This was a beginning of the year prompt last year, for Honors Literature. You had to continue the story, and this is what was given to you: After a long day of sightseeing in Times Square, you find yourself heading back towards your hotel. As you round the corner, you see two questionable looking characters leaning against the building. Across the street is a little old woman. The two men look toward her. One points in her direction, and the other laughs. Next, the two men step into the street to approach the old woman.


1. Gone.

    "No!" I scream as the two bikers approach the old woman. I clap my hands over  my lips as the tall one slightly turns to face me. He turns away as the rotund one yanks on his arm; dismissing the idea of  dealing with the idiotic girl who screamed.

    They're quickening their pace; closing the distance between them and the old woman. She sees them and smiles; revealing a pair of glistening yellow dentures. They've almost reached her now. 

    I can't just stand by and watch these thugs rob this innocent woman. I have to help. I have to take action. 

    Not letting the approaching injustice deter me, I look around for something I can use as a weapon or a distraction. There's nothing; just a bunch of garbage cans filled with dumpster divers, a black cat with intense yellow eyes, and a drunk passe out on the sidewalk. No one around, nothing to use. 

    I see something reflect in the flickering lights of a neon sign from the tattoo parlor. Dashing to the drunk, I see a glass wine bottle. Grabbing it, I desperately sprint to where the bikers now are fighting Granny for her purse. 

    Chucking it at the taller mans head, I watch with wide eyes as he turns around to me, a towering six feet six inches. To my utter horror, he has a murderous expression spread across his broad face. But before he could touch me, something shocking and unbelievable happens. 

    Through a blinding white light, I watch as he disappears into thin air. Where he used to stand, I now see the old woman give me a wink. With another bright flash, the shorter man disappears. 

    "Such bravery should be rewarded. Don't you agree?" Says the elder in a hushed tone. Golden light seeps through her cane as two symbols are carved into it by and invisible force.

     She cackles as the white light surrounds me.

    Everything goes dark.

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