Liam Payne had what seemed to be the perfect life. When his parents split up and he is forced to move away with his mom to London, he runs into people who surprise him. Meeting Niall Horan was the best thing that ever happened to him. He never thought he would fall in love with Niall, the deaf kid


8. Pain





Liam is BOLD


Niall is ITALLIC



-Harry’s POV-


“Babe come on!” I press pulling Louis into a tight hug. Ever since last week when we had our fight he hasn’t been the same. He and I have fought in the past, but it has never been like this one. I don’t really want to think about the fight though, it just puts me in a bad mood.


“Harry no. Not tonight, I don’t feel good after the party. I think I really hurt Liam’s feelings.” He says pulling out of my hug and walking into his room, sitting on his bed. I follow him and sit next to him, I don’t know what to do. He has been acting so distant lately. He looks down at his feet and lets out a big sigh, I get this feeling he is going to be telling me something bad. I don’t know if I want to hear it.


“What’s wrong Lou…?” I ask hesitantly, I watch his facial expression change from sad to pain. I cringe at the thought of him giving me bad news. His face changes as he takes a deep breath. I can’t tell what he is going to tell me, his expression has gone blank. It’s never good when his face goes blank, it means anything could happen. And it usually isn’t anything good to happen, it almost always ends badly for the other person. So me…


“I just feel really bad. I feel like I really hurt Liam. I can see the way he looks at Niall, he likes him I know he does. Harry you have to help me get them together, I can see the way they look at each other. Niall is very delicate, I know he has a lot of issues, but I can see he likes Liam a lot and I know Liam says he’s straight, but I can see he likes Niall a lot too.” Louis says grabbing my hands and looking me right it the eyes. I was shocked at what he told me, I was expecting something completely different, I wasn’t expecting it to be about Niall and Liam. I thought it was going to be about him and I.


“Of course baby, but we can’t rush them. We have to give them time to figure it out for themselves. Especially Liam, he doesn’t even know if he is gay yet. Once he figures it out we can step in. Just give him time.” I say pulling my hands away from his and wrapping him in a tight hug. I need him to know how much I care about him, these last few days I don’t know if he knows I love him.


“Let’s get some sleep Boo. Then in the morning we can talk about how we are going to get the two love birds together.” I say pulling back and giving him a quick peck on the lips. Louis nods and stands up and walks to his dresser. He pulls out some plaid pajama bottoms. He pulls off his shirt and jeans. I eye his arse, god he has a nice ass. He pulls on the bottoms and turns around and smirks at me.


“Were you eyeing my ass?” He says with a smirk. I blush and look down at the floor. I nod my head and hear him chuckle. Sometimes this boy is so cheeky, and I thought I was the cheeky one!


“I know I have a nice butt Haz, but control yourself it’s all yours” He jokes. I look up and roll my eyes at him. He walks over to his bed, he is purposely shaking his ass more than usual, and slowly crawls under the covers. I watch as he pulls the covers up over his face to hide his face, I smile at him and pull off my shirt and jeans. Louis is used to me sleeping in my boxers when I come over. I turn off the light on the night stand by his bed then I slip under the covers and wrap my arms around his waist. I feel him shiver from my touch. I smirk and kiss his shoulder, he giggles and pulls the covers off his face. I smile down at him and bring my lips to his. Louis wraps his arms around my neck and pulls me closer. I deepen the kiss and feel Louis press himself against me. I run my tongue across his bottom lip asking for entrance, I feel him smirk against the kiss. He keeps his lips closed, denying me entrance. I roughly buck my hips into his, causing him to moan softly. I take this chance to force my tongue into his mouth. We battle for dominance for a few minutes until Louis gives up and lets me have it. I smirk and allow my tongue to explore his mouth. After a few minutes I pull away and lean my forehead on his


“I love you Louis” I say, I watch as Louis eyes light up. He smiles a huge smile and pecks my lips twice. He pulls back and looks me in the eyes.


“I love you too Harry. More than you know” He says. I feel myself blushing and am happy the lights are not on. I watch as Louis closes his eyes and his breathing becomes heavy. I listen to the sound of Louis breathing and slowly fall to sleep.


-Liam’s POV-


I woke up as the light began streaming through my window, it was so bright. I groaned and rolled over trying to ignore the bright light streaming into my room. I squeezed my eyes shut tight, trying to block it all out. I laid there for a couple of minutes but couldn’t block out the light, I got up with a sigh and went out to the kitchen. The house is always quiet when my mom is gone. She came back a week ago and told me she had to leave again, I know she leaves for work but I really do miss her when she leaves. I just get this feeling she doesn’t want to be around me. She always leaves for weeks at a time to, it makes me wonder if she has some big secret she doesn’t want me to find out about. She didn’t tell me how long she was going to be gone this time though. She normally tells me a week or so, that’s what I am expecting. I am expecting for her to be back in about a week. Let’s just hope she bought food before she left. I hate having to do all the shopping. I sighed and pulled out a carton of eggs to make me some for breakfast. I started humming the tune to ‘the one that got away’ as I cracked the eggs and stirred them in a bowl. I got out a pan from under the sink and placed it on the hot plate.


“Summer after high school


 When we first met


We’d make out in your mustang to radio head”


 I sang as I poured the egg mix into a pan. The familiar sizzle of the eggs rang throughout the house, I smiled at the sound. Whenever I heard this sound I always thought of my mom, she used to always make me eggs and bacon on Saturday mornings. That was until about 5 years ago when she started going away on business trips all the time. She would always make them exactly how I liked them.

I finished scrambling the eggs and poured them onto a plate, I took out some bacon and threw it in the pan so it could cook. I like cooking when I have music playing, but I haven’t had time to set up the stereo out here in the kitchen. I mentally make a note to set up the system tonight after I finish my homework.

I continued humming the song I was singing earlier, and waited for the bacon to cook. I pulled out my phone to see if Nathan had messaged me at all. I sighed when I realized no one had messaged me. I was starting to get used to no one talking to me anymore. No one from my old school seemed to want to talk to me now that I don’t live near them. I guess they weren’t really my friends.

I placed my phone on the counter and turned over the bacon. I was starting to smell the familiar smell of cooking bacon. As I was cooking, I couldn’t help but allow my mind to wonder to Niall, I wish he would just talk to me. I know communication is difficult since I don’t know sign language all that well, but I have been practicing. I have learned more than just how to say hello. I can make sentences now. I have always been top of my class, and learning any form of a new language as always been easy for me. So when I had gone online and downloaded a free class to learn sign language I wasn’t surprised when I learned more than half the language in two days. I just found this type of thing easy and fun to learn, yeah I know I sound like a nerd. It’s because I am one, I always have been a nerd. Learning was always my get away, it was how I got away from my real life and just focused on what I thought was important at the moment.

I took the bacon off the burner and put it on the plate with my eggs and walked to the living room. I looked at the couch and noticed my mom had forgotten her phone. Oh great, guess I can’t call her tonight and ask when she will be back home. I turned on the TV and started flipping through the channels. I don’t normally watch TV. I just have never found TV all that interesting. I stopped on one of my favorite shows ‘ridiculessness’ and put the remote down on the couch next to me.. I started eating and watching the show. I wasn’t really paying attention to what was going on during this episode though, I couldn’t stop thinking about Niall and what happened last night.

I kept getting this weird feeling I knew more about him than I realized. Have you ever gotten that feeling when you meet someone new, the feeling that you have known them your whole life, but in reality you just met them? That’s the feeling I get when I am around Niall. I know it’s weird. I just met the boy. I also think he may or may not be Nathan. I guess I will have to find that out later. When I finished eating I heard my phone ring on the counter inside the kitchen. I got up quickly and grabbed my dirty dishes. I put them in the sink and noticed I had a text from a new number. That’s weird, whose number is this? I unlock my phone and read the message.


Open your front door I need your help Liam



I read the message over again to make sure I had read it right. I was slightly scared as to why they didn’t just knock. I set my phone down and slowly made my way to the door. My heart was pounding, it felt like it was going to jump right out of my chest. I walked down the small hallway to the front door. When I got there I stood there looking at the door for a couple of seconds. I didn’t know if I should open the door or not. I had no idea who this person was, what if they were a murderer and wanted to kill me? What if it was a wrong number though, what if no one was out front and I was freaking out over nothing at all.

I felt so stupid just standing here in the doorway, I couldn’t find my feet to move. I felt like I was frozen to the spot. I swallowed thickly and took a deep breath. I slowly put my arm out and reached for the door knob. I turned it slowly feeling the glass knob on my hand. I gulped as I felt the knob stop turning. I slowly creaked open the door and peeked out front. I felt my jaw drop, my eyes got wide as I looked out front and saw what I hoped I would never see. Niall was standing out front tears streaming down his face, he had dried blood on his nose and his forehead. He had the beginnings of a black eye. I couldn’t believe it was Niall.

Niall was standing at my door, he didn't look good either, he looked like death himself.

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