This should be freaking illegal

Basically its an arranged marriages, vamapires, and junk.
Im too lazy to write what this is about.
Read if you want to.


2. Leaving?

Recap: "Pack your stuff your leaving."


"Leaving?" I whispered in confusion.

"What are you still doing here?! Get out of my sight and go pack!" She snapped, glaring at me with her sharp brown eyes.

I quickly turned on my heel not wanting to get in an argument, knowing it would only turn to me getting more bruses on my skin. With a scowl on my face, I rushed in my room leaving my door open, it was a rule in the house, she thinks that I steal her money when she's sleeping or out when she really spends it getting wasted.

We had just moved here suddenly from a few states over for a reason still unknown to me. This house was bigger and better than our last house, how my mother came up with the money is another thing I don't know.

Though we are in a bigger room I still had a small room and and I didn't own much, just some clothes, a few pictures of when my dad was alive, and of me and my friends. Noting special so I only took me a few minutes to finish. Once I was finished I ran back down stairs to see if I could get any information.

When I found my mother I went up to her, "I'm finished...Um... C-can you please tell me why I had to pack." I stuttered out. I felt pathetic always having to act so weak around her.

She took a breath through the cigarette she was smoking and blew the smoke out at me, "Why, because I'm tired of seeing your face around, your no use to me, you only hold me back, so I sold you off for ten grand, happy?"

All I could do at that moment is stand there with my mouth open in shock. She couldn't be serious, I mean I knew she hated but did she really hate me enough to sell me off like that? Isn't that illegal or something, it's America who does that? If shes serious who did she sell me to? Some fat pervert that's going to make me do the unthinkable?

All these questions and more went through mind as I stared at the woman that I called mother for these 17 years I've lived but it didn't last long, "THAT'S FUCKING ILLEGAL, YOU CAN'T JUST SELL ME OFF LIKE IM AN OBJECT!" I screamed. Then something I never knew I had the courage to do happened.

I slapped her.

I had no time to even think about what I just did because my head jerked to the side and there was a stinging in my cheek, before I could react there was a sharp pain in my gut. I would fight back but I knew it would only make my life worst I have to see her everyday, At this point I was laying on the floor with her continuously kicking me in the rids. Strangely but thankfully the doorbell rang saving me from further damage.

She bent down and dragged me up by my hair and turned my face to look at her, "Try that again you little bitch. Now go to your damn room and fucking stay in there until I tell you to get out."

She roughly pushed me in the direction of my room and went to answer the door, I staggered to my room but got there quickly. I took off my tank top to see the damage she caused. Just because I'm black doesn't mean that it'll look any better I could already see bruises forming.

I looked at my hair and didn't even bother trying to fix it. I found a T-shirt in my packed stuff and threw it on then got in bed. I found a good position where I felt the least pain and let the darkness of unconsciousness consume me.

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