In The Mind

In search of information that could be considered trivial, Danté enters his mind, and explores the vast library of information in hopes of finding what he wants.
However...he is not in complete control of his mind.


2. Shadowy Shelves

I walked deeper.

I think I took a wrong turn at some point back there. Last time I checked, the book I was looking for was not in the “Useful Information” section – ironic, I know, but there are so many books here that my librarian just can’t keep things organised.

And I don’t really help. I take a book, walk around for a while, and then put it on a different shelf.

I wouldn’t be surprised to find out that the librarian doesn’t bother arranging the books anymore.

I stopped walking and noticed that the candles here had all burnt out, covering the books in a thick darkness that was difficult to see through. Many of the books here were dusty, too, and I found it difficult to see their titles, although I could see a few of them:

Unpleasant Memories – Volume 1”;

“The Big Book of People Who Should Die”;

I swallowed heavily and sped up, recognising this area – it was, technically, very organised. Mainly because I didn’t want to read this information. It was an area of my mind where all my darker thoughts and memories could be found.

That also meant that there would be a doorway nearby that led to the horrid machinations of my imagination.

A doorway that I opened as little as possible.

I reached into my pocket and removed a matchbox – striking a match; I brought light into the area, and illuminated a piece of architecture that had formed in that room.

It was a large statue of me, wielding a sword that was embedded in the chest of a person who had wronged me, and scattered at my feet were the bodies of others who had done the same.

People I will not name.

I was both horrified and, I am reluctant to admit, proud of this statue, which is why it stands here.

Ambition, vengeance and horror mixed together.

The form of my darkness.

I sighed and moved away from it, leaving the shadowy area of my mind’s library behind and hoping I could find the book I was here for.

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