Liam Payne had what seemed to be the perfect life. When his parents split up and he is forced to move away with his mom to London, he runs into people who surprise him. Meeting Niall Horan was the best thing that ever happened to him. He never thought he would fall in love with Niall, the deaf kid


4. How To Save A Life

[ A/N For when Niall and Liam speak either in sign language or on a paper, their conversations will have a different font... so Liam is Bold Niall is Italic if this is confusing comment and I'll try to explain it better :) ALSO more comments means faster updates :) thanks love you guys!]

Liam is BOLD


Niall is ITALICS






-Liam’s POV-


I was sitting on Louis couch while Harry was in the kitchen making us some food. He told me he was a really good cook, so I’m going to hold him to any sickness I get after I eat his food. Louis was sitting on a second couch waiting for Harry to come back. He was flipping through his phone while we sat there. It was a pretty awkward silence between us, I guess I should try to talk more. God I’m so socially awkward. I clear my throat and Louis jumps from the sudden noise.


“Ohmigod! That scared me!” Louis shrieks. I laugh at his response and have to clutch my sides to stop them from hurting. Harry walks out with a plate of mini tacos and a confused expression. Louis sticks his tongue out and me and Harry looks from me to Louis.


“What did I miss?” Harry mutters. I try to stop myself from laughing harder but I can’t. Louis pouts and crosses his arms across his chest.


“What happened boo?” Harry asks rushing over to him and setting the tacos down on the coffee table in front of us. Harry wraps his arms around Louis and pulls him close.


“He scared me!” Louis whines into Harry’s chest. He sounds like he is a five year old having a temper tantrum. I can see the smirk on Harry’s face when Louis tells him what happened. Harry puts his face close to Louis ear and whispers something to him. Louis starts laughing and falls back onto the couch. What did Harry just say to him?


“What?” I ask cocking my eyebrows at the two boys laughing like hyenas on the couch across from me. What on earth did Harry say to Louis to make him laugh so hard!?


“Boys! Go to sleep!” Jay Tomlinson yells down the stairs at us. I looked at my phone and realized it was already 10:30 at night. I jumped up and grabbed my jacket.


“Oh my, I didn’t realize what time it was! I need to get back home. My curfews 11, I’ll you see boys tomorrow!” I say giving Harry and Louis a quick hug before walking out the door. I drive the short drive to my house and walk inside. My mom is sitting on the couch watching TV.


“Hey mom” I say walking past her to my bedroom. She looks up and smiles at me.


“Hey love. Thank you for being home before curfew.” She says as I walk away. I wave at her letting her know I heard her and went to my room. I get inside and face plant onto my bed from exhaustion. Today has been a very busy day for me, I had my first day at my new school. That’s a very tiring thing to have to deal with! I turn over and get under the covers. I pull off my pants and shirt and throw them out of the bed. I was too lazy to change into any pajamas so I decided to sleep in my boxers. I yawned and closed my eyes letting sleep come to me. As I fell asleep I thought about how I was going to talk to Niall tomorrow during class.




I woke up to my alarm blaring at me. I hit it to turn it off and slowly got my lazy butt out of bed. The cold morning air hit me like a punch to the face. I shivered and grabbed a new pair of jeans and a grey polo. I shoved my feet into my shoes and headed out to the kitchen to greet my mom. I got to the kitchen and saw a note on the table.






Morning honey. I have to go in early today, I have to go to Doncaster today for work. I’m probably going to rent a room tonight and be home tomorrow. Sorry I didn’t tell you last night, you went straight to your room. I didn’t want to disturb you, have a good day love!




Love Mom




I sighed and grabbed some bread and put them in the toaster. I packed my bag as the bread was toasting. The toast popped up after a couple of minutes and I buttered the toast. I ate a piece and went out to my car grabbing my backpack on the way out the door. I started practicing the signs I had learned last night. I drove to school thinking about how I was going to talk with Niall. I pulled into the school and parked in one of the many parking places out front. I grabbed my bag and walked up to the school. I went to my new locker and standing right in front of it was Harry and Louis making out. I smirked and walked up to them.


“Get a room you two” I snicker at them. Harry pulls off of Louis and turns as bright as a tomato. I laugh at his face and Louis turns to me with his hand on his hip. Oh no…


“We are in a room, you just happen to be in it as well” Louis retorts. I roll my eyes and push past them to my locker.


“Sorry ‘bout that Li, I didn’t know your locker was next to ours” Harry says slowly. I just realized how slow he talks. It’s not that his slow talking is annoying, it’s just different.


“I didn’t know either. You both have a locker here?” I ask feeling dumb after I ask it. Louis chuckles and nods.


“We share one. It was originally mine, but Harry moved it earlier this year” He says wrapping his arm around Harry’s waist as he told me. Harry blushed and leaned down to kiss Louis head. I hadn’t noticed their height difference either. Wow I really need to start paying more attention to my surroundings. I think I’m losing it.


“That’s so cute! You two are adorable. I hope I can find what you have one day.” I say reaching into my locker and pulling out my books for today. I check my schedule and realize I have the same classes as yesterday. This school’s schedule is so weird, I don’t think I can get used to this.


“We have the same classes today Liam” Louis states noticing me checking my schedule. I feel like such the new kid now. I hate being the new kid, it’s annoying! I don’t know anything or where anything is around here, it sucks.


“I realized that. I hate being the new guy! It’s a tough job.” I joke locking up my locker and turning to the boys waiting for me. They turn hand in hand and we start walking to English.


“Do you think Mrs. Ramsey is married?” Harry asks to no one in particular. Louis laughs and turns to Harry. I laugh to knowing Louis is about to go on about how much of a lawn gnome Mrs. Ramsey looks like. I’m not usually mean to my teachers, or any one really, but this woman really pisses me off. She seems like she hates everyone for no reason. And it wouldn’t hurt if she laid off the chocolate. We got to class and took our usual seats, well Louis went and sat on Harry’s lap as we waited for the final bell to ring. Not long after I took my seat the same boy from yesterday who was kicked out for smoking came walking in with a girl pulled close to his hip. She had short hair that was dyed bright pink, she was wearing a mini blue dress with rocker boots. She had a heart shaped face with Hazel eyes. I was shocked when I saw her hair, but she could pull it off with her style.


“Zayn!” Louis yells. The boy and the girl both turn to us and smile. Wait they know him?


“Louis!” They boy, whose name is Zayn apparently says laughing and walking towards us pulling the girl along with him.


“Are you making it your life goal to fuck with Mrs. Ramsey this whole year mate?” Louis jokes once Zayn and the girl come over.


“You know it! Sarah is here to help me today” Zayn says gesturing to the girl next to him. I guess her names Sarah… She giggles and kisses Zayn on the cheek. So they are dating. Should have known.


“Sit down! Get in your seats now or you all will have an hour detention after class. You are such a horrible class!” Mrs. Ramsey shouts as she walks into the classroom. Zayn and Sarah get a wide grin on their faces and head back to Zayn’s desk. I watch as Zayn sits down and Sarah sits in his lap. I honestly don’t remember her being in this class yesterday… but then again I haven’t really been paying attention. Mrs. Ramsey sits in her desk and glares at all of us.


“Mr. Malik. I know you find it amusing to have your girlfriend here during class, but she has a class as well. Get Out.” She screams. Zayn wraps his arms around Sarah and smirks back at Mrs. Ramsey. I thought Mrs. Ramsey was going to explode, her face turned the color of a tomato and I could have sworn I saw steam coming out of her ears. I was holding in my laughter at the face she had, she looked beyond pissed right now.


“God that woman looks like Shrek, and I’m pretty sure she has enough chins to feed the whole third world” Louis whispers in my ear. That was it. That was all it took to make me start laughing so loud the whole class turned around to look at me. I covered my mouth with my hand and laughed. I felt tears brimming my eyes from laughing so hard.


“Mr. Payne go outside right now! Don’t come back until you can control yourself!” Mrs. Ramsey yells at me. I just nod and walk out of the class wiping my eyes from the tears. When I got outside I went to the bathroom. I washed my face and tried to get the bright red color to drain from my face. My face always turns red from laughing hard, it’s actually really annoying. When I was satisfied with the shade of my skin I wiped my hands and walked out of the bathroom. I turned down the hallway and instantly felt lost. I have no idea where I am, this school isn’t that big but knowing me I would get lost. I sighed and tried to decipher where I was. I walked around aimlessly. I was back by the bathrooms when I heard some weird noises coming from behind what I’m assuming is the gym. I walked over to where the noise was coming from and peeked around the corner making sure I wasn’t able to be seen. I didn’t want a teacher to be back there and see I was out of class. When I popped my head around the corner I saw a puff of blonde hair on the ground and the noise was whimpering. There were two boys who were bigger than Niall, but not bigger than me. I’m not saying I’m huge, but I do work out a lot. I watched as they towered over Niall. They were both wearing dark sweatshirts and jeans, I could smell the strong odor of marijuana in the air as well. Great, two bullies who are higher than a kite are picking on the deaf kid. Really? How low can you get? I stepped out from behind the building and walked up behind the two guys. I placed a hand on each of their shoulders and they turned around. One of them was wearing a red bandana around their left elbow the other was wearing a red t-shirt. I’m assuming it’s some sort of gang thing, because that’s a lot of red to be wearing. They both had bloodshot eyes and looked as if they were really aware of what was going on.


“What are you doing?” The one with the bandana asks harshly. The other nods in agreement, they both step back out of my grasp and look up at me. I cross my arms across my chest and glare at them.


“I could ask you the same question. What are you doing to Niall?” I spit at them, they both get a grin on their faces and turn back to Niall.


“So the fags got a boyfriend does he?” Red shirt says. I clench my fists, I absolutely hate it when people judge on the gender someone likes. I personally don’t care about who is dating what gender. It’s stupid to get hung up on things like that.


“And what if he does? What’s it to you?” I glare back at them. They get a look in their eyes that looks somewhat like fear, but I’m probably imagining it.


“You know what? We have better things to do then talk to the fag and his fag boyfriend. See you around fags.” They snicker pushing past me, both making sure they push my shoulder causing me to stumble backwards. I make a sound of disgust and walk over to the blonde boy curled up in a ball. How am I supposed to talk to him and ask if he’s alright? I haven’t learned how to say that in sign language… I sigh and bend down and lightly touch the boy. He flinches at my touch but looks up at me with his blue eyes. They are like pools of clear blue water, I just want to swim in them for hours. Wait what? Liam you don’t want to do that. You’re straight, straight as a ruler! I saw tears forming in his eyes and then they started to fall, I wrapped my arms around him and pulled him close to me. He cried into my shoulder for a few minutes, I rubbed light circles into his back trying to help him calm down. He pulled back after a few minutes and looked at me. Realization must have hit him, because his face twisted into the look of fear and shock. He jumped back out of my grip looking like a scared little boy. I stood up slowly and reached out to him.






He stands there looking at me dumbfounded. He looked at my hands then to my face. His eyes widened when he realized what I was doing. His hands started flying signing things that I had no idea what they meant. I slowly grabbed his hands forcing him to stop signing. I shook my head and pulled out my phone. I opened up the notepad app and typed onto it.


Hi, I’m Liam. Are you alright? I don’t know what you’re trying to tell me. I only learned how to say Hi and a few other things…


I hand him the phone and he looks down at it questioningly. He grabbed the phone out of my hand and started to type away. He stopped and passed the phone back to me.


Hi Liam, Thank you for helping me. Goodbye




I read it and shock ran through me. Why did he say goodbye? I looked up and he was gone. Nowhere to be found. How did he even leave that fast? I sighed and saved the conversation on my phone. I started back to my classroom, my mind whirling with images of Niall. I couldn’t help but think about his beautiful blue eyes and how I wanted to swim in them. Shit… I’m so confused now!

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