This should be freaking illegal

Basically its an arranged marriages, vamapires, and junk.
Im too lazy to write what this is about.
Read if you want to.


1. What do you want mom

Alright so on your 18th birthday you dont except anything to really change right? Yeah your becomeing an adult right? Maybe your family or friends would take you out to celebrete, but since my family is a bunch of assholes thats not happened to me...

I was SOLD on my birthday...

For money...

For $10 grand...

Assholes right? Well before i get ahead of myslef let me introuduce myself the tell you how it happened and get on with the story, sounds like a good plan to me.

Alright my name is Lyric, no I don't have a last name, well I do, but fuck that I don't want to be considered apart of my 'family' because my dad died, making my mother turn to drugs, and her doing that made the rest of the family abandon us. I'm obviously about to be 18. I'm considered 'emo' because of my looks, and yes I do cut. I have good friends which I will introduce later but for now I'm ganna start my story.


I literally rolled out of bed landing on all the soft pillows on my floor because I'm just that weird and ran down stairs. "You called?" I asked once I got downstairs.

"Pack your stuff your leaving."

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