Liam Payne had what seemed to be the perfect life. When his parents split up and he is forced to move away with his mom to London, he runs into people who surprise him. Meeting Niall Horan was the best thing that ever happened to him. He never thought he would fall in love with Niall, the deaf kid


18. Last First Kiss



Liam is BOLD

Niall is ITALLIC

-Niall’s POV-

You know when you are a kid, and your parents takes you to the circus for the first time? You are so excited to go you’re physically jumping up and down in anticipation at see the amazing people walk across a tight rope in mid-air. When you get there you rush inside and try to get great seats to see this amazing act and actually get to the front row you almost explode with happiness. Then you see it, you’re in awe at the amazing talent before you. You gasp at how high the people are, at how nimble their feet are. They are so graceful up on that single piece of rope. Then it’s over, they looks so graceful while they are up there, then when they come down they seem like just regular people but yet somewhat lost being on the ground. If you’re one of the lucky children to meet some of these acts, you get to ask them the same question they hear over and over again. ‘What’s it like being up in the air?’ They just smile at you and give you their answer. ‘It feels like no one can touch you, like you are invincible. Then when you come down, everything seems harder. Life just feels safer up on the rope.’ That’s how I feel right now. That’s how I feel with Liam. I felt like I was on the tight rope when he was with me, like nothing could touch me, I was invincible. Then when he left, everything came crashing. The world seemed to fall apart and crumbling like a cracker. Liam was standing here right in front of me, his expression looked pained. He had cuts on his forehead and I could see what looked to be bruises mixed with dirt smudged across his face. I had the urge to walk over to him and wipe off the dirt and kiss away the pain.

Hi” Liam signed with a small smile. I turned to Louis who was standing beside me watching Liam with wary eyes. Louis looked to me and patted my shoulder before he turned and left me standing at the door step. I turned back to Liam who looked to me with sad puppy dog eyes, he looked so lost and confused. That got me thinking, did he get hit in the head? Does he remember anything? He had to remember me. He just said hi in sign language.

Where were you?” I ask watching Liam’s face twist into pain from the question. Liam pouted and stepped back into his house motioning for me to follow him. I walked into his house noticing everyone seemed to be gone. The shoes that usually littered the front walk were gone, besides a few stray flip flops. Liam walked into the kitchen and grabbed a glass from the cupboard. He filled it up with the cool tap from the sink and turned to lean on the counter. He sipped from the cup watching me closely. I gulped and tried to think what I should do with Liam, I don’t think I should be mad at him. Although he left because of something I did, he had to have. He left right after I had tried to kiss him, maybe he was grossed out at me that’s why he left. Maybe he doesn’t even want me here, I should just leave now before anything crazy happens. I turn to leave but instantly feel Liam’s hot palm reach out and grab my wrist. Sparks shoot through my wrist and up my arm. Liam had to have felt that too, his hand seemed to flinch at the touch. I turn back to see him giving me a sad look.

“Please stay” He asked since he couldn’t use his hands. I nodded and he released my wrist dropping his hand back to his side. I shuffled my feet on the floor waiting for Liam to tell me what he needed to tell me. I looked down, suddenly finding a keen interest in my shoes. I was looking down for who knows how long when Liam tapped my shoulder sending a jolt of electricity coursing through my arm and shoulder. I jumped at the shock and looked up to Liam’s brown eyes. He nodded his head towards his bedroom door. I nodded and followed as Liam walked down the hallway. He brushed open his door and walked into the dark room. The room smelled like it hasn’t been used in a week. Which is true, Liam switched on the light and everything was how it was left before I left. The notebook we had used was still open to the page we were writing on, Still had my messy scrawl across the lined pages. Liam’s bed still had the covers askew from when I jumped on his bed. Liam walked to his bed and sat down. I followed in suit and sat across from him in the swirly chair by his desk. I swirled around to face Liam who was sitting on the edge of his bed, his head in his hands. He looked so broken, so lost. My heart was breaking at the sight laid out before me. Liam looked up and reached his hand out, I looked at it questioningly, he motioned for the pad of paper behind me. I hurried to scoop it up and pass it to him with a pen. He smiled lightly and began to scribble across the pad. I waited patiently until he passed it to me. The loops in his writing were so familiar now, my heart ached at the words the loops produced.

I’m sorry I left, I just had to get away from everything. I found out my mom was cheating on my dad, that’s what caused the divorce. I couldn’t take the news, I just freaked out. I never wanted to leave you Niall. Then I found out she is marrying Mr. Malik, Zayn’s father everything just seemed so difficult all I could think to do was run. I just don’t like how Zayn treats you, I had to get my head straight and cool off before I could face the man who was hurting my new friend.

I looked up at him, his eyes were brimming with water. His brown eyes swimming in his tears that had yet to fall. My bottom lip jutted out feeling pain for the boy sitting in front of me. I jumped up from my seat and rushed over to the bed where Liam was sitting. I didn’t think about my actions, I wrapped my arms around his shoulders pulling him into a tight embrace. I could feel him sniffling into my chest as I hugged him tightly. Liam wrapped his arms around my waist pulling me closer to his body. I could feel his heart beat faster as I hugged him. He pulled back far enough to look into my eyes. I could have sworn I saw something flash through his eyes, something I had never seen before in Liam. Want. His eyes flashed down to my lips then back to my eyes almost as if he was asking permission. I didn’t move, I didn’t want to screw this up. I could be imagining all these signs pointing to him wanting to kiss me. He leaned in slowly eyes glued to mine, almost in a searching way. I gulped as he shut his eyes, his soft lips pressed into mine. It was a light kiss, seeming to be hesitant. Liam started moving his lips against mine, I didn’t hesitate I shut my eyes and are lips were moving in perfect synchronization. I allowed my hands to run through Liam’s messy curls, he obviously hasn’t had time to style it up into its usual quiff. I pulled lightly at the curls feeling vibrations on my lips, he must be making sounds. That’s odd. Liam suddenly pulled back with a sudden jump nearly falling off the bed. He whipped around and looked to his mother who had a scared expression on her face. She was speaking so fast I couldn’t read her lips. Liam seemed to visibly stiffen at whatever the woman was saying to him. She rushed out of the room and Liam turned to me. His face was filled with worry and pain. I gave him a confused look trying to convey that I couldn’t read his mother lips. He licked his bottom lip and sat over closer to me. He lifted his hands and began to sign. My eyes widened at the words he produced with his hands. Words I never thought would come from Liam.

“Your father is here and he looks pissed.”

[A/N here's everything for now. I am still writing this book so idk how long it will take for updates but comments motivate me to write more so yeah hopefully i'll update soon]

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