Liam Payne had what seemed to be the perfect life. When his parents split up and he is forced to move away with his mom to London, he runs into people who surprise him. Meeting Niall Horan was the best thing that ever happened to him. He never thought he would fall in love with Niall, the deaf kid


24. The One That Got Away



Liam is BOLD

Niall is ITALLIC

-Niall’s POV-

My head was spinning, I could feel myself slowly slipping into a panic attack. I don’t know what to do in this kind of situation. I can’t save us! I can’t even move to get out of the car and run to help. Plus I have no idea where we are, Liam refused to tell me anything about where we were going until some lunatic ran us off the road. I couldn’t bring myself to turn and look at Liam. I need to find out if he is breathing though. I gulped and opened my eyes, Liam was still where I had last seen him. He looked slightly slumped over now, the glass was still stuck in his stomach. I winced at the sight of the gash on his forehead. I feel so bad for him. I bit my lip and reached over and grabbed his hand. My eyes stayed on his face as I felt his wrist for a pulse. I was about to squeeze his wrist when I felt his hand twitch in mine and his eyes fluttered open. He looked very confused and in pain. He was mumbling something but I couldn’t tell what he was saying. His lips were barely moving, I couldn’t read them. I need to tell him to sign to me. But his eyes were closed, I couldn’t sign him anything. I gulped and tried to find my voice that I haven’t heard in years.

“Liam, we need to call an ambulance.” I manage to say. I just hope I said it loud enough for him to hear me. His eyes opened again and he gave me a slanted smile. He looked really confused. He lifted his hand and pointed to something next to me. I turned to see his cellphone on the roof, well it’s the floor now since we’re upside down. His screen was cracked, I prayed that it was still able to work even though it looked broke. I stretched wincing at a new found pain in my shoulder I looked down to see blood all over my shoulder. I hadn’t even noticed it before. I stretched trying to ignore the shooting pains all over my body. I finally stretched enough to reach the shattered phone. I opened it up and looked up to Liam. His eyes were shut once again. I shifted and nudged him. He didn’t move, or open his eyes. I panicked again, he had passed out. What am I supposed to do? I can’t call anyone! My breathing got uneven as I was falling deeper into a panic attack. I took a deep breath as I tried to calm my breathing. I opened my eyes and looked down at the phone in my hand. I went into Liam’s contacts and went straight to the ‘L’s’ I clicked the name I had been looking for.

To: Louis Tomlinson (Boo Bear):

Louis, its Niall. There was an accident. We need help. Call the police!

I hit send, my hand shaking crazily from the panic coursing through my veins, and leaned back in my chair allowing myself to fall into the deep pit of panic that was already threatening to take over every inch of me. I closed my eyes and waited, I don’t know how long I have to wait, but I will wait. I was just hoping Louis called the police and they could find us and in time. Liam can’t die. I can die, but if Liam dies I could never live with myself knowing he was trying to save me and was killed trying to do so. I would kill myself if that happened. That’s how much I need him I really need Liam in my life.



-Zayn’s POV-

I watched as Liam left with Niall. They had to get out of here. Shortly after Liam woke me up Louis called me telling me he had news about Bobby Horan. He told me he had gone to their house and told them about how he was kidnapped and taken by his brother. I didn’t believe them at first, but they explained and for some reason I believed them. Louis told Liam to meet him at a cabin his mom had in the mountains around here. They were going to talk to Bobby and try to figure everything out. Liam left and I looked over to Karen. She still looked really shaken up. Giulia was asleep on the bed, I didn’t want to wake her. I know how tired she must be from driving all night.

“They are going to be okay” I soothe walking over to Karen and rubbing her back slowly. She looked up at me with a sad look. She nodded and looked back down, spacing out again.

“I think we should leave soon. But we have to-” I was cut off by the door crashing open. The door was broken from someone smashing into it. I looked up to see Michael standing in the doorway he looked pissed to. I jumped up unsure of what I was going to do to this evil man. He growled and looked over to the sleeping Giulia on the mattress beside me. Fear shot through me, I didn’t like the way he was looking at her. He looked back over at me and smiled a sickly smile. It made me feel sick to my stomach the way he was looking at me and Giulia. Before I knew it, he lunged forward and landed on the bed. Giulia awoke with a start, her eyes grew wide when she realized who was leering above her. I ran to her and pulled him off the bed, forcing him onto the floor with a groan. I jumped down and punched him square in the jaw. My hand ached from the punch but I ignored it. I punched him again and again, until I felt his nose break from the amount of punches to it. I smirked down at the bleeding man below me. He looked confused and slightly dazed. I got up and kicked him in the side of the stomach forcing him to let out a groan. I turned to see Karen standing over him tears in her eyes. She was so scared, the poor woman. I hugged her and led her back to the chair. When I turned back around Michael had gotten up and had a gun pointed right at me. Not this again. He grinned and walked past me, keeping the gun pointed at me. He grabbed Karen off the chair and pulled her closer to his chest. He pointed the end of his gun to the side of her head. I watched as her eyes bulged out of her head. She was visibly trembling in his arms. I gasped. How am I supposed to help her!? She’s my mom now, not just Liam’s. I can’t allow her to get hurt, I surely don’t want to see that either. He crushed the barrel into her head and snarled at me.

“Come any closer and she gets a head full of lead you hear me?” He threated. I lifted my hands in the air and backed up. I know I shouldn’t surrender, but what else am I supposed to do? I can’t let her get shot. I have to do whatever I can to help my step mom.

“Please, don’t shoot. I’ll do anything.” I beg watching my step mom’s sad expression. She looks so helpless in his arms. He grins back and me.

“Take me to where Niall is. I know Liam took that fag somewhere. I watched them walk out of the room” He snaps. I shake my head back and forth. I don’t know what to do, if I take him to where they are, he will no doubt kill Niall and Liam. But if I don’t he is going to kill Karen. I am stuck. I bite my bottom lip, watching as Michael crams the gun closer to her head. He brings his finger up and releases the safety on the gun. I cringe at the click the gun makes from the safety being release.

“Come on boy! Take me there or she dies!” He shouts growling at me. I jump and try to think of a way out of this. I have nothing. I look back up and my thoughts get cut off by a small voice.

“Room Service!” A short lady in a maids outfit says from the doorway. It causes Michael to jump. It all happened in a matter of seconds. The loud bang echoed throughout the room. Making the room feel cold and eerie. I watched as Karen’s lifeless body fell to the floor in a small heap. My heart felt like it was ripped out of my chest. Michael panicked he ran out the door.

“You saw nothing!” He shouts shoving the gun into the maids face. She gasped and backed up into the wall with wide eyes. Her hands and back pressed into the wall. Her eyes never left the gun in the killer’s hand.

“I-I saw Nothing!” She repeated her voice cracking. He nodded and ran down the hall. I fell to the floor tears rushing down my cheeks at the woman in front of me. I always liked Karen, she acted more like a mom than my real mother ever did. I pulled her up in my arms and let out a loud sob and cried into her body. Blood was pouring from her, I wiped away a tear and hugged her close, and not even caring I was getting blood all over my shirt.

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