Liam Payne had what seemed to be the perfect life. When his parents split up and he is forced to move away with his mom to London, he runs into people who surprise him. Meeting Niall Horan was the best thing that ever happened to him. He never thought he would fall in love with Niall, the deaf kid


10. Nobody Compares





Liam is BOLD


Niall is ITALLIC




-Liam’s POV-          


“What do you mean he’s hurt?” I ask grabbing Louis by the hand and tugging him inside. Louis bit his lip, almost like he was trying to hide a smile. Wait… was that him trying to hide his smile? I shook my head and tried to focus back on Louis. He was turning a shade of red like he was having difficulty holding in a large fit of laughs.


“He… He um… He hit...” Louis couldn’t finish what he was saying, he burst into a huge fit of giggles. I just stood there watching him shock written all across my face. Why would he be laughing at this? Harry is hurt right? He shouldn’t be laughing especially if it’s his boyfriend that is supposedly hurt somewhere. He should be crying and sad and telling me where to go to help Harry.


“Louis William Tomlinson! Why are you laughing at a time like this!? What is going on? Where is Harry? Is he alright?” I shout crossing my arms over my chest and glaring at him. Louis starts laughing harder clutching his sides like he was going to burst at any second. What the hell is he laughing at? I am so confused right now.


“I’m sorry! I can’t do this!! Harry get over here!!” He shouts between laughs to somewhere behind me. I scrunch up my eyebrows in confusion and turn around to see Harry walking in with a smile. He was wearing his usual get up, white T shirt with black skinny jeans that looks so tight I was surprised everything fit… if you know what I mean….What the hell!? When did he get in here? I suddenly felt angry and Louis for doing this. Who does he think he is pulling a prank like this on me?


“Wait what?” I ask still very confused, why is Harry in my house? I took a deep breath trying to release any anger I had towards Louis. Thankfully it worked before I blew up on either of them. What is going on here…? Harry starts laughing with Louis once he reaches him. I stand there looking at them still very confused. I hear the sound of someone walking up behind me from the living room. I turn to see Niall standing in the doorway. He keeps looking from Louis to Harry with the same look of confusion that I am assuming is still all over my face.


“What’s going on?” Niall signs to me. I chuckle at the look Harry and Louis give me. I may have forgotten to tell them I was learning sign language. But why should they care? They haven’t known me all that long, maybe they will just think I have always known sign language…


“I am wondering the same thing” I say back laughing slightly. Harry’s mouth dropped when he saw me answer Niall. I didn’t know he would be that shocked… it’s just sign language right…? I pressed my lips into a line trying to hide the smile on my face. Louis looks at Harry and pushes his chin up with his first finger. Louis giggles and kisses Harry’s cheek before he turns back to look at me. I roll my eyes and look back at Niall who is looking down at his feet, he has a slight blush on his cheeks. It looks so cute on him, he looks up at me and smiles his blush getting deeper. Am I the reason he is blushing? Does he like me…? I am pretty sure I like him, but I am really new to this whole ‘being gay’ thing…


“Were we interrupting something? I’m sorry.” Louis says with a smirk, I blush and shake my head no. I turn to see Niall looking directly at Louis, I think he is trying to read his lips. I didn’t know he could read lips… That would have been nice when I first met him…


“No, but why are you guys here?” I ask trying not to sound irritated. I am a little annoyed at the fact Louis thought it would be funny to pull a prank on me right now. Louis grins and looks at Harry still grinning like a Cheshire cat. Harry chuckles and motions towards Niall and I. I raise an eye brow in confusion, they are planning something I know it. What could they be planning? Whatever it was I don’t think it’s going to end good, most of Louis plans don’t end well for the person he is trying to ‘help’. I know he means well, but he should really just mind his own business. I sigh and cross my arms over my chest waiting for one of them to continue and explain what is going on. I hear Niall shuffling his feet, oh no does he think he needs to leave? Maybe he read their lips wrong and thinks they asked him to leave us alone. I turn to see he is now leaning against the doorway watching all of our mouths, he is definitely trying to lip read. Well at least he doesn’t think I want him to leave.


“Actually, Niall could you give Liam and I a moment? I need to talk to him privately” Louis asks looking straight at Niall and talking a little slower than usual. Louis smiles at him sincerely. I think he still feels kind of bad for what he did at the party. At least he is being considerate of him rather than just talking about him right in front of him. Niall gives him a short nod and walks back into the living room. I couldn’t help but think Niall doesn’t like Louis. Did he even know Louis was one of the many people laughing at him at the party?


“Okay, now spill!” Louis and Harry both squeal once Niall is gone. I jump at the sudden shouting and take a step back running into the wall. Louis and Harry are both looking at me with expectant looks. What on earth do they think went on between Niall and me?


“What do you mean?” I ask leaning against the wall looking down at my shoes. I think they are looking farther into this than what really went on. Louis gives me a look like ‘you know what I mean’ and crosses his arms over his chest. Sometimes Louis really can look like a pre-teen girl… but don’t tell him I think that… I wouldn’t want him to throw a tantrum…


“Come on Li, why is Niall here?” Harry asks pointing towards the living room. I felt my lips pull up into a smile, just the mere mention of Niall gets me smiling. I looked down at my shoes trying to hide the blush that was creeping up my neck. I really need to get a hold of my blushes…


“I don’t know what you’re talking about…” I lie badly. I have never been good at lying, especially to my friends or family.


“Don’t lie to us Liam. I see how you two look at each other!” Louis shouts. I silently thank god Niall can’t hear Louis and his big mouth, I would be so embarrassed if he could hear what Louis was talking about. I sigh and can’t help but let the blush take over my face. I thought about what Niall and I had been doing before we were rudely interrupted by these two idiots. I laugh and Louis gives me a confused look.


“I was eating breakfast when Niall showed up at my door. He has a bloody nose…. As you could see since he hasn’t cleaned up yet. I was asking him what was wrong… and well… we almost… kissed…” I whispered the last part, I am still so unsure about myself. I looked back up to see Harry and Louis smiling at each other.


“We knew it!! Okay. Go back in there and get your man!” Louis cheered. My face fell, I can’t go do that! I hardly know Niall! I mean yea… I like him, but I don’t even know if he likes me back. For all I knew he wasn’t even leaning in, it could have been all me. Fear flashed over me, what if it was all me? What if he didn’t even want to kiss me and I kissed him? That would have been horrible! I don’t think I would have been able to show my face ever again. I am a little happy Louis and Harry interrupted now. That could have been horrible!


“I-” But I was cut off by Louis shoving his hand over my mouth and shushing me. I whined in his hands and he rolled his eyes. Harry was laughing at me, his dimples were showing. I have to admit Harry is a good looking lad.


“We are leaving now. Go talk to Niall!” He says releasing my mouth and grabbing Harry by the hand pulling him out of the house. I didn’t even have time to answer him before he was gone. I shook my head and tried to clear it. I don’t know if Niall even likes me back… he probably doesn’t. Why would he want me…? I’m nothing special… just Liam. That’s it. I took a deep breath and walked back into the living room. But Niall wasn’t there, I felt shock run through me. Where would he have gone? I turned around and noticed the bathroom door was open and a light was on. I walked over to the bathroom and poke my head in Niall was standing in front of the mirror with a wash cloth. He was dabbing his cuts and bruises trying to clean up his face. He looked in the mirror and jumped when he saw me in the mirror.


Sorry, I didn’t mean to scare you” I said he smiled and turned around to look at me. He still had a little bit of blood on his lip and forehead. I grabbed the wash cloth out of his hand and dabbled at the blood. He winced when the cloth touched the cut, I didn’t mean to hurt him. I look right in his eyes and I could tell he wasn’t scared of me anymore. My heart melted, I finally broke past his walls. I felt like I had achieved a lifelong goal that I have been working on my entire life. If Niall wasn’t standing right in front of me I might have done some sort of happy dance. Niall smiled and back up so he could sign something to me.


Thank you, I really don’t want to intrude. Should I get going?” He asks looking so innocent and cute. I shake my head no and decide I should probably ask him to stay for a while.


You could stay for a while if you want. My mom is out of town for a while, I don’t think she would mind if you stayed” I asked. I don’t want to scare him, but I wouldn’t mind if he wanted to stay for the rest of the day. Niall’s smile got bigger, if that’s even possible.


Okay, Thank you Liam” He says back smiling. I finish helping him clean up his cuts and we go to my room. As we walk into my room I can’t help but notice Niall looking at everything in my room. I smile at how he takes in every inch of everything. He walks over to the wall where my track trophies are sitting. He picks one up and admires it. I walk next to him and tap him on the shoulder. He looks up at me and I sign to him.


I used to do track, best on my team” I say. Niall nods and put the trophy down. He looks at me and swallows. I crinkle my forehead wondering what he is planning.


“I know signing is hard for you Liam. I can read lips if you feel more comfortable” He speaks. I feel shock run through me. He can speak!? I thought he was like all the other deaf people where they could talk unless they went to speech therapy. Liam stop judging people! Maybe he went to speech therapy! I don’t know Niall.


“You can talk?” I say dumbly Niall laughs and nods. I am still in shock that he can speak. I smile back at Niall and go to sit on the bed. Niall turns and looks at me with a small smile. I feel like he suddenly feels awkward.


“Yea, I didn’t go deaf until I was 11” He says I nod and bite my lip. I don’t want to prod and prey into his life. I always feel like I am pushing people when I ask them a personal question or about their personal lives.


“What do you want to do?” I ask. Niall is quiet, I turn to see him looking at his shoes. I realize he didn’t see me talk to I wave my hand in front of him. He looks up at me in shock. I smile and decide I’ll try to sign to him again.


What do you want to do?” I ask Niall shrugs and looks back at his feet. I can tell something is eating at him. Niall bites his lip and looks up at me. He turns around and grabs a paper off my desk and a pen. He quickly scribbles something on it and passes it to me.


I’m HearingClovers16


I look up at him and smile. I bite my lip trying to hold back the laugh I wanted to let escape. I looked back down at the note and wrote back to him.


I know


I pass it back and watch Niall’s expression. It looks confused. He looks back up at me with his face scrunched up.  He takes the pen back and quickly writes something back. I’m starting to like talking to Niall, especially like this. I know this isn’t the best way to talk to him, but I get this funny feeling like this is our special thing.


How did you know?




I just had a strange feeling


Oh, you’re not mad?




Of course not. I like talking to you like this.


Me to… Thank you Liam. Thank you for being so nice to me. No one has ever been nice to me like you have.


I felt my heart break when I read his words. How could people be so mean to this poor boy? He isn’t a mean person, far from it. I looked up at him, he had tears brimming his eyes. This poor boy is so broken, I can see he really needs a friend. I have a new mission. I have to be his friend. I have to be there for him and show him that there are people out there who care. I don’t care if he doesn’t want to be more than friends, I just want to be there for him in whatever way he wants me.

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