Liam Payne had what seemed to be the perfect life. When his parents split up and he is forced to move away with his mom to London, he runs into people who surprise him. Meeting Niall Horan was the best thing that ever happened to him. He never thought he would fall in love with Niall, the deaf kid


21. Livin' On A Prayer



Liam is BOLD

Niall is ITALLIC

-Niall’s POV-

My head was swirling it felt like someone had hit me in the back of the head. My head was throbbing and so was my arm. I don’t remember what happened. All I know is I feel like I was hit by a truck. Did that happen to me? Was I really run over? Crap. Probably since I can’t hear if a car is coming that probably happened to me. I’m so stupid! Maybe if I open my eyes then I can figure out what’s wrong with me and what is happening. I hope I didn’t die, I’d miss Liam. Especially after that kiss we shared. I don’t think I could take having to be without him. No matter how amazing heaven is supposed to be. Even if Morgan Freeman was god I wouldn’t be able to live there without my Liam. My Liam, I like the way that sounds in my head. It just feels right, the way it rolls off my tongue, even though I’m saying it in my head… I think I’m going insane… how hard did I hit my head? My head throbbed harder, maybe I should open my eyes.

“How long has he been there?” An unfamiliar voice asked. I’ve never heard this voice before. Who could it be? WAIT!? I’m deaf! How can I hear anything let alone a new voice! My eyes shot open and standing over my bed was Liam. His hair was messy and he was wearing plaid pajama bottoms with a grey top. He looked so adorable. Did I really just hear Liam or was it all in my now insane head? Liam smiled down at me with his beautiful smile. His brown eyes brightening.

“Good morning sleepy head” He said softly. Oh. My. God. I really am hearing him!? Holy shit! How is this even possible!?

“L-Li-Liam?” I ask. My voice sounding so foreign to my ears. I heard him chuckle, except I know that chuckle. I know it can’t be Liam’s laugh. That laugh belonged to an evil person. A very evil person who wants to harm ever fiber in my body. Liam crawled onto the bed with his soft smile. He placed a leg on either side of me straddling my hips. I gulped at his dominant demeanor. He has never acted like this to me before, given we weren’t together but still this just isn’t my Liam.

“What are you doing?” I ask in a frantic voice. Liam opens and moves his mouth like he is talking but nothing comes out, it’s like I’m deaf again. His lips are moving but I hear none of it. Then his face turns a darker shade, his eyebrows grow into big grey caterpillars. His eyes darken to an almost black color. His mouth changes and he is no longer Liam. No, the man straddling me is Bobby. My bad excuse for a father. I scream in panic at his closeness.

“Now, now cock sucker. You wouldn’t want to scream to loud or else I might have to use this.” He grins pulling a long knife out of thin air. I gasp at the length of the knife. It has blood dripping off it already. My mouth fell open, Bobby moved to the side and the sight in front of me caused my whole body to die inside. Behind him on the wall was Liam, his body was pale and blood dripping from his chest. He was nailed to the wall. I screamed at the sight. When I looked back Bobby was lunging at me and his knife sliced through me.

I awoke with a gasp my hair matted on my head. In a very unfamiliar room. I couldn’t see anyone then I saw Liam and a phone scattered on the floor. His mom looked so terrified.

-Liam’s POV-

“1” He squeezed the trigger, nothing happened. His gun had jammed. Zayn always being the one to be quick on his feet elbowed him in the stomach sending Bobby to fall to the ground in a lump of pain. He ran out of his grip and stepped on his hand forcing the gun out of his hand. He reached down and grabbed it. He whistled really loud and a large black SUV came out from around the corner. I saw Giulia at the wheel. Wait? How did she know? What the hell is happening?

“Zayn?” I ask but get cut off. Him shushing me and waving his hand frantically. I guess I should ask questions.

“Don’t ask questions. Get in the damn car and GO!” He shouts I don’t hesitate I just run. My mom at my heels we all jump into the SUV Zayn coming in moments later to sit in the passenger side. Giulia takes no hesitation she slams the gas peeling out and driving to where I am hopping is safety. Niall is still in my arms as we drive out of my street and onto the highway. I feel my phone vibrate. I look down to see it’s a call from Louis.

“Hello” I say watching Niall praying he will wake up.

“LIAM! WHERE ARE YOU GUYS!! YOUR HOUSE IS ON THE NEWS AND UP IN FLAMES WHAT THE HELL IS HAPPENING!?” Louis shouts into the phone. I pull the phone back off my ear. I take a breath and start petting Niall’s hair trying to calm myself.

“Bobby, Niall’s father came to my house and attacked us. He set my house on fire and almost shot Zayn. I don’t know where we are going you have to ask Zayn that. We are okay, Niall is unconscious he inhaled a lot of smoke but other than that we are all okay. I promise.” I try to say calmly to them. I can tell they are still worried sick. I don’t blame them.

“GIVE THE PHONE TO ZAYN!” He demands. I comply passing the phone to a slightly shaken looking Zayn.

“Yes, we are fine. No I can’t tell you where we are going. But I will tell you this, the bunny I hid from you only sings at night and in the trees that are shaped as a heart.” He says. I am personally very confused by his word play and judging from the annoyed look Louis is as well.

“I have to go. Goodbye Louis!” He says getting louder obviously trying to be heard over Louis shouts. He passed the phone back to me.

“What was that about? The bunny what? Trees heart shape?”  I asked. He chuckled.

“I’m hoping Louis isn’t as thick as he seems. It’s pretty much a code to where we are going. You see I went on a field trip with him in the third grade and hid his bunny in the hotel we were staying at and the hotel has a pair of trees that look like a heart. It’s pretty simple actually.” He says sounding smug to the Morse code he had created for himself. That’s pretty impressive actually.

“Oh, Zayn I want to thank you for helping me and Niall. I know you don’t like us but thank you.” I say giving him a soft smile. He looked down to the boy in my lap. He let out a sigh and looked to Giulia.

“Let’s just say a certain girl helped me realize to let go of my past.” He says looking at Giulia lovingly. It’s so obvious he is in love with the girl sitting beside him. I look down at Niall and pull him closer. I kiss the top of his blonde head not allowing the tears that want to fall down escape my eyes. I have to be strong for the Irish boy in my arms. I have to be.

“What does he have that Bobby wants?” My mom finally speaks her voice sounding so small. All of us shrug in unison. None of us know what Niall could possibly have that such an evil man could want. Giulia pulled the car onto a very dark dirt road, she looked tired. It had to be at least 9 o’clock now. I know that’s not very late, but after all that’s happened I wouldn’t be able to drive. Zayn reached over and rubbed her thigh. She looked up and smiled at him.

“I’m going the right way right?” She asked as she smiled. Zayn nodded and leaned over to kiss her cheek.

“Yes thank you baby” He whispers although everyone can hear him. I look down at Niall again and sigh. I wonder if he is dreaming. I hope it’s a good dream. I feel my eyes lulling and drooping. I yawn and allow my head to lean back and my eyes to shut. Sleep taking over my body.

I awoke with someone nudging my arm. I yawned and looked at the clock on the car 3 AM. I sighed and looked to see Zayn opening his door and jumping out. We were at some weird hotel that seemed to be in the middle of nowhere. The hotel was styled as an old Victorian house with large windows. Most of the windows were dark and shut up. I passed Niall who was still knocked out to Zayn who held him as I got out of the SUV. Once I was on the ground Niall was back in my arms. I held him close to me as we walked up to the hotel. We walked into a large lobby with a single person at the front desk.

“Hello, do you have a reservation?” The man asked his big mustache moving as he talked. Zayn walked over to him and slipped him something.

“No, can we have one of the rooms at the top floor to the back please?” He asks. The man looks into his hand and nods curtly. Pressing keys into his computer.

“Room 314 top floor Mr.?”

“Cowell” Zayn lied. I watched as he was handed the key to our room. We rushed to the elevator and waited for it to stop on the top floor. We all got off the elevator and went straight to our room. Zayn let us in, it had two bed and a small cot on the floor. My mom sat in the chair in the corner and I set Niall down on the bed closet to me away from the window.

“We will be safe here, but we should probably keep moving” Zayn’s said in a hushed tone almost like he believed someone was listening to us. I just nodded and sat beside the boy I love. Watching and waiting for him to show me he’s alright. We stayed in the hotel for the next few hours. The sun rose and Zayn had finally gone to sleep. Then the hotel phone rang, my mom jumped and looked at the phone. I watched as she answered it.

“Hello?” She asked. The second she said anything her eyes widened. I knew it had to be bad the phone fell from her hand and I could hear from the other end a loud laugh. That laugh could only belong to one person. Bobby Horan.

“Mom what happened?” I asked worriedly. She kept shaking her head like she was hoping everything was a bad dream. Sadly this isn’t a bad dream. I walked over to her and wrapped and arm around her pulling her close. She shook in my arms. I comforted her for a few minutes until she was able to speak.

“He says. He likes Zayn’s blue stripped pajamas.” My eyes widened. I looked over to Zayn. He had his blue stripped pajamas on. How in the world did he know what Zayn was wearing? He is watching us. Where is he?


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