Liam Payne had what seemed to be the perfect life. When his parents split up and he is forced to move away with his mom to London, he runs into people who surprise him. Meeting Niall Horan was the best thing that ever happened to him. He never thought he would fall in love with Niall, the deaf kid


6. Party At A Rich Dudes House


Liam is BOLD

Niall is ITALICS



-Liam’s POV-


It’s been a week since Niall has even shown up at school. I have gone to all my classes now, and he is not showing up. He hasn’t been to music at all this week, since I helped him in the hall. I’m starting to get worried about him. I know I just met him, and this is crazy, but I feel like I have known him my whole life. I feel this need to protect him from whatever is thrown at him. I feel like I am supposed to be the one to take a bullet for him if he needs me to. At the moment I am walking to my locker, the bell just rang and I finally get to go home. It’s Friday and we don’t have school next week due to Christmas break. If we are lucky it will start snowing this week and they will let us have off a second week. I am keeping my fingers crossed. I got to my locker and opened it, I looked around for Louis or Harry. They came walking up to me hand in hand. I guess they worked out their little problems. They weren’t talking last time I checked. I was happy to see they had worked everything out. I smiled at them as Louis opened up their locker.


“Hey Lou, Haz” I greet giving them each a big smile. I am just so happy it’s finally Friday. They both smile at me and look at each other.


“Hey, are you going to Sarah and Zayn’s party tonight?” Louis asks shoving all of his books in his locker. Zayn and Sarah are throwing a party? That’s nice, I really don’t like parties, they always end badly anyways.


“No, I wasn’t invited” I state trying to fit my geometry book in my already full locker. Harry grabs the book and shoves it into Louis and his locker. I shrug and lock my locker.


“Well take this as me inviting you!” A high girl voice shouts from behind me. I turn to see Sarah standing behind me holding her binder against her chest smiling. I smile back at her, I really don’t want to go. Ugh.


“Thank you Sarah, but my mom really needs me home tonight” I say pulling out my phone. I had felt it vibrate after Sarah invited me. Louis snatched it out of my hand before I could even react. He unlocked it, somehow knowing my password, and grinned at whatever the text was.


“No she doesn’t. She just texted you saying she is going out of town this whole week.” He says sounding way to happy. I sigh and grab my phone back. I glance at the text and see he is telling the truth.


“Well, it looks like I have nothing to do anymore, I guess I will go” I say trying to get the happiness that was just with me back. I really didn’t want to go, I wanted to go home and chat with Nathan. We have been chatting nonstop, the other night we talked until 4 AM. That wasn’t the best idea, but it was worth it. I really like how I can tell him anything and he doesn’t judge me. He has helped me with a lot of my problems actually. He is trying to help me with my sexuality right now. He told me I should try kissing a boy, it would help me decide. I tried to laugh it off, but I couldn’t get the image of me kissing Niall out of my head. That’s bad isn’t it?


I walked into my house after the short drive home from school. I had somehow convinced Louis and Harry to let me come home before the party. The party didn’t even start until 10 tonight. They had tried to get me to go over to Louis to get ready, but I weezled my way out of that. Thank the lord. I walked into my room and noticed my computer was still on, shit did I forget to turn it off last night? I shrugged and set my bag on my desk.




My computer sang to me. My head snapped up and faced the computer, that noise means I have a message from someone. I walked over to the machine and shook the mouse waking up the screen. It had a small box in the center of the screen with Nathans name blinking.


HearingClovers16: Hey Li!




BatLeeyum741: Hey! What brings you online so early Nate?


HearingClovers16: I’ve been home sick this week, so I haven’t been anywhere but at home.




BatLeeyum741: Oh, I’m sorry. I just got home, I got invited to a party…


HearingClovers16: that sounds like fun! Are you going to go?




BatLeeyum741: I don’t really have a choice, my friends are forcing me. I don’t really like parties, they always end badly for me.


HearingClovers16: I’m Sorry, I love parties… but I never get invited to any…






What does he mean he never gets invited to any? He seems like such a nice person! If I knew where he lived I would totally invite him! I really should find out more about this guy…




BatLeeyum741: That’s terrible! Why wouldn’t anyone invite you? You seem like a fun guy to go to a party with!


HearingClovers16: Most people don’t think of me that way. I don’t really have very many friends. None actually, it’s probably because I don’t try to talk to people. I guess I’m just scared they are all going to hurt me…








I felt my heart break. How could anyone think that way? How could anymore be hurt so badly they think a friend would do that to them?




BatLeeyum741: If anyone did that, then they weren’t a friend to begin with. I would never do that to you. You can think of me as a friend : )


HearingClovers16: Thanks Li, my mom is taking me to the doctor tonight I’ll message you later. Have fun at the party, thanks for making my mood better, you always help me when I’m feeling down : )




BatLeeyum741: No problem! I won’t have that much fun, I don’t really know anyone at the party besides my friends Louis and Harry.




HearingClovers16: Well, have fun with the curly haired freak! Bye!




I laughed at his last message then almost fell out of my chair. How did he know Harry had curly hair? I have never told him anything about Louis or Harry until right now. I haven’t even mentioned them by their names yet. I have only referred to them as my only friends at my new school…


-Niall’s POV- (A/N If you haven’t realized, all of Niall’s point of views are going to be flash backs unless stated otherwise Thank you love yaaaaa ~Savannah)


My ears have been throbbing all day, my mom told me I had to sleep and keep a cold cloth on my forehead. I have a fever of 104 and my father won’t let me go to the doctor again. He says it’s a waste of money. I lay in bed trying to sleep, that has proven difficult by the loud screaming coming from the other room. My door is closed, but I can hear them arguing. They are fighting over me too. Sometimes I just wish I could die, then they could be happy. They wouldn’t have to fight, they wouldn’t have to argue about money and how much of a disgrace to the family I am. I turned over and groaned at the shooting pain in my ears. I whimpered and the shouting outside of my door stopped. I froze and tried to stay as quiet as I could, I could hear a faint ringing in my ears. I was beginning to get used to the noise, it has been there for the last three days. I don’t think that’s good. I bite my lip praying he doesn’t open my door, I hate when he punishes me. I should know better than to make any noise, father doesn’t like noise. I hear someone grab my door knob and turn it roughly. I shake and bite my lip harder. Please be my mom, please be my mom!




“Boy, what are you doing in here?” Father shouts through the doorway. I turn to look at him in the doorway and try to contain the shivers running through my body.




“Yes, Sir. Sorry, Sir” I say trying to keep my voice even. He doesn’t like it when I sound weak. He punishes me when I sound childish and weak.




“That’s what I thought. Now get up. We need you out here.” He states slamming the door as he left. I let out a big sigh and slowly pulled myself up. A shooting pain ripped through my right ear almost causing me to shout in pain. I muffled the shout by biting my lip. I walked out of my room to the front room. My father was sitting on the couch with a beer in his left hand watching the soccer game on TV. He looked up from the TV to me and a grin stretched over his face, his bright yellow teeth beamed at me. I winced at the sight of him, everything about him frightened me. But I can’t let him know that.




“Come here boy” He says motioning for me to come and sit next to him. I nod and walk quickly to the spot next to him on our couch. I look around hoping to see mom somewhere, but I don’t see her.




“I could really use some care Niall. If you know what I mean.” He says looking from me to the small bulge in his jeans. I look down and gulp, I hate when he does this. I bite my lip and look up at him with an expression of pain and worry. His smirk turns into a grimace.




“You better do as I say boy!” He snaps bringing his hand up and slapping me on the face. I take a quick intake of breath and hold the now swollen spot on my cheek with my hand. I look up at him with watery eyes. He has a new smirk on his mouth, he has a plan.




“Aw, is Niall going to cry? Is he going to cry like a baby because he got a little smack? Yes, Niall show me how weak you are. You will never have any friends, you’re a freak Niall. No one will ever love you. This is all you will ever amount to. You have gross brown hair and ugly teeth. No one will ever, ever care enough to even give you the time of day. Now get to work Boy!” He demands. I feel my eyes watering more, I try to hold back the tears. I can’t. I let them fall instantly regretting it. My father brings his hand up, and bunches it into a fist. It collides with the side of my face. I feel the ringing in my right ear worsening. I he brings up his hand once again and hits me in the same spot, then hits the other side of my head. The ringing is becoming louder, almost unbearable. He hits me repeatedly, I feel myself going in and out of consciousness. I see black spots in my vision, then everything goes black. I fall into the abyss of nothingness.




-Liam’s POV-


“Come on Liam!” Harry shouts from outside of my house, honking the horn of his car. I look out the window and see Louis and Harry both sticking their heads out of the car window. I grab my phone and check the new IM app I got. I hadn’t realized I could get the app on my phone until now. I feel like such a retard.  I walked out of the door and walked quickly to Harry’s running car.


“Took you long enough!” Louis gasps pulling me into the car, if I hadn’t have opened the door, he probably would have pulled me through the window. This boy really needs to calm down, we aren’t late.


“Sorry, I couldn’t decide what to do with my hair!” I say, I suddenly feel really gay. Louis looks from Harry to me and Harry does the same. They both have a smirk on their faces, I raise an eyebrow and look from Louis to Harry.


“Babe, I think we need to make a quick stop before the party” Louis grins. Harry nods and pulls out of the driveway. I feel like I should jump out of the car, that grin Louis had on his face is scaring me…


“Where are we-”




“Shut up! I am thinking, we will tell you when we get there.” Louis says turning around and smirking at me. I bite my lip and look out the window, we seem to be going back to Louis house. I really hope that’s where we are going.


“Alright we’re here!” Louis cheers. I look out the window and we are pulled up to a shady looking hair salon. I look around and get the feeling I could be shot at any second. I slowly get out of the car and follow Louis and Harry into the salon. What on earth are we doing here? I look at the door, it looks as if there are bullet holes in the door… what the hell…


“Louis, why are we here?” I ask he grabs my hand and tugs me into the small place. He turns back and motions for me to sit down. He walks over to a short ginger man sitting on a stool. He started talking and laughing with him as if they were good friends.


“Alright, send him over!” The ginger boy says walking to the back of the salon. I give Louis a scared and questioning look. He laughs and walks back over to me and grabs my hand.


“Come on Li. He is going to help you!” He says pulling me to the back, I turn around looking for Harry to help me. He was smiling at me and waving. Thanks Harry. Thanks. Louis pulls me to a chair where the ginger is standing with gel and hairspray in his hand. Oh, he’s going to do my hair? Why? I think my hair looks fine… I mean yeah it falls to the side, and it a little long, but I like it… I think it suites me…


“Liam this is Ed, Ed this is Liam. I need you to make him look sexy! He needs to find the one tonight!” Louis says winking at me. I gulp and look in the mirror up at Ed. He looks as if he is thinking hard about what he needs to do. I bite my lip and close my eyes.


“I got it. Louis go away so I can work in piece.” Ed demands. I keep my eyes shut and feel him working on my hair. I hear the cutting noise of scissors. Well I guess I needed a haircut… Why do I trust Louis? I sit there in the chair with my eyes closed thinking of ways to get Louis back for this. If my hair turns out like shit he is dead. I feel something slick touching my head, what is he putting in my hair? I know I should open my eyes and see, but I am scared to know what is happening.


“Alright Liam, open up and tell me what you think” Ed says. I open one eye and then the other. My hair was styled into a perfect quiff. It looked amazing, I had no idea my hair could even do this…


“It’s amazing! Thank you Ed!” I cheer smiling at him. He smiles back and nods towards where Louis and Harry are sitting. They both look up and their jaws drop. I smile at them and walk over to them. They get up and Louis goes over to Ed.


“Thanks Ed! We owe you one!” He says smacking him on the back in a friendly manor. We walk out of the salon and get back into the car. We pull out of the shop and head to Zayn’s Party. We get there fairly quickly, Louis jumps out and walks with Harry into the house. I follow behind them feeling slightly out of place. We walk inside and I instantly get hit with the stench of alcohol and drugs of all kinds. I seriously don’t belong here… I go and sit on the couch trying to stay out of the way, I have to stay until Louis and Harry are ready to go. I sit on the couch for a few minutes watching as people dance and make out right in front of me. I hear Sarah laughing then someone tapping my shoulder.


“Liam you have to come see this. Some deaf kid got stuck in a tree out front. It’s fucking hilarious!” She said slurring over some of her words. My eyes widened. A deaf kid?

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