Love Story

For the song competition.
Taylor Swift - Love story.


3. The Strings Of The Heart

I decided to give this gentleman, Tristan, a week to call me. If he did not oblige then I would know it was another romantic dream. Sadly I never got a call or a text or an email, for that matter. So there you go, it was all a massive, heart racing dream.

The following Monday I went down to my work place, the Daily Strike newspapers-Recently my newspaper column hasn't been doing so well- I walked into the large glass tower and was greeted by Joe, "You've got a guy waiting in your office... Like a really hot guy!" he practically dragged me up the narrow stairs and shoved me in front of my door.  

"Joe, what is a man-" I didn't get to finish my sentence as Joe pushed me through the door. He closed the door a lot quicker than when he opened it. I let out a frustrated sigh at Joe's strange, nervous reaction to a 'guy in my office'.

"Forgive me, but I thought this was a more romantic way to see you." My head shot up at the soft chimes of the voice. Strings to my heart were plucked and I thought, 'this is not just any  guy in my office...' 

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