Liam Payne had what seemed to be the perfect life. When his parents split up and he is forced to move away with his mom to London, he runs into people who surprise him. Meeting Niall Horan was the best thing that ever happened to him. He never thought he would fall in love with Niall, the deaf kid


13. Love Drunk





Liam is BOLD


Niall is ITALLIC




-Liam’s POV-


Niall seemed to trust me now, I don’t know what I did to earn his trust but I am happy that I have it. I took him back to my house and we sat on the couch. Niall still seemed slightly nervous when we got inside, I think he still thinks my mom doesn’t want him here. I don’t know why he thinks that. Niall and I ended up talking all night, well writing notes and signing. Niall has been teaching me some words in sign language that I didn’t know. We fell asleep sometime around 3 AM. I woke up to the sound of someone opening the front door, I shrugged it off knowing it would just be my mom. I yawned and stretched, Niall was curled up in a ball at the end of the couch. I got off the couch slowly making sure to not wake up Niall. I walked into the kitchen to grab some water. I walked in and my mom was standing in front of the refrigerator looking through it. I cleared my throat letting her know I was now in the room. She flinched and turned around. When she saw it was me she smiled lightly and turned back to the refrigerator pulling the ingredients for pancakes.


“Morning Mom, how was your trip?” I asked trying to make easy conversation. I walked over to the sink and grabbed a clean glass. I filled it halfway with water and took a slow sip. My mom hummed and started throwing the ingredients into a bowl. She smiled at me and looked back at the bowl.


“It was fine, love. I do have some news for you though. But first I think I’ll make us some breakfast yeah?” She asked. I could tell she was nervous and didn’t want to talk about her ‘news’ I just shrugged and sipped on my water. My mom went back to humming and stirring the contents of the bowl. I heard shuffling in the living room, my mom stopped and turned to me with concern on her face.


“What was..?” but my mom was cut off my Niall walking into the kitchen yawning. He was half asleep and looked so adorable. I smiled but then realized my mom didn’t know he was even here. Niall smiled at me but turned and saw my mom. His smile fell and was replaced with a fearful grimace.


“Oh, um mom this is Niall. He is my new friend.” I say introducing him. My mom nods and smiles at Niall.


“Oh, Nice to meet you Niall. Make yourself at home” She says before she turns her attention back to the batter. I was about to tell her about Niall being deaf, but Niall answered her.


“Thank you Mrs. Payne” He says a little louder than needed. My mom smiles but gives me a worried look. I glance back at Niall in shock but shake my head. I walk over to Niall and usher him back into the living room. Why did he not let me tell my mom about him being deaf? It seems like a thing someone needs to know right? My mom should know he can’t hear her… I sighed and turned to Niall. I start signing to him


Why didn’t you let me tell her you were deaf?” I ask quickly. Niall bites his bottom lip and shrugs slightly. I feel myself growing frustrated at the small blonde boy in front of me. I purse my lips


I think she needs to know Niall” I say. I hadn’t noticed my mom walk in before I had begun signing. I heard a gasp and the sound of something falling. I look up to see my mom standing there, a puddle of milk at her feet. Two shattered glasses lay beneath her. Niall must have noticed my concerned look, because he turned and gasped at the sight. I don’t know if he realizes what happened.


“Liam what were you doing with your hands?” My mom asks hesitantly. I gulp and try to think of how to approach this. I know Niall doesn’t want her to know he’s deaf, but what am I supposed to say? I bite my lip and try to think of what to say. I feel Niall’s hand on my arm, I snap my head over to see him giving me an understanding look. He nods and turns back to my mom.


“I’m deaf Mrs. Payne” He says still a little louder than needed. My mom just stairs at him like he has two heads. I clear my throat and she seems to unfreeze.


“Oh, Liam. Could you tell him he can call me Karen?” She asks looking to me. I stifle a chuckle and turn to Niall who is still watching my mom.


“I can read lips Karen.” He says flatly. I can hear the slight sass in his voice, but my mom missed it. She smiles and nods. I have to stifle a chuckle at the sass, I don’t want my mom to not like Niall, and I get this feeling he is going to be around for a long time.


“Oh, that’s lovely dear. Let me just pick up my mess and I will have breakfast for all of us yeah?” She says nonchalantly looking down at the broken glass on the floor. Niall nods and my mom walks back into the kitchen. I turn and look at Niall who turns back to me with a smug smile. I laugh and sit on the couch, Niall comes and sits right next to me. Our thighs are right up next to each other. I feel a spark run through my thigh from the contact. I turn and see Niall staring at me, a blush creeping up on my face. I turn away and try to hide the blush.


“Here you go boys” My mom says walking in with a giant plate of pancakes and two smaller plates. Niall jumps from the sudden movement in front of him.


“Oh my god, I’m sorry Niall. I didn’t mean to startle you!” My mom cries. Niall’s face scrunches up and he turns to me with a confused look.


She said she’s sorry for scaring you” I sign. His face falls into understanding he turns and smiles at my mom.


“It’s alright.” He says in his louder than normal tone. She nods and looks over at me with a stern look. Then turns back and walks into the kitchen. I wonder what that look was for? She is so weird sometimes. Then I remembered she wanted to talk to me about something. Maybe I should follow her back into the kitchen so she can tell me… But what if it’s something bad? I don’t really feel like getting yelled at right now. Not really in the mood. Niall sets his empty plate down on the coffee table. Wow where did all the food go…? He reaches out and grabs the notebook from yesterday that is on the table. He starts scribbling something down on it.


I need to leave, but promise me we will do this again?” He passes me the notebook with a small smile falling across his face. I look down at the note and read it feeling butterflies erupt in my stomach. He wanted to hang out with me again. This is exactly what I wanted to hear, I grinned and grabbed his pen.


It would be a pleasure” I blush and pass it back. He smiles and places the notebook back down on the table and gets up. I walk him to the door he waves to me and starts walking down the street towards his house. I can’t wait until he and I can hang out again. I turn and walk back into the kitchen. My mom is sitting at the table sipping her mug. She looked up from her mug with a odd look. I walk over to her and sit at the table with her. She sets down her mug and fiddles with the handle.


"What's up mom?" I ask. I've never seen her look so nervous before. Something has to be up. She bites her bottom lip and look into her mug as if it was going to her think of what to say. She sighs and looks back up to me.


"Baby, I haven't been completely honest with you. You know how I have been going on so many business trips lately?" She asks. I nod slowly what is she talking about?


"Well, I have met someone. I have been seeing him for a while. And he asked me to marry him. I said yes." She said in a rush. When did she have time to meet someone? She barely got a divorce last month.


"How did you have time to even meet someone? let alone been seeing him for a while?" I ask in shock. She sighs and looks down at her shoes.


"I cheated on your father." She admits. I couldn't believe it. She is the reason my family spit up. Everything I had known was a lie. I just couldn't take all of this. I got up and walked out of the kitchen and out the front door. I don't know where I was going, but I had to leave. I got into my car and pulled out of the driveway and left. I just kept driving not really knowing where I was going.




-Harry’s POV-


Louis was so adorable, the entire plane ride he held my hand and cuddled into my side. He fell asleep on me, but I didn’t mind. I kissed his head and shook him lightly when a man’s voice came over the loud speaker telling us we would be landing soon. Louis groaned softly causing me to chuckle. His eyes fluttered open to reveal his gorgeous blue eyes. I smiled and he smiled back at me.


“Hello beautiful” I say softly giving him a peck on the lips. A small blush falls over his dark cheeks. I grin and push him up softly.


“Are we landing soon?” He asks, his voice thick with sleep. I nod and buckle my safety belt. He does the same just as the flight attendant walks by checking everyone’s belts. She smiles at us when she sees we already have them on. Louis wraps his hand in mine intertwining our fingers. We wait as the plane lands. Once it’s on the ground we depart and go to get our luggage.


“So are we taking a taxi or bus?” I ask once we have all our bags. Louis laughs and winks at me, what is this boy planning? I give him a confused look and he smirks but keeps walking. He walks up to the counter and starts speaking with the blonde girl behind the counter. He laughs and she smiles. I sigh and try to ignore the hungry look the woman is giving my Louis. He winks at her as she hands him a set of keys. He walks back with a giant grin on his face, I give him a small smile and wait patiently for him to reach where I am standing.


“Okay, let’s go.” He says showing me a pair of keys. I furrow my eyebrows. What are those for? We walk out of the airport to the front of the building. I stop thinking we are going to be waiting for a taxi, but Louis keeps walking on. I rush to keep up with him and we walk into a parking garage. He walks up to a bright red mustang convertible. My mouth drops, he didn’t rent this. This had to be way too expensive.


“You didn’t…” I say with my mouth still agape. He laughs and grins at me, his eyes tell me how happy he really is.


“I did. Close your mouth, you’re going to catch flies” He jokes unlocking the car and throwing his bags into the back. I shake my head but follow him throwing my bags in the back with his. He jumps into the driver’s side and I slide in next to him. He grins and starts the car revving the engine. I laugh and push a button to allow the top to come down. I can’t seem to stop smiling right now. Everything just seems to be perfect. Something has to go wrong.

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