In The Mind

In search of information that could be considered trivial, Danté enters his mind, and explores the vast library of information in hopes of finding what he wants.
However...he is not in complete control of his mind.


1. Welcome To Danté’s Head

I opened my eyes.

I was in my mind again: the expansive space of my mind, where I am always getting lost. My mind is a colossal library, and the most recent information is on the first bookshelves you see when you go in.

It’s dangerous to find older information, but what I do makes it necessary – if you write, you have to know things. I have to go deep into my mind, into the darker areas, away from the electric lamps of the entrance and towards the burnt out candles.

I stepped forward, and my footstep echoed through the library, surely waking up the librarian – wherever he was.

The echo was reassuring though. It meant that the library was empty – the denizens of my imagination were still locked away, and no one had invaded my brain – and I would be able to find the information I needed.

It wasn’t urgent that I find it, but I wanted it – it was somewhere in the memory section, and it would tell me where I’d put the book I was reading – and I was willing to risk my sanity to find out.

Thankfully, there was little risk this time, as long as my imagination stayed locked behind the doors.

I sighed, and walked through the library, ignoring every map I saw, well aware that the information in the library had become so jumbled up the map was now wrong and my only hope of finding information would be to wander randomly.

As usual, I looked at the countless books on the shelves I passed, all of them spine-out, and read the titles:

The Lyrics of Nickelback – Incomplete Edition;

All About Steve – Mrs. Hayes’ Husband;

A Short Explanation of Biology.

There were a lot more to be seen, but I could not be bothered to read their titles. I needed to find a book titled “Locations of Danté’s Books”.

And I hoped it wouldn’t be too close to the Imagination Rooms.

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