Liam Payne had what seemed to be the perfect life. When his parents split up and he is forced to move away with his mom to London, he runs into people who surprise him. Meeting Niall Horan was the best thing that ever happened to him. He never thought he would fall in love with Niall, the deaf kid


16. The Way





Liam is BOLD


Niall is ITALLIC




(Day 1)


Hearingclovers16: Hey Li, want to hang out today?




BatLeeyum741: I can’t Niall I’m sorry.


Hearingclovers16: Oh, maybe tomorrow?




(Day 2)


Hearingclovers16: Hey, are you still busy?




BatLeeyum741: Yes, sorry.


Hearingclovers16: Oh, alright, maybe tomorrow.




BatLeeyum741: I don’t know when I’ll be back home Ni, I have a lot of things I need to work out.


Hearingclovers16: What type of things?




BatLeeyum741: Don’t worry about it. I’ll talk to you later.


(Day 3)


Hearingclovers16: Liam where are you? I went over to your house and Zayn answered. Why is he at your house? Your mom told me you haven’t been home in three days. Where are you Li?




BatLeeyum741: I don’t know where I am to be honest. I left because of Zayn. I’m trying to find my way back but I can’t. I got a call from my phone company, my mom is turning off my phone service. This will probably be the last time you hear from me.




Hearingclovers16: No! I have to come help you. Tell me some of the buildings or streets around you. Please Li! I can’t lose you. If it was something I did please let me fix it. I know it wasn’t because of Zayn, he and you have hardly spoken, let me fix my mistake please!




(Day 4)




Hearingclovers16: Li, where are you please answer me.




Hearingclovers16: I went back to your house, Zayn yelled at me and beat me up. I need to come find you.




Hearingclovers16: I’m going back to Zayn, I think he can help me find you. Louis and Harry came back. They are trying to help but they talk to fast for me to read their lips now, Please Li, come home.




-Niall’s POV-


My family has never been there for me, I’ve never been able to just go up to my mom or dad and tell them I need their help. They don’t want to help me. That’s why I knew I had to help Liam, he wouldn’t ask for my help, but I knew I needed to help him. He is out there lost, I know it. It’s been almost five days since he’s left, I’m on my way over to Louis we are planning to go talk to Zayn. I think he knows why Liam left. Every time I went over there to ask him anything he would get mad at me and hit me. I don’t mind the hits, I’m used to them because of my father. I was walking down the street to Louis house, he doesn’t live that far from mine. It’s only a 5 minute walk over. I walked down my street and came to his house, one of his sisters was walking out of his house, I think he said her name was Lottie?


“Hi Niall” She says with a smile. I nod and try to be polite to her, I don’t think Louis told her about me being deaf. I don’t really mind, people don’t need to know. They will treat me differently if they knew. She continued on to whatever she was planning on doing, leaving me to knock on the front door. I knocked and waited for someone to open the door. I watched as Louis yanked open the door with a large smile.


“Hey Ni, Harry’s already here. I’ll go get him” He says before he turns around and runs back into the house. I stand there on the porch waiting for Louis to return. I kicked some of the dust off of the porch as I waited. Soon I felt a hand on my shoulder causing me to look up to find Harry’s big green eyes smiling at me. He talks really slow, so I can actually have a decent conversation with him without having to guess some of the words.


“Hey, you ready?” He asks with a small smile tugging at his lips. I nod, Louis tried to tell me about their small trip to Hawaii, but when they started to talk about it Harry got really weird. He kept looking like he was going to cry. So Louis just told me he would talk about it later. I haven’t gotten around to asking him about it yet. Harry and Louis led me to Harry’s car where I got into the back seat and waited for Harry to drive us over to Liam’s, where Liam wasn’t there. Louis kept looking over at Harry, his lips were moving but I couldn’t tell what he was saying. He reached out and grabbed his shoulder and kept speaking. Harry was smiling at him as he glanced from the road to his boyfriend. I sighed and looked out of the window wondering what it would be like to know what they were talking about. I looked back and realized Louis was singing to something on the radio because Harry had joined in with talking, erm… singing. I wonder what song? Doesn’t really matter, I wouldn’t know it anyways. The few times I was allowed to see my doctor after I lost my hearing they told me I could still listen to music. I don’t see how since I can’t hear, but they told me I could feel the vibrations. I thought they were crazy, when I got home I had tried it though. It was such a weird feeling, I had listened to the song before, when I still had my hearing. But when I tried to feel the vibrations I could almost imagine the sound the speaker was emitting. I’m not allowed to do that anymore though, my father came home later and heard the music, and he broke every speaker in my room. Yelled at me, although to this day I don’t know what he said. My mom told me he just said it was too loud and to not play it ever again. But I bet he had a few choice words he called me. I sighed as I thought about that night, I hated thinking about my father and the things he has done to me. My mom would always tell me he means well, and he loves me. I don’t know if I should believe her. I’ve seen families on TV their fathers don’t hit them and call them names. I can’t hear him any longer, but it still hurts to think about what he is saying to me. I start to notice the street looks familiar, we are almost to Liam’s house. Harry pulled into Liam’s driveway and parked his car. I jumped out and wandered up to the front porch. I went to knock on the door but the door opened and there stood Liam.




-Zayn’s POV-


“Stop!! That tickles!!!” Giulia giggled as I tickled her sides. I laughed with her and began tickling her more. We have been dating for almost two weeks now. She is perfect, everything I could have asked for. The day I was supposed to move in with Liam she came over and helped me unpack. Although we made out a lot during that three hour stretch of unpacking. She and I have so much in common too.


“I’ll stop if you give me a kiss” I flirted at her. She laughed and nodded, she was laughing too hard to speak. I eased the tickling and moved my hand to cup her face. She smiled at me and leaned forward. I smashed our lips together for a sweet kiss.


“Thanks for tickling me so much I almost peed!” She joked. I winked at her and pulled her on top of me. We are laying in my room waiting for dinner to be made. She and my dad and Karen get along great, they seem to really like Giulia. I’m so happy for that. I kissed her nose making her cheeks flush a deep crimson.


“Zayn, I think you should come here for a second.” My father’s voice echoes from behind my closed door. I look at Giulia who is sharing the confused look I have. I shrug and sit up sliding her off of me and on to the bed. I stand up and hear that she’s following me. I walk out of my room and instantly see why they wanted me out here. Liam was standing in the doorway, he looked like shit. He had bags under his eyes and his clothes were covered in dirt like he had been sleeping on the ground. He had some cuts on his forehead and possibly more under his clothes. I stood there in shock, I had no idea where he was my dad told me he was gone with friends. This was obviously NOT what the truth was. His stupid friend Niall would come over here and ask where he was, I thought he was just trying to be a dick to me thinking I was stupid or something. I have always hated Niall, he was just different. I felt someone squirming next to me I turned to see Giulia with a confused and slightly frightened expression.  I had told her about Liam, but she’s never met him before.


“Um, Liam? Where have you been mate?” I finally mutter out. He looks over at me with a sad expression and shakes his head. He drops his head looking at the ground like he was ashamed of something.


“I just had to get away. It was a mistake though, I need to talk to Niall and explain to him it wasn’t him.” He sighs looking back up to meet my eyes. I nod and think about how Niall has been looking for him. Maybe I was a little harsh on the guy. No, he got what he deserved after what he did to-. Zayn don’t think about it. It will only make you mad and you can’t afford to get angry right now. Just take Giulia out to dinner tonight and try to have a fun night. Liam walks past me to his room. I turn back to Giulia and she still looks confused.


“I think we should just have dinner out tonight. I’ll explain it over dinner. How’s that sound, love?” I ask she smiles at me and nods walking back into my room. I follow her and see she is grabbing her coat. I reach for her hand and pull her out to the car.


“What happened to him? Why did he look so terrible?” Giulia asked, I sighed and shook my head gripping the wheel tightly.


“I don’t really know. Liam and I have never really gotten along well. The move really got to him I think. I don’t think he likes me either.” I admit keeping my eyes on the road. I hear a sigh come from her lips.


“How could anyone not like you? You are perfect.” She says I can tell she’s smiling from the sound of her voice. I chuckle and shake my head pulling into a Chinese restaurants parking lot. I hope she likes Chinese.


“I hope you don’t mind Chinese, I didn’t think to ask.” I blush jumping out of my car and running to her side to open the door. She blushed at the gesture and got out of the car.


“I love Chinese! It’s like you can read my mind Malik” She winked walking up to the front door. I laughed and followed her in wrapping my arm around her waist.


“I love Chinese too! I swear we have too much in common!” I joke kissing her neck as we walk inside. Maybe this night can be saved, I shouldn’t let stupid Liam and his problems ruin a perfectly good date with the girl of my dreams. I sat down with Giulia and looked over the menu, although I already know what I’ll be ordering. I come to this restaurant all the time, I think they know my order. How embarrassing.


“Do you know what you want? Everything looks so good!” She mused as she read over the menu. I bit my lip and nodded.


“Yes, I think I come here to much, I’m shocked they don’t know my order here yet. I tend to get the same thing each time I come here.” I admit slightly red in the face from embarrassment.


“Hello! Welcome to Panda Garden. May I take your order?” The waitress with extremely curly blonde hair asked glancing over at Giulia before she looked to me. I smiled and instantly recognized her as Cindy, she is my usual waitress.


“Um, yea… can I get an order of rice and chow mien please?” Giulia ordered I smiled as I waited for the waitress to turn to me.


“And I already know your order Zayn, I’ll be right out with your food shortly!” She grinned walking away and back to the kitchen.


“Looks like they do know your order babe” Giulia chuckled sipping on the glass of water on the table. I rolled my eyes and watched the beautiful girl in front of me, I am still amazed I found her. I don’t want to screw this up, I need to have her. She is like my anchor now, she is the reason I exist. I need to stop watching twilight….

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