In The Mind

In search of information that could be considered trivial, Danté enters his mind, and explores the vast library of information in hopes of finding what he wants.
However...he is not in complete control of his mind.


3. Something in the Dark

Finally away from the books of my darker thoughts, I headed for the lighter area of the library.

Not straight towards it, though, as that would take me back to where I started. Instead, I walked diagonally, so that the light was just to my left.

If I was lucky, I would find the librarian, and he could help me find the book I wanted.


I noticed my match was burning low, so I extinguished it and went to my pocket to get a new one.

As I went to light it, I heard a low rumble behind me, followed by a screech.

It had been a while since I’d heard that sound – a couple of months since I had watched that movie – but I recognised it immediately.

I lit the match, and reminded myself that I couldn’t really be hurt in here. Not really. But my sanity was at risk – if I died here, I would lose more of my sanity. It wouldn’t be the first time.

I took a deep breath, and hoped that there was only one. One was bad enough – it killed the whole crew but for one and her cat in the first movie – but I didn’t want more.

I walked fast, intentionally heading for the Imagination Rooms. If I could get there, maybe I could just lean in for a moment and think up a weapon before anything else in there got hold of me.

I heard the screech again, closer now, and it was followed by a hiss.

If only I was the librarian. Then I would be immune to harm to anyone but myself.

I tripped slightly, almost losing grip of the match; but I recovered, and continued heading for the Imagination Rooms.

That was, of course, back in the direction of the darkness – a haven for the creature that was following me – but if I could survive, I could fight it off.

Its corrosive fluids wouldn’t really damage the books – I never forget something, as the books are never destroyed. I simply can’t find the information.

I paused for a moment; just to check the book titles, in case the book I wanted was here.

It wasn’t, unfortunately, but there were certain titles that caught my eye:

“That Thing”;

“Weaponry of Video Games”;

“Cheat Codes That Don’t Work”.

It would seem that I had ended up amongst the books related to video games I had played or showed an interest in. The book on weaponry, however, was relevant to my situation. I picked it off the shelf, and continued to walk towards my intended destination.

I knew I would end up putting this book on a completely different shelf at some point, but I needed it to fight of the creature that followed me.

As if to remind me it was there, it hissed again.

I swallowed, and once again increased my pace.

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