Liam Payne had what seemed to be the perfect life. When his parents split up and he is forced to move away with his mom to London, he runs into people who surprise him. Meeting Niall Horan was the best thing that ever happened to him. He never thought he would fall in love with Niall, the deaf kid


23. Rolling in the Deep



Liam is BOLD

Niall is ITALLIC

-Louis POV-

 “Bobby Horan.”

I thought this man looked really familiar. It was him! He had the exact face that I had seen with Niall. He was Bobby Horan. But he seemed different. He was thinner and had slightly darker hair. Maybe I was just imagining it. I have never really gotten a good look at Bobby before now so for all I know this is really him. I gripped the door and was ready to slam it in his face. He looked at me, his eyes were the same color as Niall’s. I could see Niall in his face, it was a little scary.

“Get away from here! You are trying to kill my friend! Leave!” I shout throwing the door to slam it, Harry’s arm caught it though. I looked up at him in disbelief. What is he doing!? This is Bobby Horan! The man who is trying to kill our friend’s boyfriend, well I don’t know if they are together but they should be! I really need to talk to Liam about growing a pair and asking the boy out. They are so cute together. Ugh focus Louis! This isn’t the time to think of ways to get your friends together, no matter how adorable they would look together. I watched as Harry’s jaw tightened when he looked at Bobby.

“Why are you here? You don’t need us to hurt Niall.” Harry asks his voice coated in hate. Bobby watched Harry then turned to me. He eyed us both before letting out a large sigh.

“That man who you believe to be Bobby Horan, isn’t him. That’s my twin brother. Michael Horan. He has problems. He kidnapped me shortly after he found out I have a large sum of money that I inherited from our great grandfather. Can I come in? I think I need to explain all of this to you.” I was still trying to process everything he had just said. Harry nodded slowly moving his arm and opening the door again. I felt Harrys arm snake around my waist and pull me close in a protective manor. I don’t think Harry believes him yet, I don’t blame him. I don’t trust him at all. We walked him into the living room and Harry and I sat on the armchair together. The man who says he’s Bobby Horan sat on the couch across from us.

“Why should we believe you?” I ask giving him a skeptical look. Harry grips my hand tightly rubbing tiny circles on the top of it. I leaned my back into his chest as he hugged me. This Bobby guy is giving me the creeps right now.

“I don’t have any proof, but I want to help you. I know where I can get Niall help, I need to get Michael caught and behind bars. He isn’t mentally stable. He used to be in a mental asylum, but he was released. They thought he was better, but the second he found out our grandfather died and left me everything. Our grandfather used to own a gas company, now I own it. Well, I did before I was kidnapped. Niall is next in line for the fortune, which is about 4 billion dollars. He took me and thought he could pretend to be me until he got the money. What he didn’t know was I put a lock on the money, it could only be released to Niall. Niall doesn’t know about any of the money. He doesn’t even know me, I was taken when he was very young. He was 6. My wife, I don’t know if she figured it out. I don’t really know anything. I just escaped myself.” He says looking down at the floor. My head was spinning. Part of me told me to believe him and get his help, but another part of me wanted to tell him to leave and never come back. Harry cleared his throat before he spoke.

“How did you escape?” He asks in his gravelly voice. That’s a good question, maybe we will find a lie in his story. I still don’t trust him, I don’t really like that he’s in my house though. My mom should be home in a few hours. Unless she went on a work trip… did she? Crap! I can’t remember what she told me this morning. I was too wrapped up in the fact Harry was spending the night. I mentally slapped myself for being so stupid then tried to focus back on the man in question.

“He had a guard watching me in the basement of his house. He didn’t know that over the years I have been talking to the guard and making friends with him. He didn’t like his job, Michael was always terrible to him. He helped me escape yesterday when he found out my son was in danger of Michael. I went to Maura’s house, but she wasn’t there. I found Niall’s phone and found your name. I looked you up and met your friend Stan. He needed someone to deliver something to you so I volunteered. Now I am here.” He says. He doesn’t even flinch. Everything comes out so smoothly, I almost want to believe him.

“I believe you.” Harry said softly. I jumped and looked up at him in shock. My mouth was wide open and my eyes looked like they were going to pop out of my head. I don’t care though how could he trust this loser! He could be Bobby Horan! The man who is trying to kill Niall! Our friend? Yeah this is insane!

“Harry!” I gasped. He grabbed my hand and pulled me back down onto his lap, hugging me around the waist. He kissed the top of my head and shushed me.

“Lou, he’s not lying. I can just tell. You have to trust me on this okay Love?” He says softly into my ear. I sigh and nod, turning back to Bobby who is watching us with hopeful eyes.

“Fine. How do you want to help us?” I ask. A large smile spreads across his face.

-Niall’s POV-

I woke up to find Liam looking scared and pissed. No one had even noticed I was awake. I was slightly shaken from the dream I had just had, but I pushed it to the back of my mind. I watched as Liam spoke to Zayn who looked half asleep. He must have just woke up. But why is Zayn here? I thought he left before I passed out. Speaking of, Where am I? I don’t recognize this place at all. How long have I been out? I looked around the room, it was obvious it was a hotel room because everything was crammed together into such a small room. I was in a bed, a girl was sleeping in the bed next to mine. Liam turned and noticed I was awake. He jumped slightly and rushed over to me. His eyes told me he was worried and scared. But why? What’s going on? I am so confused!

Niall? Are you alright? Does anything hurt?” He asks in a rushed manor. I looked down at my arm that was now wrapped in some white gauze. I ran my hand over it wincing at the pain, it throbbed slightly. I looked back up to see Liam’s large brown eyes had tears in them. My heart broke, why was he crying?

My arm hurts a little. But that’s all. Why are you crying?” I ask bringing my hand up to his face and whipping some stray tears with the pad of my thumb. I felt him lean into my touch, sending butterflies flying everywhere in my stomach.

I thought I had lost you.” He said his face looking so broken I nearly burst into tears. I didn’t think about my actions. I quickly wrapped my arms around his neck pulling him close to me and hugging him tightly. At first Liam is shocked and stiffens in my arms. But after a second he relaxes and wraps his arms tightly around me hugging me back with just as much force. My arm is starting to hurt from the tightness of the hug, but I ignored it too caught up in the bliss of the tingles and butterflies exploding in my body. I pulled back after a minute of the hug and so did he. He smiled and looked at my lips, almost as if he was asking if it was alright. I smiled and gave a small nod. He leaned in and pressed his perfect lips to mine. Sparks exploded, he only pecked my lips but I was still left breathless and dizzy. Liam smiled at me leaning his head on my forehead. He pulled away and turned, I think someone was talking to him. When he looked back he had a worried expression.

We need to go. Bobby found us.” He said sitting up and watching me. I stayed sitting on the bed, why is Bobby after me? I don’t understand why he wants me. I would think he’d be happy to have me out of his hair!

Why is he after me?” I asked, my eyebrows furrowing in confusion. Liam shook his head an shrugged. He reached out to help me up. I got up and nearly fell over, my head was spinning. It hurt to stand. Liam grabbed me with his strong arms. I leaned on him, slightly embarrassed I had to put all my weight on him. He didn’t look to be struggling though. He picked me up bridal style, almost scaring me. He nodded to Zayn who threw him keys that landed on my stomach. He smiled and spoke, but I couldn’t catch what he had said. He turned and walked us out of the room and down to the lobby. He didn’t sign us out, just walked out of the hotel and to a black SUV. I looked up to question Liam but he was busy looking around. He looked nervous and like he thought someone was watching us. He opened the car door and placed me in the passanger seat. He ran around the car as I buckled up.

Can you please tell me what’s going on?” I ask once Liam looks over at me to see if I was buckled. Liam looked down, almost like he was hesitant to tell me anything.

I have to take you to a safe place, Louis called. He knows what’s going on. We are meeting them somewhere for them to explain and help us.” Liam answers before throwing the car in drive and rushing out of the parking lot of the hotel. We drove onto a two way highway, we seemed to be going into the mountains. I couldn’t figure out where we were going. I looked over and Liam looked over at me too. He smiled, A car behind us went around us on the other side of the street. I thought he was going to pass us, but they didn’t go faster than us. They stayed the same speed as us. Liam looked over and I saw his jaw drop. I focused my attention back onto the car. The car next to us was driving over the divider line and coming right into the side of our car. Liam slammed on the breaks trying to avoid the crash. We spun out the car spinning in a full circle. The car that had been next to us had stopped and turned around and was coming right at us. Our SUV was stopped right on the edge of the road. The drop had to be at least 200 feet. Trees and rocks were all I could see since it was dark and there weren’t many street lights on this small road. Liam turn to me wrapping his arms around me almost like a shield. Everything happened so fast. I felt the car connect with the side of ours sending us over the edge of the cliff. We tumbled rolling over and over. My head hit the top of the car, glass shattered and cut my face and arms that weren’t covered in gauze. I don’t know how long we were rolling, but it felt like forever. Once we finally stopped, our car was turned over on the roof I was upside down. I turned to see Liam. He had a large cut across the top of his head and it was bleeding rapidly. He had bruises all over the rest of his body. I looked down, a shard of glass was lodged into his stomach. I felt the tears spring up to my eyes. How was I supposed to save us? I’m deaf I can’t call anyone on the phone! Panic took over. I couldn’t think straight. I just sat there watching Liam as he bled. I couldn’t think of what to do. I shut my eyes hoping everything would go away and this was just another bad dream.

[A/N I know Bobby Horan doesn't have a brother named Michael but this is FICTION so I created him don't hate :) hope you liked the update! thanks for all the comments I love you all! ]

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