Liam Payne had what seemed to be the perfect life. When his parents split up and he is forced to move away with his mom to London, he runs into people who surprise him. Meeting Niall Horan was the best thing that ever happened to him. He never thought he would fall in love with Niall, the deaf kid


5. Catching Feelings



-Liam’s POV-

What just happened back there? Why is Niall so afraid of me? I walked back into the classroom replaying the events that just went on between Niall and me. I sat down in my desk ignoring the stares from everyone in the room. Sarah was still sitting on Zayn’s lap, getting glances from Mrs. Ramsey. She looked like she was ready to stab them. I looked over to my sides and Louis and Harry were both looking at me. I spaced out the rest of the period, I have no idea what we learned in that class today. I walked out of class waving goodbye to Harry and Louis and walking straight to the music room. Mr. Kay was helping some boy with his trumpet and didn’t notice me walk in. I walked straight to the piano room, when I got there I opened the door and the tiny room was quiet. No one was there. I shrugged and assumed Niall was just running late. He never showed up. I waited all class for him to show up. When the bell rang signaling lunch, I packed my bag the feeling of sadness falling upon me. I made my way slowly to the tree where I knew I would meet Harry and Louis. I sat down and looked around hoping I would see a short blonde boy sitting somewhere around here. I didn’t see him anywhere. I looked at the bench he was at yesterday, he still was nowhere to be found. I heard someone approaching me, I looked up to see Harry by himself walking up.

“Hey Li.” He says sitting down across from me setting down his tray of food. He picked up the pizza and took a big bite chewing slowly. I guess all of this boy’s actions are slow…

“Hey Haz, where’s Lou at?” I ask looking around for the short feather haired boy, usually wearing stripes or suspenders. Harry’s face fell.

“He… he is a little mad at me right now. I don’t think he is going to show up to lunch today.” He says picking at his pizza crust. I was going to push the subject, but thought better of it. It’s none of my business, we aren’t that good of friends anyways. We sat and ate lunch in silence. Harry finished eating and cleared his throat. I looked up at him and he still had a sad look on his face, he must have been thinking about Louis.

“So the bell’s about to ring… I’ll see you tomorrow mate…” He says picking up his trash and throwing his back pack over his right shoulder.

“Oh, okay. Yeah I’ll see you later then.” I say picking up my stuff and walking to the front of the school. I got into my car and started my car. I pulled out of the parking lot and drove home listening to Little Mix. Yes, I like Little Mix. Don’t judge me. I pulled into my driveway and made my way up to the house. I unlocked the door and remembered my mom was going to be gone for the next 24 hours. I sighed and went to get some food. I made myself a peanut butter sandwich for my second lunch, yes I eat a second lunch I’m a growing boy. And then went to my room. I didn’t feel like doing any homework so I went to my computer and logged on. I waited as it loaded up, slowly, and clicked to go onto the internet. I check Facebook and twitter. Nothing interesting was going on there, there never usually is anyways. I logged onto my IM to see if any of my old friends from my old school were online, I should have known they wouldn’t be. They are all still at school. I sighed and went to lay on my bed. I pulled out my phone and unlocked it. The messages between Niall and I popped up. I let out a sigh and threw my phone farther on my bed. I just don’t understand what I did to have him hate me so much. I haven’t said anything to him that would be rude did I? Maybe I didn’t do the sign right. I probably called him some rude name in sign language rather than saying hi…

“BEEEEEEP” My computer sang. I shot up from the shock of hearing the beep. I looked over at my computer and there was a new IM message popping up on my screen. I crawled off my bed and walked over to my bed. Who is messaging me? Everyone I know is in school…   I sat down in the swirly chair by my computer and looked at the screen. It was a new friend request… Who would that be? Maybe it’s Harry or Louis.

You have a friend request from: HearingClovers16



I have no idea who this is. I, being the curious bastard I am, clicked the accept button and waited for them to message me. Not long after did, I hear another loud beep come from my computer.


HearingClovers16: Hi Liam

BatLeeyum741: Um, Hello. Who is this?

I type. I know what you’re thinking, ‘batleeyum’ really? Well pretty much I didn’t make the IM, my ex- girlfriend Danielle did. She thought it would be cute. Little did she know we would break up and I would regret allowing her to name my IM. I also am just too lazy to make a new one, it’s a lot of work.

HearingClovers16: My names Nathan Holt



I sat there thinking about if I knew a Nathan, I couldn’t think of any Nathans, not even from my new school. Maybe he’s a kid I talked to in the halls that I just don’t remember? But how did he remember me? A better question is how did he get my IM? I shook my head and typed into the message box.

BatLeeyum741: Oh, I’m sorry… I don’t remember you. How did you get my IM?

HearingClovers16: I looked you up, so how are you?



BatLeeyum741: I’m alright, a little confused and upset, but nothing I can’t handle

HearingClovers16: What are you confused about?



BatLeeyum741: Just something’s that have been going on at school. Nothing that can be helped.

I don’t know why I was admitting things to this complete stranger, but maybe it’s just because I’m not very smart. I ended up telling this stranger about Niall and how I felt as if I had really insulted the boy or something.

HearingClovers16: I don’t think you insulted him, maybe he is just confused and scared. From what you have said about his background, he seems to have a lot of issues at home. He probably has commitment issues. That could be why he seems scared of you.



BatLeeyum741: Yea, Maybe you’re right, Thanks Nate. Hey where are you from?

HearingClovers16: Sorry Li, I have to go my mom needs me to help her with dinner. I’ll talk with you later. Bye xx



I didn’t even have time to respond. He logged off right after he sent the message. I furrowed my eyebrows and just sat there staring at the screen. That was so weird, he would talk to me as long as I didn’t ask him anything to personal about him. I sighed and turned off my computer and sat on my bed to do homework. I ended up falling asleep doing my English homework.


-Niall’s POV- (Flash back)

“Niall honey could you hand me the remote?” My mom asked from the couch. I reached in front of me and threw it to her. She caught it and started flipping through the channels. I sat and watched as the TV switched from one show to the next. I haven’t been going to school lately, my mom took me to the doctor and they told me I have an ear infection in both of my ears. I have to take this horrid medicine to make me all better. My ears are constantly hurting, I can hardly hear out of my right ear at the moment. My mom stopped on my favorite show Drake and Josh. She stood up and went to the kitchen, probably going to make me something for dinner. I sat and watched as Megan, Drake and Josh’s evil sister pulled her usual pranks on them. It was the episode when she bought a sheep and made Drake and Josh hide it in their room. I could never get tired of this show. I laughed as Drake clarified how to say Bob’s name. Bob being the sheep that is…



“What’s for dinner” A deep voice booms as it walks into the room I am in. I flinch at the sound of the voice and pretend to not have heard him. He walks in and walks right by me, thank god. He walks into the kitchen. I always try to ignore them, but I end up hearing them anyways.



“Why is dinner taking so long bitch?” He swears at my mom. I can’t see them, but I know my mom is on the verge of tears from the sound of her voice. I try my hardest to focus on the TV, but of course it went to commercial, and who wants to watch commercials?



“I was just starting it honey, I lost track of time with Niall. He needed me a lot today, he’s sick as you know.” She mutters out trying to say it softly, she knows I listen to their conversations. I hear a grunt and then a woman’s intake of breath.



“So it was that piece of filth out there’s fault?” My father’s voice booms. I hear the sound of footsteps coming back towards me. I snap my head back to the TV and act like I haven’t heard anything they have been talking about. The footsteps get louder and I hear a second set pick up walking faster, so they could catch up to the first set.



“Bobby leave him be, he is ill. Please!” my mom hurriedly rushes to him. I turn to see my father standing next to where I am sitting, I flinch away out of habit.



“Boy, why are you keeping your mother from her duties? She is the wife, she has one job and one job only. To make me food and have it ready when I get home.” He yells down at me, I shrink back into the couch. I nod my head slowly scared of what my voice would be like if I spoke. He glared at me then looked at my mom with pure hatred. He turned and the stench of alcohol flowed by me.



“You have given birth to a mute you retched woman!” He shouts, he brought up his hand and brought it down hard on her face. There was a loud clap from his hand connecting with her face. She let out a sound of pain and shrank back holding her hand to the spot on her face my father smacked her on. He turned back to me with wild eyes. My eyes grew huge as a smirk grew along his lips.



“Cat got your tongue boy?” He snickers. I just sit there staring at him, unsure of what he wanted me to do. He walked closer to me and reached down to grab my arm. He griped my arm tightly and drug me to his room. I knew better than to struggle, I let him tug me all the way in and throw me on the bed. I let a tear slip down my face, but wiped it away before he turned around to see me.



“Bobby! No! Please don’t do this! He is our son!” My mom cries as my father shuts the door. He turns the lock and turns around to look at me with an evil smirk lingering on his very chapped lips. I bit my lip and tried to find my happy place. I watched as he slowly walked up to the bed. He reached down to his belt and began pulling it off. I shut my eyes and tried to block out everything that was about to happen.



I sat up in bed sweat dripping off of me, I could feel my eyes were wet as well. I hate this, ever since I laid eyes on Liam Payne, memories of my father have been haunting me in my dreams. I turned over to look at the alarm clock on my side table. It read 3:28 AM. I groaned and turned back over trying to fall back to sleep. The usual hum of my ears lingering in the all too silent air for me.

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