Liam Payne had what seemed to be the perfect life. When his parents split up and he is forced to move away with his mom to London, he runs into people who surprise him. Meeting Niall Horan was the best thing that ever happened to him. He never thought he would fall in love with Niall, the deaf kid


3. Just Give Me A Reason



-Liam’s POV-


You know that feeling you get when you go somewhere and people are speaking another language, and you think they are talking about you? Well that’s the feeling I was getting when the blonde boy turned to the man standing next to him and began signing to him. I felt like he was talking about me, they were moving their hands so fast I couldn’t even, if I even knew sign language, tell what they were speaking about. Then the man turned and looked at me then back to the boy. He signed one last thing, then left the room without another word, or sign. The boy looked over at me with pure hatred across his beautiful face. Shit... Did I just call him beautiful? I mean his face. God Liam, pull yourself together. You like girls, always have. He had blue eyes and blonde hair, his hair had some brown roots at the bottom, so I knew he bleached it. His hair was pushed up into a quiff that looked perfect. He sat there in a blue polo shirt and tan chinos just watching me. What am I supposed to do? I can’t exactly say hi. He’s deaf. I just stood there looking at him like an idiot, then he got up and left. He pushed by me and walked out of the music room. My jaw dropped and I watched him leave. I didn’t even know the boy’s name, but I felt bad like he hated me. How could he hate me? I haven’t even spoken to him!  I set my stuff down and just stared at the wall, I was confused as to what just happened. I mean I know it must suck being deaf and here at a public school, but he could be a little nicer. I sat there for a few more minutes until I heard the bell ring. I grabbed my bag and walked out of the room. Mr. Kay was sitting at his desk looking more scattered than when I left him. I walked out of the room and went to what I thought was the cafeteria, luckily I had guessed right. Harry and Louis were standing in line holding hands waiting for their turn to buy food. They saw me and waved me over. I walked up to them and stood in line with them.


“Hey Liam, how was second period?” Harry asks smiling, Louis nods in agreement and they watch me with hopeful eyes.


“It was alright, I have Mr. Kay as my music teacher and he had me play some piano.” I say leaving out the part about the strange blonde boy.


“Did you make any new friends?” Louis asks walking forward in line. Of course he had to ask that question. Should I just tell him?


“Well I was partnered with this boy for piano, but we didn’t talk. He’s deaf.” I say biting the inside of my cheek. Maybe they could at least tell me what his problem is with me. The look at each other with weird looks on their faces. I raise my eyebrow at them questioningly.


“What?” I finally ask since they wouldn’t tell me anything. Louis bumped shoulders with Harry signaling him to tell me whatever I didn’t know.


“That’s Niall Horan. He doesn’t have friends, and he doesn’t seem to want friends” Harry says solemnly. What does he mean he doesn’t have friends and doesn’t want any? Who wouldn’t want friends? Everyone wants to have friends! I know it’s probably difficult since he is deaf, but even deaf people have friends. I know they have friends who can hear too, they just learn to read lips and their friends learn some sign language. Then an idea hits. I know how I will fix this. I just nod to Harry and Louis and wait for them to get their food.


“We eat outside, would you like to eat with us?” They ask after they both bought a slice of pizza and a water bottle.


“Sure” I say smiling at them. They lead me to a small area out front of the school. There is a small area of grass with a large tree planted there. We walk over to it and sit under the tree. They sit and we form a small circle.


“This is nice” I say admiring everything around us.


“Yea, we sit here every day, so if you don’t want to wait with us in line you can just come here and wait for us” Harry says taking a bite out of his pizza. Louis nods and slurps some water. They just asked me to continue sitting with them! Great now I don’t have to worry about not having any friends. I guess today wasn’t that bad.


“How has your first day been treating you?” Louis asks pulling Harry into his lap. They are a really cute couple. They seem so in love too. I’ve never been a homophobe before, love is love. I personally like girls. I am straight. Never had a question about it.


“Actually pretty good, I know have a goal.” I say. I turn to look behind me and see Niall sitting at a small picnic bench. He is alone, he has a sandwich in his hand and a huge bag of food in front of him. He couldn’t possibly finish that whole thing. I turn back and see Louis look down at Harry and they share some sort of mind reading moment. They turn back to me and Harry has a look of confusion on his face.


“You’re not planning on talking to Niall are you?” Harry asks biting his lip. Was Niall really that bad? He seemed like he needed a friend, I hate seeing him sitting there all alone. I have to do something, I have to help him have friends. That is what my goal is, I have to crack Niall Horan and find out what makes him tick. I want to be his friend.


“Is that such a bad idea?” I ask looking from Harry to Louis, they both get the same look on their faces. They look scared for me, why would they be scared?


“You don’t know his story, if you knew then you wouldn’t want to be his friend.” Louis says looking away and playing with some of Harry’s curls. What does he mean Niall’s story? What could be so bad, that no one would want to be his friend?


“Um… what happened?” I hesitantly ask. I still aren’t sure if I want to know or not. Maybe he did something terrible and killed someone. Or maybe he has a split personality and he flips out on all of his friends and family. But even if those things were true, why would it really matter?


“He was abused by his dad. That’s why he’s deaf.” Louis says still playing with Harry’s hair. He seems to like doing that, I don’t blame him it looks fun to play with. Niall was abused? That’s terrible! He is to adorable to be abused! That is no reason for him to not have friends though. People should be nicer to him, especially because of his past.


“So because of this you don’t want to be his friend? That’s kind of mean…” I say hoping they don’t think of me badly now. I just hate when people are mean to others because of things they can’t help. Louis and Harry get a guilty look on their faces. I didn’t mean to make them feel bad, but they needed to know how wrong it was to hate someone for things they can’t change. I know that Niall didn’t want to be abused, no one does, he didn’t choose the life he has he can’t change what happened. That’s how I know I have to be the one to help him, I have to help save Niall Horan from the pain.


“Well when you say it like that you make us sound like big douche bags.” Harry says chewing on his bottom lip. Louis chuckled trying to ease the tension. I gave them a blank stare and looked back to see if Niall was still there. He wasn’t, I couldn’t see him anywhere. He probably left a while ago. Louis was going to say something but the bell rang signaling the start of last period.


“What do you have last?” Harry asks getting up off of Louis lap. Louis gets up after him and wipes his bum.


“I don’t have one. I think I’m going to just go home.” I say grabbing my bag and standing up. I sling it over my shoulder and turn to leave.


“Hey wait!” Louis shouts even though I am only about three feet away. I turn on my heels back to look at Louis.




“Harry and I have a movie night tonight. Would you like to join us?” He asks with a hopeful grin on his lips. I looked at Harry and he was giving me the puppy dog eyes. His big green eyes were what got me to cave in. I sighed and gave Louis a smile.


“Sure, when and where?” I sigh. Louis jumps up and down clapping his hands while squealing like a little girl. I laughed at his little dance and Harry got out his phone.


“Here, put your number in and we will text you the time and address after school” He says handing me his white iPhone.


“Okay, what’s your password?” I ask when I try to unlock it and realize there is a password on it. Harry’s face goes beet red and he looks down at his feet.


“Louishasthesexiestbuminallofengland” He mumbles. I almost miss it, but I couldn’t keep myself from laughing.


“Oh my god. Should I even ask what Louis is?” I say between my laughs. Louis stops laughing with me and it’s his turn to turn into a tomato. I burst out laughing at his face. Harry starts giggling with me.


“It’s Hazzaismyoneandonlyilovehimsomuchheissexyandheknowsitilyhazzabear” Harry says once he stops his sudden fit of giggles. Louis is even brighter red and looking down at his shoes, I pat him on the back and go back to putting my number in Harry’s phone. I put my number in and pushed save and handed the phone back to Harry. We said our goodbyes and went to wherever we were going. I went to my car and drove home. On my way I thought about what Louis and Harry and said about Niall. I couldn’t help but think about how people are so mean to others. It’s not like Niall wanted any of this. He didn’t ask for it. I got to my house and went straight to my room. I went to my computer and logged on. It was an older computer so it took some time to turn on and load. While I waited I pulled out my English homework and noticed Louis left me a picture. He had slipped a piece of paper into the clear slot on the front of my binder. He drew a very fat woman with troll hair and moles everywhere. I laughed at the picture of Mrs. Ramsey and took it out of my binder. I put it on my desk and went back to the computer. I typed in ‘Sign Language’ and found a tutorial on how to say some things. This is how I spent my afternoon. I almost didn’t hear my phone go off signaling a text from a new number. It was Harry.


Harry: Hey! Louis house at 8? x Hazza


Me: Sure! Address :)? x Liam

I got dressed and got ready to find out what Louis and Harry are like outside of school. I kept trying out the new sign language I learned all the way to Louis house.

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