Liam Payne had what seemed to be the perfect life. When his parents split up and he is forced to move away with his mom to London, he runs into people who surprise him. Meeting Niall Horan was the best thing that ever happened to him. He never thought he would fall in love with Niall, the deaf kid


26. SOS



Liam is BOLD

Niall is ITALLIC

-Liam’s POV-

Where am I? My head really hurts, every time I move my eyebrows my forehead burns with pain. I flinched as something made of a rough material grazed over the sore part of my head. I tried to bring my hand up to touch the spot, but my hand was tugged down. I tried to move my arms, they were tied to something. I couldn’t get up. I had to be tied to a chair. Suddenly all my senses kicked in, I could feel a piece of duct tape over my mouth keeping me from speaking or screaming. I was sitting down and my legs were tied to the hard chair beneath me. I jerked my body and felt the chair tilt slightly. I tried opening my eyes, then realized they were already open. Something was covering my eyes, it felt like a piece of rough cloth. I tried shaking it off but I could feel the knot in the back of my head. I groaned into the duct tape, my sound being muffled. I sighed but then heard the sound of a door being shoved open. It sounded big, maybe metal. I looked up trying to find where the sound was coming from. I couldn’t pin point where exactly the noise was, but I didn’t have to wait long to find out what was happening. After a couple seconds a loud booming laugh echoed throughout the room. I shivered at the noise. That laugh was so familiar, it caused every bone in my body to ache and wish to be anywhere but here. My mind was racing, then it stopped once a blonde boy popped into my mind. I could see his icy blue eyes, almost like they were right in front of me. It made my heart throb and ache, where is he? Where is my Niall? The laughter seemed to be getting louder, like the man who was behind this maniacal laugh was walking closer to me. Everything about this laugh made me want to run and hide. I didn’t want to be within 100 feet of this man. This mad man who is not Niall’s father, this man is his uncle. How could his uncle want to hurt Niall, how could ANYONE want to hurt Niall? He is too cute and cuddly to want to hurt! I leaned back into the chair trying to distance myself from the laughter in front of me. Well I think it’s in front of me.

“I told you I would get him” The voice of Michael Horan rang in my ear. I jumped at the sudden closeness, I had no idea he was right beside me. He laughed again, probably happy at making me jump. He seems to get a thrill with scaring the crap out of me. I gulped, he has Niall. I know he does. He has him, and can do anything he wants to Niall. I don’t know where he has him, but he better be safe, he better be okay. I don’t want to even think about my little leprechaun getting hurt. He has to be alright. He just has to be.

“You see dear Liam, I need your fag of a boyfriend for one thing. I need his fingerprint. Now I could just force him to go to the bank with me. But that would be way too easy.” He says. I feel a hand touch my face, I flinch away. He obviously didn’t like the way I jumped from his touch, because I felt a stinging as the palm of his hand slapped against the side of my cheek. I cried out, it being muffled by the duct tape. He laughed at the pain he caused me, making me shiver. I hate this man’s laugh. He pulled off my blind fold, my eyes adjusted to the dimly lit room. I couldn’t tell where we were, it looked like I was in a basement though. There were no windows and only one door. The door was big and heavy. It was metal. I looked up and Michael was glaring at me with an evil grin plastered onto his ugly lips. I glared back, only to wince at the pain on my forehead.

“As I was saying, I could just take the prick down to the bank and force him to open the account, but that would be too easy, after the chase you dicks forced me to run on I think you deserve to suffer. So I’m going to bring Niall in here and you get to observe me taking his fingerprints from him. And I’m not just making a copy of them, no. I am taking them clean off him. With this.” He says pulling out a long sharp knife. My eyes grew wide. I thrashed around trying to get free from the restraints on my arms and legs. I was screaming into the tape trying to stop him. He just kept laughing while he held the knife into my face menacingly. He grinned evilly before turning around and walking out of the room. I thrashed around trying to get out of the restraints but it was no use, I was tied down. I felt tears brimming in my eyes. He was going to hurt Niall, he was going to cut off his fingers for god sake! I can’t even do anything to protect him! The tears were beginning to pour down my face as I sat there waiting to either hear a scream or have him here in front of me. I looked down closing my eyes trying to imagine Niall, his perfect face, his gorgeous blue eyes. I looked up when I heard footsteps coming towards the door. My eyes were blurry as the door was pushed open. Michael walked in Niall in his arms. Niall had cuts all over his arms, dry blood on the blue zip up jacket he was wearing. He looked like he was stabbed in the upper shoulder. The picture of Niall in front of me was haunting. Michael threw him down in front of me, Niall falling on his face. When Niall looked up, he had blood on his chin from scraping it on the floor. I tried to speak and shout at Michael to stop but this stupid duct tape was in the way! Michael grabbed Niall by the hair pulling him up, he drug him over to a small table he had placed somewhere in the back of the room. He drug the table in front of where he had me tied up. He placed Niall in front of it forcing him down onto his knees. Niall was trying to hide the tears that I could see were in his eyes as Michael dug his heel of his shoe into Niall’s back. I sat there wishing I could jump up and punch Michael in the face. I can’t watch this, I don’t want to see my Niall get hurt, especially because I can’t prevent any of this from happening.

“You ready to watch your fag of a boyfriend loose his finger?” Michael sneers at me. I shake my head, tears pouring down my cheeks. I just want all of this to go away. Michael laughed his stupid laugh and reached back into his back pocket, pulling out his large knife. He placed it in front of Niall. Niall’s eyes grew wide at the sight of the knife laid out in front of him. Niall looked up at me, fear in his eyes. Michael grabbed Niall’s left hand, knowing he is left handed and placed it flat on the table. Niall tried to fight back and clench his fists, but Michael jammed his heel deeper into Niall’s back forcing a whimper from Niall’s lips. I shut my eyes shaking my head, trying to shake the scene that was playing out in front of me away.

“Open your eyes! I want you to see this!” Michael snapped, I obeyed not wanting Niall to get hurt any more than I know he was going to. Michael grinned and picked up his knife. He gripped the handle and slowly brought it down towards Niall’s small pale hand. I whimpered into the tape, tears blurring my vision. Michael placed the knife on Niall’s finger a scarlet line forming as he sliced the skin. He was about to push down when the door was slammed open. Causing all of us to jump at the sudden bang.

“Freeze! Michael Horan you are under arrest for murder and kidnapping.” A deep unfamiliar voice boomed. I looked towards the door to see about 10 police men standing in the doorway. Michael released Niall and looked around like he was trying to find an escape. The police swarmed pushing Michael down onto the floor and pinning him down. I watched as they cuffed him roughly and pulled him up. Another officer went behind me and cut the ropes that were tying me to the chair.  I was released, I jumped up and ran to Niall who was still on his knees. He looked so scared, I wrapped my arms around the scared boy pulling him close. I kissed the top of his head rocking him back and forth. I pulled back and forced him to watch me.

I am so sorry Niall. We are safe now. I promise” I said before pulling him back into a bone crushing hug. I was tapped on the shoulder, I turned around to see a woman with a large first aid kit. She nodded to Niall, I got up and allowed her to take care of his injuries.

“Li!!” A familiar voice shouted from the doorway. I turned to see Harry, Louis, Zayn, Giulia, and some guy who looked almost identical to Michael. I’m going to take a wild guess and say that that’s the real Bobby Horan.

“Louis! Where’s my mom?” I ask looking around them for her. All their faces fell, I hadn’t noticed Zayn’s tear stained face. My heart dropped, I felt like someone just punched me in the face. She can’t be. She can’t be gone, I know who had to be behind it. The police told him he is under arrest for murder, I didn’t know it was for my mom though. That’s the last thing I wanted. I fell to the ground in sobs. I don’t know how long I laid there just sobbing, finally I felt a light arm wrap around me and pull me into his chest. I inhaled the loving scent of Niall. I cried into his shoulder. I cried until the police told us we had to leave, Harry drove us all back to their house. I curled up into a ball and cried, Niall held me the entire time.


I woke up in a bed, Niall was still holding me. I turned around and watched the blonde boy sleep. I drew small circles into his side just basking in his beauty. I still felt so hollow knowing my mom was gone, the only thought that kept me from bursting into tears was I had my Niall now. Niall’s eyes fluttered before opening. He smiled at me as I watched his wake up, he is so adorable when he is half asleep. A realization fell over me, I want to be able to wake up next him every morning. He yawned and smiled, I leaned over and placed a loving kiss on his lips. He blushed as I pulled away. He is so cute.

Good morning” He said as he pulled back slightly. I grinned and sat up. I looked around and discovered I was in Harry’s apartment. I got up out of bed and wandered into the living room. My eyes grew wide when I discovered both Louis and Harry were in tux’s why are they so dressed up?

“Um? What’s happening?” I asked still half asleep.

“Yay! You’re up Li! We need you to be the witness! The minister will be here in 10 minutes!” Louis grinned at me. I furrowed my eyebrows what the hell’s happening.

“We are getting married, and we need you to witnessed” Harry explained. My eyes grew wide and I nodded. I was too tired to ask how they managed this. I sat on the couch and waited for the minister to arrive. When he finally did, the wedding was adorable! A small one, and a little weird being in the middle of their living room but who cares. They looked so in love, it made me think of Niall who was still sleeping I’m assuming. After the wedding Louis and Harry went to get ice cream, they asked if I wanted to go but I declined. I walked back into the bedroom to find Niall looking through my phone. I walked over to him and glanced at what he was doing, he was on some website that had the news on Michael. I wrapped my arm around him and hugged him tightly.

I promise he will never get you. He will never come back” I said. He nodded and placed the phone on the bed. He wrapped his arms around my neck and pushed me onto the bed straddling my hips. I smirked up at him. Niall’s getting cheeky with me now.

Liam…. Will you be my boyfriend?” He asks. His expression displays how nervous of a question that was for him. I grinned and pulled him down into a deep kiss.

Yes!” I said after a much heated kiss. We spent the rest of the day cuddling and kissing. I didn’t want to take this to fast with Niall, I don’t want to ruin it. I want everything to be perfect with Niall. That’s why I didn’t try anything with him. I want to wait and make it perfect.

[A/N so I think this book is almost over. Maybe 1 more chapter then the epilogue. How many people want a sequel? Also! I am starting a One-Shot Collection. If you want to be in it comment your name, the boy you wish to be with, and if you want the boys in the band or not :) thanks for reading and comments 15 comments for the next chapter! ]

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