!”

We groaned while some of the other populars ‘whooped’.

“Mr. Johnson! That’s not fair! Loosen up man, we only just got back.” Ethan complained.

“That’s an hour for you Mr. Jones.” The rest of us were in stifles of giggles. “Seating plan!” Mr. Johnson exclaimed happily. He was a nice teacher but extremely strict. As he issued out our seats I gave Ethan a sympathetic look and he blew me a kiss back. Just as I was blowing him one, Mr. Johnson turned round. “Now Kelsey, I know I’m beautiful but there’s no need for that.” Everyone burst into laughter. After it died down, I realised I was sitting alone.

“Er, Mr. Johnson. I’m lonely.”
“So? Do you have a problem with that?” Just as he finished a boy walked in.

The boy looked cool, as if he didn’t care. He looked calm, dangerous but calm. He was hot, I had to admit, but there was something about him. A secret I was yet to find out, because this boy was no ordinary boy. This boy was different.

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