This story is about an only child names Vanessa Ryan. She just graduated high school and is going to a preforming arts school. Little does she know 5 hot guys are going there too, and they all fall for her right when they see her. Does she feel the same? Who will she pick? Does she still have feelings for her ex who is also attending that school? Read to find out what happens!


11. Getting harder


"A-alive, just the beat inside my soul. Take me home where my dreams a-" my alarm went off. First day of school! I'm so excited. My first class was improv. Yay Becca was in that class.

"Morning Vanessa!" Rebecca says fresh out of the shower.

"Morning!" I say with a smile as I'm trying to pick out a cute first day outfit. I decided on royal blue shorts, a white lace shirt and a white headband with a bow in it. I sat down at my makeup table and got ready. I put on a little bit of makeup, and straightened my hair. I quickly ate a banana and I was out the door.

It took us about 5 minutes to get to class. We got there. Oh great... Guess who's here? Liam and Louis. Of course.

"Ok, ok everybody please take your seats!" the teacher Mr. Barret said.

"Welcome everybody to our first improv class! As you all know, I'm Mr. Barret. Today, all we're gonna do is get to know each other. So our first assignment is easy. All you're gonna do is give a quick little speech about yourself. Any volunteers to go first?"

I raised my hand.

"Ok, you in the white, c'mon up!"


"Hi everybody. My name is Vanessa Ryan. I'm an only child. I'm a singer, actress and a dancer. I like acting the best out of those three. Hmmm. My favorite colors are blue and purple. I'm very outgoing and I'm always open to try new things! Umm..." I look at Mr. Barret and shrugged my shoulders.

"Ok you can be done. Now darling that was good, but. We never say hmm, or umm. Correct?" he asks.

"Correct," I nod.

"Ok, who wants to go next?" 

I look around and Liam's hand shot up. He hasn't said much to me, so I'm curious to hear what he has to say.

"Ok, come up here."

"Hello everybody, I'm Liam Payne. The only thing you guys need to know about me is that I like Vanessa a lot, so back off. Ok thanks for your time," he said with a smile.

Everybody laughed and looked at me. Even Mr. Barret. I could feel my cheeks getting red. I looked back at Liam and he winked at me. I laughed. Louis looked pissed off.

This decision is getting harder and harder...

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