Liam Payne had what seemed to be the perfect life. When his parents split up and he is forced to move away with his mom to London, he runs into people who surprise him. Meeting Niall Horan was the best thing that ever happened to him. He never thought he would fall in love with Niall, the deaf kid


2. Wake Me Up When September Ends



-Liam’s POV-


I woke up with a huge headache, I fell asleep last night worried about how today was going to turn out. I knew I should have went to sleep earlier, but my brain wouldn’t turn off. It just kept running through different scenarios of how today was going to turn out. For all I knew today could go perfectly and I could make tons of new friends, but on the other hand today could be a total and complete train wreck. I could be a loner and named a loser. I lied in bed staring up at the ceiling wishing I didn’t have to go to a new school. I let out a sigh and pushed my lazy arse out of my bed and made my way down the slim hallway avoiding the random boxes in the way. I guess my mom didn’t finish unpacking last night.  I walked out to the kitchen to find my mom at the stove scrambling some eggs. She was humming a song that I didn’t know as she cooked. I suppose I got my love for singing from her. She looked happy for once, I guess I shouldn’t be so upset about moving. I wouldn’t want her to be in pain living with my dad.


“Good morning Li, get dressed and then your eggs will be ready” My mom said turning around to smile at me. I smiled and went back to my room closing the door behind me. I sighed and went to my dresser pulling out a plaid button down shirt and tan chinos. I undressed myself and slipped on the clothes I picked out. I found my white converse and put them on as well, when I was done getting dressed I grabbed my back pack from the chair by my bed and went back out to the kitchen. My mom had set out a plate with eggs and bacon on the table. Next to the plate was a small glass of orange juice. I smiled and sat down and started eating. When I was finished I placed my dishes in the sink and went back to the table to grab my bag. My mom must have went to work already, because I didn’t see her anymore. I went out to my car and put my things in it. I couldn’t help but smile at the new car my dad had bought me. He tried to get me to stay with him by buying me nice things. I didn’t fall for it, my sisters Nicola and Ruth are a different story. They are now living with him because he bought them new cars and many other luxurious things. They will one day realize their mistake, I hope. I get into my car and drive to my new school. I can feel the butterflies flying around my stomach. They seemed to be getting worse the closer I got to the school. I finally pulled up to the school and parked in a spot close to the front. People were already walking around getting ready for class. I felt so out of place, like I didn’t belong here. I slowly got out of my car ignoring the confused looks and awkward stares from the passing students. They all had to know I was a new student, the school isn’t that large. I threw my backpack over my shoulder and tried to find the front office to get my schedule. I walked around probably looking like a lost puppy until I bumped into a boy with very curly hair and dimples.


“Oh, I’m so sorry” I say to the boy. He looked up at me with bright green eyes and a small smile on his lips. His dimples were faintly showing. He was wearing extremely tight black skinny jeans that looked painful to wear, and a white t shirt. I could see the feint outlining of some type of tattoo on his chest.


“It’s alright mate. Are you new around here? I’m Harry by the way” He asks eyeing me up and down. I nod and try to hide the embarrassment on my face. He chuckles at me.


“I’m Liam” I say quietly. He nods and bites his lip like he’s thinking hard about his next actions. I wonder what he is thinking about. He’s probably thinking about if he should risk showing the new guy around or kicking me to the curb and acting like he never met me. I secretly hope it’s not the second one.


“Come on, I’ll show you to the front office.” He says pulling me way I had just come, now I feel stupid. I had passed the front office about three times now. We walk in and a lady behind the front desk with blonde hair is typing away on the computer not paying attention to the fact two students walked into the room. Harry clears his throat and the woman looks up with a glare. When she sees its Harry her face suddenly changes.


“Oh! Hello there Harry. What brings you to this side of the school?” She says eyeing Harry up and down. If I didn’t know any better I would say she was checking him out.


“I ran into a new student, and he looked very lost. I thought I would help the poor lad out and bring him to you.” He says smiling, his dimples showing perfectly. I’m not going to lie, the boy’s dimples are pretty cute. I say this in the least gay way as possible. The woman laughed and turned to me.


“How can I help you love?” She asks still smiling. I could see her glancing over at Harry from the corner of her eye. I smiled back at her and tried to ignore how she looked as if she would jump Harry here and now if she had the chance.


“I need to pick up my schedule Mrs.” I say trying to sound as polite and undisturbed and much as possible. She nods and takes one last look at Harry before looking back at her computer.


“And what’s your name?” She asks clicking away on her computer not even looking up at me.


“Liam Payne”


“Okay, here you go honey” She says pulling out a piece of paper from the printer. She hands it to me and turns back to Harry.


“Thank you” I say glancing down at my new classes. I have English first then Music. I’m glad to say I only have two classes today. I get to go home at lunch on Monday’s yay! I do an internal happy dance and look back up to see the woman grinning at Harry with what looks to be hunger in her eyes. I shiver at the thought of them together.


“Thank you Mrs. Robinson” Harry says pulling away from the hungry look in her eyes. He doesn’t seem all that worried about how she was treating him, maybe he’s used to her flirting. I personally think that is very gross and unprofessional of a staff member at any high school. We turn and walk out of the building back into the busy hallway. I ignore the sad look coming from Mrs. Robinson as we walk away. I wonder if anything is going on between those two. That would be disturbing.


“Well let’s see it then” Harry says pulling the paper out of my hands. I watch him read over my class’s then turn to me smiling.


“You have first with me today” I can’t help but feel a sigh of relief wash over me. I will have at least one person in the class who is nice to me. I don’t know if I should consider Harry a friend or not, maybe he was only being nice because I’m new. He probably has no intentions on continuing talking to me.


“That’s good, should we start heading there?” I ask unsure when class starts exactly. I haven’t been paying attention to what time it was since I have arrived here. I probably should keep track of the time better, I wouldn’t want to be late on my first day.


“Yea, class starts in five minutes.” He says turning down a hall and stopping in front of a classroom. I turn to give him a confused look, he laughs and opens the door. I instantly can tell we are in an English classroom. The walls are covered in posters about books and reading, there is a small shelving unit filled to the brim with books. A short very fat woman is sitting at the front of the room. She has dark black hair pulled back into a bun, you can see her brown eyes are filled with hatred towards everything and anyone. I instantly feel scared to be in her presence. Maybe I should request a change on the schedule. Harry walks over to a desk in the back of the room, I gulp and make my way over to the scary looking teacher.


“Um, Hi. I’m Liam. I’m new, I was wondering where I should sit.” Is say, trying to keep my voice even. I don’t want her to know how terrified of her I am.


“Oh, I was expecting you. I’m Mrs. Ramsey. You can sit next to Harry and Louis. The desk between them is free. Hopefully you can keep those two from talking and touching each other during class.” She says in a high pitched voice that actually sounded sweet. I was shocked her voice sounded so sweet even though she looked as if she wanted to shoot me dead. I nod and turn and walk to Harry. A short boy pushed passed me and smiled to Harry. He leaned over and pecked him on the lips then sat down in the empty desk I was supposed to take. Harry is blushing like mad when he sees I saw the kiss.


“Lou, darling I think Liam here is supposed to sit there” Harry says poking the boy, who I’m assuming is Louis, in the stomach. Louis gasps and smacks Harry’s hand. He stands up and turn to me.


“So you’re what’s going to be sitting between me and my cupcake huh?” He smirks at me. His hair is pushed up into a perfectly styled brown quiff. He has a turquoise button up shirt and dark blue skinny jeans on. He is crossing his arms over his chest just staring at me. I normally would think his outfit was outrageous, but it fit him in an odd way.


“Yea, I can move but to be honest Mrs. Ramsey frightens me.” I say the last part in a whisper so the evil lady glaring at us won’t hear me. Louis bursts out laughing holding his sides as he laughs. I notice Harry is chuckling too, Louis walks over to his assigned desk laughing and sits down.


“I like you Liam” He says with a smile on his face. I can’t help but smile back at him. I am liked! Maybe I won’t have such a bad day today! I took my seat between Louis and Harry and got out my things for class. The class went by extremely fast, the entire time we were in class Louis kept whispering things about how Mrs. Ramsey’s chin kept jiggling and how she reminded him of a lawn gnome. I tried too hard to not laugh, but I couldn’t help myself. Louis got detention for talking, and Mrs. Ramsey sent a boy with a black quiff and many tattoos to the dean for smoking in class. He didn’t seem that upset about it, he just walked out of the classroom happily.


“Music is just next door Liam, I’ll see you at lunch?” Harry asks with a hopeful tint in his voice. I don’t have a class after lunch, so I could just leave after second if I wanted to. I should stay and try to make friends though…


“Yea, I’ll see you at lunch” I say smiling at him. Louis and he walk down the hallway hand in hand. I have to be honest, they are a cute couple. I walk into the music room and find a short man with blonde hair. I have to do a double take because I could have sworn it was Toby Maguire, the man who plays Peter Parker in Spiderman.


“Welcome! You must be the new student Liam. I’m Mr. Kay!” The man says energetically. I can tell I’m going to like him already.


“Hi. Yea, I’m Liam” I say awkwardly. I don’t know if I should point out his resemblance to Spiderman or not. He smiles and runs out of the room to a much cluttered looking office.


“Sorry, just go to the instrument you play and start playing, today is a work day.” He says shuffling through papers. He seems much unorganized. I nod and walk over to the piano room and walk in. I am shocked to see a blonde boy sitting with his back to me. A man is standing next to him. The man looks like a teacher so I just sit down waiting for my turn to use the piano.


“Hi, I’m Mr. Cowell. This is Niall” The man says introducing the boy. The boy doesn’t even look up at the sudden conversation. He sits at the piano just staring at the keys. Then the boy starts to play, it is a very difficult song to play. I can just tell by the combination of the keys. I listen to the beauty of the song and when it’s finished the boy turn to the man and starts moving his hands. Then I realize. He’s deaf.


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