Baby Payne

Summah Leigh Payne.
Sister of Liam James Payne!
Falls in love with one of them...
It's is a story of fake friends, hate, friendship
But most importantly
Of love


2. Chapter Two

"Dinner" My mum shouted, me and Niall looked around and screamed "FOOD" before running down the stairs. "Liam, boys, as much as we have missed you, we need to see aunty grace" My mum said, looking upset? leaving, she whispered to me. "please make sure they dont do anything....stupid" she smiled, and left. "MOVIE TIME" Liam shouted. pushing a DVD into the slot.

"Li not this again, we watched it yesterday" Harry said, as Toy Story started! we all groaned. 

"Shh" he replied, stuffing his cheeks with popcorn making him look like a hamster. "OUCH" came from everyones mouth as i sat down, I was sprawled out ontop of them. "Love, can you move your arm" Harry whispered, moving it away from his crotch. "sorry" i mumbled, my cheeks red as a tomato. I got comfy, as did they. I rested my head into Harry's lap. "What are you doing" he said, amusement in his tone. "getting comfy, i could move" i said, going to get up, he pulled me back "nah, i like it" he seductively said into my ear. i chuckled, hearing Liam and everyone except Niall wolf whistle "get a room" Louis screamed, Harry looked up "oh we will" he said, smirking an evil grin. i looked at Liam. "Harry, that's my sister" Liam said. He shrugged, after the movie we were playing a game. unfortunately it was dares.....

"I dare Summah to kiss Harry" Louis smirked, as i blushed. awkward.... Harry leant in, i saw Liam and Niall talking in the kitchen but i blocked them out and pushed my lips to Harry. we pulled away a few moments later. "That. Was. Amazing" he smirked, winking. I nodded, looking over at Liam. "Summah can you come her for a minute" He sternly said.. "sure" i said walking over. "I want you and-


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