I know that I have done wrong and continue to do so but without remorse.
I know that I am on a fast path to the grave and im headed there alone.
I struggle to find myself this time,
Save yourself for a man with a conscience.
I try to find myself this time
Save yourself, for a man that isn't me!
I spend my days looking through pages,
Trying to find a way to get away from me.
With a love to give that leaves you breathless.
Now all I need to find a way back inside my minds
I don't want to leave you breathless


1. ~Arabella Faith O'Connor~


Arabella Faith O'Connor
Hello there babe, I'm Arabella. I'm 20, and my birthday is Feb. 15... 
I have a sister named Reagan. 
I'm a rather nice person unless you did something to Tick me off. I'm sarcastic and funny but I can be completely quiet at some times.
I have 7 tattoos.
I live by myself, but Reagan Lives in the same apartment complex in London with me. 
I'm going to college to become a music producer but it's Summer Break. Now I work at Hollister. 
I'm the type of girl that doesn't fall in love very easily, it's just easier that way. 

Louis And I flirt a lot, constantly touching each other. I oddly trust him and I tell him what's wrong if something is, and when anyone mentions that he likes me, I shrug it off. I'm still debating if he's dating Eleanor or not.

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